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So here's what's up. On 2/4/16 (today) I decided I want to host the old home made game "Boarder Control" at 11:15 tonight. If you played cod 4 back in its prime then you know exactly what I'm talking about and you know what Map it's played on too. -Overgrown. I'm gonna explain it the best I can through a forum until I get on tonight to get it going

Rules for runners: you equip a smoked grenade and the m40a3 and start at a certain spawn (which I'll be running through online). Runners have to make there way on the outskirts of overgrown using objects,hay bales, fences, army trucks, etc to hide behind from getting killed by the boarder controller. runners HAVE to dip,dive,dodge every bullet they can without firing back UNTIL/IF they reach the end of the course which I'll also explain online. Once reached the destination u can fire back at the boarder controller and try to kill them. If the boarder controller gets killed then he stays as the boarder controller. If not then we rotate out. No whining about it.

Rules for the Boarder Controller: you will be set on a house that's known as "boarder control center" the game doesn't start until you are ready. As people go about the course you have to try to snipe them as they go. Hardscope,Quickscope,Noscope whatever you got to do with your sniper to kill them. NO PISTOLS!!!!! People who do use them will get kicked. Also... Don't mess around and kill just to be the kid that everyone hates and wants kicked.

TONIGHT 11:15. I live in Florida not sure what my time zone is but figure out when 11:15 is for you and SEND ME A MESSAGE SAYING "BOARDER CONTROL" IF YOURE TRYING TO HAVE FUN ON THE GREATEST CLASSIC THERELL EVER BE. GT: Ay Hunter.

Ps: I hope to see a lot of people playing tonight
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