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Is this a Scam?Posted:

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So im selling my xbox one on ebay right?A get a offer thats like 50$ what i asked for but the shipping is like 50 bucks so maybe its just he is paying for shipping? His account seems to be new as his score is 0. He has a name is vaild adress. he sent me a msg saying to accept his offer asap so i did im just waiting for him to pay before i ship.
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Why would you sell an x-box one for $50?
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I wouldn't sell anything on eBay after my experience last month. I sold my ps4 for $325, shipped it, and the buyer contacted me 2 days after receiving it to say the box was empty. He sent me a picture of the box all beat up & open trying to say it was empty. No mailman would deliver a package like that & plus he waited 2 days after receiving it to say something.
If you're gonna sell something on eBay, just watch out for people like this. They want to keep YOUR ITEM & get their MONEY BACK.

Also, why would you sell your Xbox One for $50? You can easily get $200 for it
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Selling a Xbox for $50 seems really fairly cheap man, what's the reason for this? At least sell your console for $250 max or something?
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$50 damn lol Hmu ;D and idk if it would be a scam he could be new and saw that low ball offer, but i would message and ask him and make sure youre both on the same page with payment + shipping.
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Yea this whole situation sounds sketchy.
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Hm.. I never really sold anything except for virtual items on eBay and never came across something like this, the problem with eBay is that they mostly look out for the buyer rather than the seller, so just make this deal with caution since I don't know if you will be reimbursed with the money if something does end up happening and you already send your console...

What you should do is sell locally and go with craigslist, thats where I sold my Xbox 360 for 60 bucks last year, no problems at all.
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Many problems with eBay so i never use it
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i meant to say i sold for 219$ lmfao he offered 275$ for some reason btw that guy that said u almost got scammed what happen when he wanted his money back?
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I've sold a fair few things on eBay and been scammed so watch out
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