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Vaporwave, and others.Posted:

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The post dedicated to the best micro genre out there.

What is Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is an electronic music microgenre from the early 2010s. Its stylistic influences include chillwave, smooth jazz, chopped and screwed, new-age, and pop. To explain it in words kind of ruins the point. Vaporwave also isnt just something you listen to either, its something you experience.

If you are interested in learning more watch this.

Some prime examples of Vaporwave.

Enjoy, share some of your vaporwave finds below.

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eh (07-31-2016)
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Pfft vaporwave, catch up dude its all about that muuuuuhh fuggin simspons wave...

No but really, vaporwave is ok. What bothers me is that people think vaporwave is new. Its not, it also baffles my mind that people think the tracks used in vaporwave songs are original. Vaporwave is taking OTHER peoples music and distorting it, im not saying thats bad I like it but it just kind of sucks that the original artist IN SOME CASES gets no credit, or people just completely ignore the roots of original tracks used. I for one love chop n screwed music, I even do chop and screwed music edits myself for personal listening.

Vaporwave is basically plunderphonics just touched up a bit and listened to by N E R D S that are T O O E D G Y T O T Y P E like a regular person. Also cant forget S A D B O Y S H A I M S O C O O L. You may think im hating on vaporwave, im not I couldnt care less its just annoying about what I said in the first part of my reply.
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I remember reading about this a year or two ago. This is almost like a meme at this point just how yung lean used to be
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