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In my personal opinion i think that school should have a lot more options for students to chose from because lessons such as relgious education i really didnt care about. Along with other subjects such as Art, Geography and similar subjects.
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I personally don't believe the education system is beneficial in any way. It brainwashes children from a very young age that their intelligence is determined by a grade they got on a test which is solely based on memory. Out of all the things we learn in school, later in life we don't use 99% of them. I think instead of learning about the names of rivers and different kinds of molecules, we learn life lessons. Things that could be extremely beneficial to kids in the future and make growing up that bit less scary whenever they're growing with some knowledge on the world and how it works. But that's just me.
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I disagree with a lot of things about school but as far as the tests go, I agree with it.

If you failed your medicine degree because you couldn't remember what the pancreas does, (although it's only a test) If you were a Doctor in real life and you couldn't remember the functions of a pancreas then a patient could die. It's all the little things that add up to a profession and the only way to learn those things is revision. If you fail a test, you're always given the option to repeat it again and I think that's fair.

I hate the way the tests are done but it's the right way. You need to learn information and the best way of testing if you know it is a test based on your knowledge of the subject. It would be crazy to let someone pass all of their math's tests if they couldn't even add basic numbers and then they apply for a job in accounting and the firm and the worker both suffer because the worker can't add.

As 002 said, the way bullying is dealt with is ridiculous. I got suspended for a day for supposedly cyberbullying someone who was twice the size of me and it clearly had no affect on him. He disliked me and used the fact that I'd had an argument with him on Facebook against me and the school believed that he'd actually been properly bullied. He just screenshotted some messages of me swearing at him and threatening him which were ridiculous considering he was so much bigger than me and they obviously weren't real threats.

Getting suspended for cyberbullying was taken extremely seriously back when I was in school. I was literally not allowed to near him in any classes which lost me a lot of friends and I was almost not allowed back in for my A-levels because of a ridiculously small incident was I was around eleven years old. This almost ruined my entire life. Not to mention, teachers were obviously told about the incident and although they're meant to be professionals, at the end of the day they're just human beings. They weren't told the full storey and were obviously just told that I bullied some kid and I was suspended for it which caused a lot of them to dislike me and mark my work ridiculously hard.

I remember that I'd had an extremely bad chest infection and I was off school for over two months and when I returned to school the teachers just assumed that I didn't want to go in and weren't happy. One specific incident I still remember clearly was when my ICT teacher had done all this work in class with the students and I had none of it done and she told me that I wouldn't get it finished in time for it to be marked. So I worked at home and stayed after school to catch up and when I handed it in it was marked ridiculously hard and I failed it completely, even though other students said I should have got a really good mark. So I asked my year head in school if it could be remarked by another ICT teacher and funny enough I got almost triple my old marks and my original teacher said that she must have made a mistake and that her computer didn't load my work correcetly. She got away with this completely and she absolutely hated me ever since.

There was also another incident that occured when I came back from being sick and my English teacher said that an essay was due in for a certain date and that was the latest it could be becuase they were being sent away to be marked then. I literally spent three days of non stop working on it over the weekend to get it done and on Monday there was still people who didn't have it handed in and they were given another week to do it and it turned out the deadline was almost two weeks more than my teacher had said. She assumed that because I was quite lazy in school that I wouldn't have it done in time, even though I got good grades in English.

In conclusion, I think that schools have the correct intentions but that their methods of delivery are outdated and wrong. You should only learn what you want and what you're good at and everything else should be irrelevant. Einstein was rejected from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic (his first choice university) because he failed the general exam but he got incredible results in physics and math's. Things like this annoy me because if you're looking for a degree in math's or physics, you shouldn't even need to speak English never mind be able to read and write flawlessly.
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lRaaazR wrote
Nigo wrote

As for college ect, more relaxed, seemed like teachers didn't actually give a **** but still passed my course so it was calm.

Agree with you on that, teachers are very laid back at the college I'm attending at the moment and it doesn't come across well

Depends. My professors at my University were very into their job. So yes they were nice, but if you mess around and don't do your work or fail an exam, prepare to be roasted.
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I don't mind it i find school quite interesting.
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I think the current education system is great. I'm currently working part-time and studying at University. If I'm honest, I wasn't too keen on school until my final year (UK). People hate it, but the more effort you put into school, the more you'll reap from it in the future.

I'm currently in University so doing my best in school has proved worth it for me.
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Well I honestly think it's flawed (in the US at least). The method at which they deliver is completely outdated. Nobody ever retains information they've learned and quite honestly it's easy to finesse your way through school and get a good grade. All you really do is study and prepare for the EOCs or finals at the end of the year, after that everything you learn goes out the window. They've got to make classes more engaging so that students can actually get something out of their classes. Hopefully things will be different in college.
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i think some core subjects are pretty bullshit but thats about it
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The entire "system" is made for the general public and doesn't work for everyone

I will say it depends on the school you go to and self-discipline to learn has plenty to do with it.
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