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Jason Bourne MoviePosted:

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So today I watched the newest movie of Jason Bourne and I can say it was the worst one yet. The camera motions were awful. I had to walk out not even halfway through the movie because I had motion sickness. I usually don't even get motion sickness. I can ride any theme park rides, do virtual reality games, etc, but this movie had me sick. Has anyone else experienced anything similar with this movie or any others?
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Going to watch it soon, hope same thing doesn't happen to me. I'll let you know.
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I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i thought it was great
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I as well thought it was a great show
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I have high hopes for it, off to see it tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted!
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Was it really bad man I was gonna see it today Went to see star trek beyond Glad I did if it was terrible
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I watched it. It was just another average action movie. Nothing really stood out about it to me
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