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FIFA Section RulesPosted:

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The following rules have been set by the TheTechGame Staff and will be strictly enforced against all members - with no exceptions

General Section Rules:

Not Permitted:
    Buying, Selling & Trading of:
  • Fifa Coins
  • Online Pass
  • Fifa Season Pass
  • E-books and Guides
  • NO Selling of spare accounts for coins (that are web app verified/working) 05/10/15
  • Accounts
  • Fifa 15 -> 16, FIFA 16 -> 17 (or vica versa)
  • No posting to video streaming/youtube channels, unless strictly fifa related or discussed with staff first. (Update: 25/09/16)
  • Posts regarding any way of getting free Fifa Points/tokens through illegitimate/illegal methods. Almost all of these methods are fraud. We can't have this kind of thing on the forums. (Update: October 19th 2015)

  • Wager Matches
  • Pink Slip Matches

    Posting topics
  • Accusing members of scamming- Please only PM a member of staff OR report the post
  • Scam Threads - Duplication, 4x4 glitch etc. We're not stupid.
  • Linking to other websites to bypass any of the given rules.
  • Regarding psngames. org

    With FIFA 17 Release coming up, we know that new scam methods/new glitches etc. will be coming up, so PLEASE come back here regularly and recheck over the rules. I will REPOST these every time they are updated.

    • You are now permitted to discuss coin/buying and selling. This does not permit you to link locations where you can engage in coin sales.
    • The discussion of autobuyers is permitted. Download links are not permitted.
    • Player sales may be done with coins ONLY
    • Squad building is permitted, please keep all discussion mature.
    • I have decided that with the release of FIFA 17, Giveaways are allowed. Please do not abuse this or they will be removed again, NO ENTRY FEES. Not allowed as of 29/9/15 without permission.
    • Hosting tournaments is permitted as long as there is no entry fee.

    Special Note:
    The Community Rules still apply. Forums/rules.html

1st offense - 12 hour posting ban
2nd offense - 2 Day posting ban, account noted, disqualification from ever being considered for site staff
3rd offense - 7 Day posting ban
4th offense - Permanent removal of posting privileges on TTG

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