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Finally a gold gifterPosted:

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I've spent $152.25 on this site, and I'm still going!

Thanks list! You're my dad
LMB Xbox bff for life
Half-Blood-Prince You inspired me to gift.
Crota Hi deven. How're you.
goonbag Really bad at COD. Awful internet. GG.
Wyvern You're fun with at Rocket League. Stayed up all night w/ you
oui weeweeweewee
urBeats I really like your face
kamilca Oh you. you're swell too!
Greg He's a classy chap. He's A1, like steak sauce
Xerath You got me to gift. You smash yet?
Daniel- Forgot about my son

And also everyone in the shoutbox who I was too lazy to put down!

See you at 100 gifts!

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25 gifts, very generous buddy, see you at gold gifter plus ;)
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Welcome to the club matey! Certainly is a selfless thing you are doing
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We need more active members to gift. Welcome to the club.
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Congrats on acheiving Gold Gifter, Hopefully we will see you at GG+ keep it up!

Hmm i thought i was your son .
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Congrats on becoming a Gold Gifter.

Thanks for being so generous to the community.

Love talking to you in the shoutbox and hope to see you at GG+ soon.

Also a big thanks for that extra month of gold you gifted me.

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Congrats on gold gifter

I hopefully will be there myself soon

Also thanks for the gold <3
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Congrats on your Gold Gifter Badge dude, 25 gifts is a lot of money just to hand out on a community site. See you soon with 100 gifts soon. BTW.. Thanks for stacking my gold.
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I didn't gain no gold from you son.
Go to your room, you're grounded for life
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats, I was one of those gifts so thanks and congrats and goodluck on GG+ if that's where you're heading
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