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Battlefield Clan Creation OpportunityPosted:

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Are you a Team Player on Battlefield?
Want to Play as a team on Battlefield?
Want to create a Team Based, Objective getting team?

Basic need too knows:
- There Will be 2 Different Teams
The reason Behind the creation to the 2 different teams very on Age, Skill And Maturity. The mean team as of now will consist of 21+ with the other 20 and Under. There will be a team leader who takes charge of that team and reports back to leaders. If team leader thinks you're good enough to get out of BOOT CAMP; You'll be moved up to join the Big Boys/Girls.
- There Will be set Rules
- 2 Class Max
Due to lack of team playing in a squad, the new clan will look to set a two class Max Rule from get go. Having a team of 5 engineers and 1 sniper is hardly a team. Therefore with two class max you must choose a primary and a back up. ETC Primary : Medic Back-Up : Sniper. It keeps the teams balanced and means people will have jobs to do.
- Three Strikes and YOUR OUT!!
When rules are made, they are not to be broken. There will be 3 Types of rules. (Offence/Minor/Major)
Offence - Will earn you one strike
Minor - Will earn you Two Strikes and Demoted to 20 and under for 3/5 days (depending on offence)
Major - 1 Major Earns You 2 Strikes and Demoted to 20 and Under for 7 Days, 2 Major Strikes is Termination.

These are the Basics for now. Your interested in being Part of this clan Creation message me here or On Playstation 4 at MultiTransaction. (xbox/pc users message me here)

P.S - I wrote this here cause Clans forums are filled with call of duty clans

Thank you for taking the time to read this

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