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finally reached 1000 postsPosted:

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I have reached 1k posts

Thanks to

Wot For gifting me gold
Fordey for gifting me gold
Oral for being a cool guy
Supervisor for being a cool guy

Next goal is the Gold Gifter Badge only 8 more to go

Also i would love to have the PC master race badge so i will be in the pc forums as usual

and I leave you with my favorite thing I posted on here

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Congrats on 1,000 Posts.

Seen you was really close to it and finally achieved it.

Hope to see you at your next milestone soon.

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Congrats! Keep up the good work. Getting to 2.5k will be a breeze.
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Congrats dude, good to see you've hit the mighty 1k!
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Awesome dude! Good luck on getting 2k!
I'm glad my gold went to someone who deserves it
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Congrats on your 1,000 posts, see you at 2,500 posts. You'll be there soon. Great work my dude. Keep on going.
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Thanks for putting me in the list!

Congratulations on reaching 1k posts man, My goal is 2,500 Posts right now.

Good luck on all your future milestones..
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Only just got on bus but congrats on milestone

And obviously I'm a cool guy ;)
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Congratulations on the milestone and good luck to you on the gold gifter badge!
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Congrats on 1K posts! See you at 2.5k in no time!
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