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What's in your backpack?Posted:

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I always wonder what people carry with them on a daily basis

Things I always carry in my backpack:
    portable power bank
    iPhone charger
    Granola bar (In case a real n get's hungry)
    Water bottle
    Pens and Paper

what about u guys?
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All the food I buy when I'm coming home from the shop.
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Only time I really wear a backpack is when im traveling or filming.

Here is what I pack:

- iPad Air 256 GB
- GoPro HERO 4
- Chesty (GoPro Accessory)
- iPhone Charger
- Portable phone charger
- Alienware Laptop
- Sun Glasses
- Snack
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Typically when I am travelling, or going on a trip.

-4 Pack of Redbull
-Condoms (:
-Macbook Pro
-Fiji Water
-50k mah Power Bank
-Iphone 6s+
-Bag of skittles
-Cheez Its (Extra Toasty)
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I cycle alot so here goes

- 2 inner tubes
- Presta valve hand pump
- Water bottle
- Trash bags
- Spare headphones
- Sunglasses
- Flashlight
- a few granola bars
- spare house key

nothing super major but you know, essentials I would say for cycling
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For school:

- iPhone charger
- Gum
- Earbuds
- Deodorant
- Pens and paper
- Binders
- Water bottles

For outside:

- Bug spray
- GoPro HERO 4 Black
- Fishing tackle trays
- GoPro housing unit
- Knife
- Utility tool
- Fish grips
- Lighter
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Don't have a bag, but at work I have to wear;

Evidence bags
And stab vest.

That's just on my body and its really heavy lol
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whenever I go hangout with friends and walk around my city I usually bring in my bag

- a water bottle
- football (as in american football)
- football pump
- beats pill +
- portable charger
- wall plug block with 2 usb slots
- pocket knife
- pair of socks and an extra shirt just in case
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Well for my college classes i carry

- Laptop and charger
- Phone charger
- 1 TB Hard-drive
- Books
- Water
- Pens
- Note pads and folders
- Earbuds
- Snacks

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Would say nothing at all
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