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Where do you see yourself in 5 years.Posted:

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Just curious as to where people see themselves in 5 years. And I'm not really talking about on the site, I mean where do you see yourself in real life in 5 years?

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Out of college and living outside of Chicago as a software engineer for a company.
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This is gonna sound very crazy but I don't see me still being able to walk the earth in five years. (No questions.)
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Living in Paris with a flat overflowing with Bathing Ape
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I would be finishing my internship at a ad agency, then hopefully starting my career from there.. scary thought 4 years ago I had no worries
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Hopefully done collage and opened my own pet store
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I hope to have my degree in NSA and be living on my own and hopefully have a girlfriend at some point and also have a well paying job that i enjoy.
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Idk honestly, but hopefully I see myself happy in 5 years. haha.
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Not too sure, But i mostly will be on here again if its still up in 5 years.
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really hoping to not be homeless in five years
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