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Help Me Decide On A New CarPosted:

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Help Me Decide on a New Car

Before you get too far into reading this post, I want to let you know that I am looking for serious posts only. I don't want short little responses because that helps me none in deciding on which car to buy. If you are going to reply to this post, at least try to put some effort to tell me which car you think I should get and why. Also, if you have any car that you can suggest for me to take a look at, I will also be open minded to that as well, so if there is a car you think I should take a look at, you can let me know. Thanks for your guys' help and I hope you guys can somewhat help me in choosing the car.

I have a fairly large budget for this car and would like to keep it within the budget (Preferably under if possible).

My budget for this car is $250,000-$300,000, so I would like the car to be under 250k but I will go up to 300k if I have to.

Here are the options that I am considering thus far:

Option #1:
Ferrari 458 Spider
Approximate Price: $243,000
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Option #2:
Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
Approximate Price: $80,000
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Option #3:
Nissan GTR
Approximate Price: $108,500
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Option #4:
Audi R8
Approximate Price: $117,000
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Option #5:
McLaren 650
Approximate Price: $280,000
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Option #6:
Lamborghini Aventador
Approximate Price: $500,000
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kootah edit: Do not flame back and forth on this thread about which brand is better/worse.

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I would get the Zo6 cause its costs less which means you could be open to mods for the car

The Zo6 is a 50 smiles kinda of car, you'll never get tired of it

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damn axe...thats some serious money bro..must have a good job...but id personally go for the corvette as its beautiful in design and is also very fast
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Nissan GTR because it wins... or the Mc
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I'd start off using process of elimination, if I were going for looks i'd pick either the McLaren or the Ferrari. If you wanted a little extra cash afterwards and still wanted looks i'd choose the ZO6. The reason why I wouldn't choose the ZO6 as my first pick is because I see a lot of people with Corvettes. If you wanted to be special and get a lot of "oooo's" and "ahhh's" Go with one of the other ones (The Super Cars)
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I'm going to give you a short, half-assed reply because I'm mechanically challenged and can't speak on that front very well.

I'd pick the GTR out of your options by far, just my personal preference out of the selection.
I'd also look into Lamborghini Gallardos (~$181,900).

For me, in that price range it would be between those two vehicles.
Also, I'm jelly of your budget, I hope Bumblebee is pissed.
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They are all beautiful cars personally id go with the Audi R8. Has always been a favorite but for you with that kind of budget id go with the GTR or the Corvette ZO6 so you can add some mods. Realistically its all down to if you wanna get a great car now or mod it up over time and wait a little.
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If I were in your shoes, I would personally not buy a car at this point in time. If you make what you say you make per year I would 100% build a house. It'll last you a long time.

Wait one more year then get a car. But if you are getting a car right now, you have to look at all perspectives.

Maintenance costs. It's a good thing to say that the more exotic a car, the more exotic is will be to maintain it. Oil changes, filters, oil, gas, the list goes on and on.

Maintenance being a huge part in my decision making, I would, personally, choose the Chevy Corvette. It looks amazing, and seriously, any corvette will turn heads. It's not that common to see a brand new one, especially the highest end model one. Also depends where you live. In LA you probably see tons of them, same with NYC and Miami.

I think you should look into all your options first and check out what maintenance costs look like, insurance, premium gas prices, etc.
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Damn dude what do you do for a living.. But in the end, I would probably go for the ferrari or the GTR. I think they look the best, but the corvettes close. Hell I wouldnt mind having any of these! Wish I was in your shoes man! I want some pics of your final decision
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Like I said on the last one axe, The audi R8 but look into the gts spyder, they run mid 220k. I mean plus it's a convertible.
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