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Not a big fan of it
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  • Halloween!
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It has effected everyone who plays the game if you think about it. It's an addiction really where you see a person walking around town with their phone catching Pokemon GO. I did make a rant reply on TTG Rant Section saying "I hated the game and I would never play it" Now my sister boyfriend got me into the game because he plays the game all the time now which got me into the game. It's a sad game many people would agree but kind of funny to play. A lot of people are botting a app game which I find extremely sad. Why mod/hack a app game that's lowkey sad. May as well Un-install the app. I kinda like it in a way now thanks to my sister boyfriend.

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Not A Fan Of The Game
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I think it's a pile of shit disguised as a Pokemon game. The only aspect of the game that's fun is interacting with the real world. Take that away and it's another generic mobile game.
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I believe its a good game but it has also ruined the original
pokemon game but cant wait for other games to follow the technique
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What's pokemon go?
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I don't like and i don't dislike the game.

I just play it when im walking to the shop or walking somewere.
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  • Winter 2016
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RepBandit wrote
Matthew- wroteMust be the only one that hates Pokemon go i honesty think it's a pile of shit

That's why you bot it.

I won't even download that shit to my phone
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  • Christmas!
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i only just started playing it and i love it . the levels get abit tedious after level 10 tho
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It is an okay game, I don't play it often though.
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