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Just realized I've been here for 3 yearsPosted:

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It's been quite the road here at TTG, I remember my first time being here - just a lone wolf on a scary site looking for modded lobbies and tutorials on how to build my PC.

I remember thinkin' "Ill never be good enough on this site" blah blah blah, and in just 4 months I received my Ninja badge. Something that I still think is an awesome achievement. I just wanna thank everyone on TTG for support, memories, and just an overall awesome time. From staying up till 4am with bullets and hippie figuring out the damn wizard contest, and having hippie scream at me saying "WHY CYGNET DID YOU FIGURE IT OUT YET?!" ...NO HIPPIE **** HELP , to endless nights of just helping others on the forum.

I won't leave TTG, but my time of a "fulltime" member has diminished as life goes on, and im starting to build my life. Ill always be here, lurking like a ninja in the shadows. See you all in the future, and again thank you everyone for such a awesome 3 years!

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Awesome milestone dude hope to see you around the forums
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You will always be an awesome member my dude.
You will always have a spot here at ttg.
Hope to see you around more but understand as life doesn't stand still.

Here is to another year! :beer:
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Congrats on your three years on TTG, see you at 4 years sometime soon.
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Nice one man, think i hit 2 years a little while ago. it goes by quick for sure
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dang... congrats bro, keep it up
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Congrats on 3 years here.

Hope to see you around for many more.

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Congrats on the 3 years!

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Congrats Mr wizard on 3 years on ttg!
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Congratulations on becoming a 3 year member.

See you at 4 years!
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