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What is the difference between Xbox One S and Scorpio?Posted:

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Hello TTG community!

So I am planning on picking an Xbox One up very soon and I have noticed there is the Xbox One S coming out August 3rd 2TB and August 23rd for 500GB / 1TB (UK)

I have checked out all of the specifications compared to the first Xbox One. My question is I noticed something called the Scorpio and apparently is getting released early 2017? Could anyone provide me some information what the difference is and is it really worth the wait for the Scorpio

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Here are the differences....

Xbox One S:

The Xbox one S is a slim model of the Xbox one with a built in power supply, much smaller body, 4k video support, and HDR support with select TVs. HDR 10 is which is supported on certain brands of tvs like LG and Samsung. Certain 4k TVs have dolby hdr and the xbox one s has yet to support that but will in the future.


This is a higher end powerful console that will be released 2017 holiday season. It's supposed to have 4k gaming, VR support, and specs like no other console. Basically it's a console that can compete with a good gaming PC rig. It's supposed to be much more expensive then the Xbox one consoles but it will support all the same games.
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Scorpio > One
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Scorpio is much MUCH more powerful than the S. If you're on a budget below £600 get the S because the Scorpio is meant to be high end with native 4k gaming which you won't see for less than £600. People seem to think the PS4 Neo will have native 4k and it costs £400 haha, no way. If the Scorpio ends up costing £500 I still don't think it'll run native 4k, it will just be upscaled so honestly as I said if you're on a budget then get the S and only get that if you have a 4k tv because it has a 4k blu ray player than plays 4k movies. It doesn't play games at 4k though, if you don't have a 4k TV then honestly just get the regular/stick with your regular Xbox One.
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If you don't mind waiting over a year to purchase one wait for Scorpio otherwise just buy an Xbox one. Don't bother with the s since theirs no real difference between it and a regular Xbox one other than upscaled 4k video support but if you don't have a specific 4K tv you won't be able to use that anyways
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