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Got my first proper job!Posted:

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Being 19 in the UK, it's ever so unusual for someone my age to not have a job. For the past few years I've suffered heavily with Mental Health issues and only recently I've been able to sort myself out with the right medication.

Last Friday I had an interview to work in a Ladbrokes store, somewhere where I'm sure I'll be able to boost my confidence working with people and grow my knowledge more in the Sporting field - seeing as I want to work in the Sports Media industry.

Got a phonecall today confirming that I got the job, I stood out from a lot of the other candidates and they are glad to have me on board with them. I'm so happy for the fact that last year I was at a stage of feeling like I didn't belong anywhere - and now I'm in a position where I can finally start earning and making something of my life! Nervous but proud

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congrats dude its a good feeling im 20 and just did get a stable job due to anxiety reasons finally got help though and have had a job for 6 months and feel better than ever hope you do to
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Congrats on the job m8.

Keep up the good work and I hope you have a awesome time at your new job.

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Congrats on your new job mate. All the best with it.
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Congrats on the new job homie! Great things will come!
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Great to hear you're getting better. I understand struggles with mental health, and it's not nice. Huge congratulations on getting a job.
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Congratulations man pretty sure a vast majority of people have been to that stage in there life and the ones that can get them selves out of it have true perseverance
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Glad you stood with it. Best thing in the world is your first real paycheck!
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