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Dont play objective based game modes and expect others to go after them, if you want to win objective based game modes run with atleast 1 other person.
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Sadly with anything there is people are not going to follow the rules or in this case, play the way it was intended to be. Best way to avoid this is to party up
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Yeah I know what you mean. I do that only when trolling lol
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I feel like it has gotten to the point where you have to play with a team to win in COD. I always get put into games where people just sit in corners and don't care to capture anything
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It can be really annoying especially if you are going for wins to be playing online, cause the chances are, you are going to have players who dont care.

I would just suggest finding a team of friends and going for wins, you will win a lot more like that anyhow.
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The worst I think is if you play hard core you always get in that one game were people team kill you when you are planting a bomb or capturing a flag ect
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I wish they would all just go to TDM so they are actually playing the game mode that caters to their play style, that being avoid any objective and only get kills.
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I feel you 100%. This is mostly the reason why I stopped playing Call of Duty. I play to win. If you are winning, you are having fun. If you are losing, you aren't having fun. I'm the type of person that hates losing more than I like winning.
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KyloCrux wrote [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Picture says it all. Non objective playing little shits. I hate it so much.

Its a game, get over it. Sometimes i like to go into other gamemodes and just mess around, there are plenty of reasons as to why someone would play another game mode but not go for objective's. For example, playing snd or snr gives more xp per kill than ffa.
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When i play solo i get this problem A LOT.

The kids that don't play objectively are usually the bad ones anyway.
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