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Going semi inactive for a bitPosted:

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Well guys, the time has come were I'm slowly fading out. A few people know that I'm a finish carpenter, and I'm sure a few people have noticed I haven't been on TTG that much so I figure I'd make a thread just so everyone knows where I am lol.

Recently work has picked up, I've been getting up at 2AM, leaving for work at 3:30AM, getting there at 5AM, leaving between 2-3PM, and getting home around 4:30-5PM all to go to bed at 6PM to do it all again the next day lol.

So for the time being, I won't be very active but if you have any questions please feel free and PM me and I'll answer them to the best of my ability!

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I don't know you but respect for getting up that early and working hard, see you around I guess
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Your times reminded me when I had to go to college wake up at 5am, walk to the bus stop. 1 hour bus drive on the bus then wait for people to go on the bus then another 1 hours to get to college.

We've never talked to each other before but sounds like a mad life you've got. I respect you what you're going through because I've done similar to what you're doing. (time wise)

Well, I like hear that people work hard to get money and not sponges off the government for money. Hope everything goes well for you and see you around when you do decide to come back on TTG time-to-time.
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All the hard work will pay of eventually mate I'm telling you. Well done for what your doing and make sure you stick at it no matter how hard the work is!
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Well man I hope to see you back around here soon.

Just keep up the good work up at your job.

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Sad to see you go, I enjoyed our many debates in the rant and world news section.

Hopefully you come back soon and work continues to go well for you.

Good luck man
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I know you don't know me but I'm going to miss you, I see you around all the time and you're a great member.
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