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The Reaction Of NBA 2K Fans On Kevin Durant Joining The WarrPosted:

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With a single tweet linking to a first-person piece on The Players Tribune, Kevin Durant rocked the NBAs world. Now that Kevin Durant has joined the Golden State Warriors the Warriors that won 73 games last year and came within two minutes of a second NBA championship the same problem is going to pop up. The Warriors are rated first in everything as of right now in NBA 2K16. Its roster include two guys rated in the 90s: Steph Curry at 96 (at one point, he was rated 99), and Klay Thompson at 90. Draymond Green is an 89. Thats virtually three dudes in the 90s. Kevin Durant, as of today, is rated a 94. Add him to the Warriors, and that gives them basically four guys in the 90s.

Gamers waiting to see how the rosters will fill out ahead of the release of NBA 2K17 are not exactly looking forward to playing online against a team that features Kevin Durant and Steph Curry. The Warriors essentially play a version of videogame basketball already, with their reliance on the three-point shot and preposterous plays from stars, and Stephen Curry has become such a good shooter in real life that 2K struggled to accurately represent him in the game without breaking everything. Adding Durant in the mix is going to make Golden State, already the most-played team in online multiplayer, almost unfair to play against.

As of June, here were the Warriors in-game ratings:

Stephen Curry: 96

Klay Thompson: 90

Kevin Durant: 94

Draymond Green: 89

Andre Iguodala: 79

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