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New Member looking for a bit of guidancePosted:

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Hi recently found out about this site and am happy to be part of the community, hope to hear of a few of you guys soon

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Xbox (07-31-2016)
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Motto: My main two goals for this site is to be a Moderator so I can moderate the PS3 Section, as I'm a Jailbreak hoster and I'm experienced. I always want the Rated Awesome. I'm a Youtuber over 1.5K Subs.
Welcome to this site, stay active as a member read the rules if you already haven't See you around the forums if not in the ShoutBox
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Welcome to the site.

If your looking for guidance, just hmu with a pm.

I hope to see you around the forums btw.
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As the above say, read the rules.

I hope you stay active as we need more active members around here in the summer time.

Head over to the ShoutBox sometime.
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Welcome man hope to see you around and stay active
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Welcome to the site.

Hopefully you have read all of the rules and plan on staying active.

If you need some help around here don't be afraid to message me. You can usually catch me in the shoutbox chillin with the other users of the site. You should check it out sometime.

Well bud I guess I will see you around the community.

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Welcome friend

If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you

Just make sure to read the rules, they really do help, and you'll be much better off
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