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People on TTG.....Posted:

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I've met couple of decent people on here but most people just can't take a *** joke and are so sensitive.
Is there any people with dark humour here?

Legit everyone takes things so serious and it pisses me off tbh.

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Extremely dark humour here.

It annoys me when threads and stuff are closed or whatever because it's about something sensative or something people aren't comfortable with.

Otherwise, this is the internet and the majority of the people on this site are fifteen or below. It's to be expected.
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The whole world has become politically correct dark humour is now a dying art.
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I'm up for most thing's, as long as it doesn't go too far.
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its 2016 what did you expect.

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Lol you should see youtube comments or facebook comments. Those are horrible.

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Maybe your just

Not funny?
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Yeah this world has gone down the dark roads, I find it hard now to joke about something before I upset someone. People can't take things on the chin and have a funny interactive sense of humor.
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is this aimed at me ? if it's the joke about an insect dying. It wasn't that dark, it wasn't offensive.It just wasn't funny.

If not then then nevermind.

But because of how many social political movements there are right now, i.e feminism, black lives matter, the whole gender binary thing and how big of a following it has I agree it is almost possible to make a joke without someone coming at your neck.

My thoughts on this are

Racist jokes,sexist (and whatever dark humour) jokes are funny.

However Racism and sexism or any issue relating too a minority of people or any one specific group of individuals. as an issue is not funny and is a problem in society today.

With that being said I fully believe people have the right to make jokes on whatever they want, it's a human right to be honest, Freedom of speech.
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Unfortunetly most of the users on this website are very stuck up and can't take a joke often, this website has changed a fair bit from when I used to browse it, I have only met a few decent people. the rest just think there better than everyone else especially the mods. but eh what can you do
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