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People that still hit people off in 2016!Posted:

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Lol this kid really hit me off for no reason lmao. He came in the lobby on bo2 said im hitting host off. I said good for you and he said hes gonna fry my router. I unplugged my router and got back on lol but the fact people still hit off is sad lmao.

-Rant over
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Nobody can't fry your router unless they know your ISP. People these days don't know how how to run a router and how it works. If someone booted me offline for an example I would simply reset my router it's simple as that basically what you've said or run a VPN so it he tries I can change IP fast. lol Yes it's sad kids thinks it's funny to boot people offline in this year of 2016. Nothing you can do apart from using a VPN or resetting your router. Kids are kids they do their thing they'll grow up one day. People that boot you or anyone in fact find they're bad at CoD and they boot people so they can win the match or they can simply just laugh at you when they get kicked offline.

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I just simply run a VPN.
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Blame the people who coded the IP booters and ddos programs all them years ago and made public releases of them.
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its became so easy for anyone to kick people off so everyone that talks crap gets a "booter" then u have the real try hards lol thats a different rant
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I got hit off earlier on playing GTA just because I wouldn't tell this other modder in my game what menu I was using to change my gamertag on GTA
Reset my router and was back on in two minutes I just made a sandwich while I waited so really it was a win for me
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Just about every single player in the top 1000 rankings of gamebattles all do it too still to this day reason I quit, got down to 3 digits legit then any team I joined either had someone with a JTAG and majority of them all had host booters.

It's pathetic.
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I get hit off everyday on mw2 but I still call them a harmless ass bitch.
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I don't have to worry about getting hit offline as I have a strict connection and my IP changes around too often to be hit offline in most cases.

Also, since I play on PC most people I end up queuing with don't hit people offline.
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If you have a static ip just reset and that's it.
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