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sub woofers and apartment livingPosted:

  • Winter 2016
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So my roommates gave me a small sub woofer and a set of speakers, the sub slaps hard. Its 1 am here and im playing some pretty moderate leveled music and the bass is pretty decent. I have the sub on the floor, do you think the downstairs neighbors can hear the bass? My roommates can hear it pretty clearly but they dont mind. The apartment is pretty modern and we usually play loud music but weve never gotten a complaint or anything so I mean should I be ok or should I just not use my sub.

I get that just because weve never gotten a complaint doesnt mean they dont hear it so yeah, does having a sub woofer on the floor increase the chances of downstairs neighbors hearing my music? I dont wanna be a dick, but I also want some good music playing.

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Arni (08-03-2016)
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I have pretty loud speakers with good bass and the people who live under me never really pay attention to, they make more noise than me :p but personally i think you will be fine the worst that can happen is they come to your door or bang up on your floor so just go for it.
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It's really hard to tell unless we're there to personally look at it ourselves.

Honestly, if you think they can actually hear it then the next time you're talking to your neighbours, ask them if they ever hear any music coming from your apartment or late at night, then you can find out for sure.

Otherwise it's just a case of hoping that they can't hear the music.
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It vibrates the floor with the impact of the sub woofer so people around you would hear it. lol Always depends on the volume of the speaker... my bass speaker is on 10 and it's brings out a lot of base for the next door neighbors to hear the music. so I put the speaker away now.
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