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People do what they wanna do, I tend to just kill players some times rather than play objectives.
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i play objective and go for kills when people dont and my team is getting destroyed it anoys me alot TBH
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I hate playing the objective so i just go play TDM
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I am one of those players, you won't ever catch me doing the objective. Sorry
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for me it depends. if my team is winning then ill go for kills and not objective but if my teams loosing then yeahh ima help out with the objectives
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Yeah, I can't stand it when people don't play the objective and we only lose by 5 points its like, if they helped just a little we might have won the game.
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That is just general now but back on 360 4 years ago just about everyone was playing the objective
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Yeah I always find that when I play game modes such as Domination & Hard Point no one tries to capture the objectives.
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Sometimes i fall under this category and sometimes i play the OBJ like crazy
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Does it really matter? Just play the game and stop crying about objective. If you have any friends play with them. If your a solo loser of course random people arent going to all play the objective.
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