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Pokemon Battle | Forum GamePosted:

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Pokemon Battle

Warning: for anyone that isn't a serious Pokemon fan this may seem rather tedious. However it is supposed to be similar to the trading card game, thus the complexity and it being on a forum.

This week the person with the most wins will receive $10 competition starts from 23/02/2016 23:00 UK time to 30/02/2016 23:00 UK Time.

Available Pokemon:
- Blastoise (45 ATK, 65 DEF)
- Raichu (55 ATK, 45 DEF)
- Mudkip (60 ATK, 30 DEF)
- Scizor (75 ATK, 20 DEF)
- Gyrados (80 ATK, 40 DEF)
- Shuckle (15 ATK, 100 DEF)
- Shedninja (120 ATK, 1 DEF)
- Magneton (40 ATK, 32 DEF)
- Flygon (60 ATK, 25 DEF)
- Mega Pinsir (90 ATK, 35 DEF)
- Mega Charizard (95 ATK, 30 DEF)
- Mega Blastoise (95 ATK, 30 DEF)
- Pikachu (50 ATK, 40 DEF)
- Mega Gyrados (85 ATK, 45 DEF)
- Mega Absol (80 ATK, 35 DEF)
- Emboar (50 ATK, 25 DEF)
- Blaziken (100 ATK, 55 DEF)

- Rayquaza (170 ATK, 100 DEF)
- MewTwo (240 ATK, 80 DEF)
- Mew (240 ATK, 80 DEF)

- ATK is the damage output to the player below you.
- DEF is the same as HP it is the amount of damage you can take from the player above you.
- Once you've attacked you must wait for the other player to attack you back and once you've been attacked back you must roll for a new pokemon.
- You can pick any pokemon that is NON MEGA and NON LEGENDARY
- You may only use MEGA and LEGENDARY Pokmon if you have beaten a minimum of 5 pokemon and I post that you're allowed to use them.
- 5 Wins = ONE Legendary or MEGA not all of them.
- After one of your pokemon dies you may select another pokemon from the standard list as long as it isn't Mega or Legendary
- You cannot use the same move twice in a row, you must wait one move before using it again.

Move Pool
- All Pokemon Share the same move pool
@Psychic: 15 Damage + your ATK stat.
@Protect: Protects your Pokmon from being attacked for one turn.
@Recover: Recover 32 DEF
@Defense Boost: Increases your defense stat by 10
@Attack Boost: Increases your attack stat by 10

How it works:

JFKLord72 Posted
"Raichu attacks the next player using Psychic (70 Damage)"

RKB72 Posted
"Pikachu Attacks the above player using Protect"

JFKLord72 Posted
"Raichu attacks the above player using Defense Boost (+10 DEF)
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