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Favorite moment in a TV show?Posted:

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Obviously this post will contain spoilers for - hopefully - a lot of different TV shows.
You have been warned.

What is your favorite moment from a TV show? A moment which has stuck in your mind and instantly comes to mind when you think of a certain show.

Was it the end of an incredible pilot? The end of an incredible season? Or a moment which made you think

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Three moments which stand out to me in recent TV history were:

The tensest moment in Game of Thrones history:
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The incredible season 2 final scene for House of Cards.
If you've never watched the show, and don't know who Frank Underwood is, this might seem pretty innocuous, but for all of those who know who he is this simple gesture says more than 10,000 words ever could. Still one of my favorite TV show moments of all time.

This last one is not so much a moment, but it's all one take, and it signaled a change in the way TV shows are made. This is simply perfect, even the best movies don't have direction, acting, and the scope of this one scene which made the small screen seem pretty big.

So, what are yours?
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The end of the first season of Prison Break where Michael and Lincoln finally escape.
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Favorite TWD moment -
When Rick finally found his morality switch and how he can flip it/on off when needed.

Favorite Game of Thrones moment -
Cersei's coup

Favorite Breaking Bad moment -
Gus proves a point

I'd post more favorite moments but my mind is drawing a blank on other shows I watch lol
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One of my many favorite scenes in LOST

The scene is just amazing yet really creepy. When Sayid says the loop has been playing for 16 years and then Charlie asks "where are we ?" I got the chills first time watching it.

One of my favorite Breaking Bad moments

Weeds favorite moment

And my favorite moments from Prison Break are either when they break out or in the end when Scofield says they're finally free. Very sad moment but it was finally over, the running and hiding.
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I'd have to agree with Halo, best show to ever hit Netflix!
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In terms of regular TV it has to be this scene from season 7 of 24.

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If were talking all around including anime from 6:15 on would be right there with 24.

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EPISODE: "Sundown"
By far one of my favorite "LOST" episodes. Everyone including me was thinking how chill Sayid was for not retaliating against them for torturing him. Then in the end, he killed the guy protecting the temple & teamed up with Locke. Then the badass ending with Team Locke walking out of the temple!

EPISODE: "The Beginning of the End"
Another one of my favorite episodes. This time, everyone splits into 2 groups: Team Jack & Team Locke. When Hurley spoke up against Jack about "Charlie's Message" it was epic. Throughout the whole show leading up to this point, Hurley would of NEVER disagreed with Jack. Hurley was always that guy that went along with everything Jack did. It's not that he went with Locke, it's that he disagreed with Jack for the 1st time to believe "Charlie's Message" about the boat & the people on it.

EPISODE: "The End"
This was by far one of my favorite scenes. Throughout the whole show, all Ben wanted was for Jacob to ask him for help. When Hurley became the island leader, he asked Ben for help. All Ben ever wanted, was to feel wanted by the person in charge of the island.

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I cant really think of my favourite of all time but seeing as The Wire is one of my favourite shows heres a few of my favourite moments off the top of my head.

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I had to put three here because they're too good to leave out. I find really sad endings to be the best so I doubt my list will be the same for everyone.

Merlin, Arthur's Death - Probably one of the most saddest things I've ever watched. Especially when you spend years watching a series to have the second main character die is just heartbreaking. This still messes me up to this day, one of the best TV series of all time IMO.

Breaking bad, I am the danger - This scene is insane. Walt is a complete badass.

Breaking Bad, My baby blue (ending) - Just an amazing ending and the song fits so well with the ending, great show.

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Grimm s5 finale awesome fighting scene at the end
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