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4 years yesterday... Gone so fastPosted:

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Only just realised I became a 4 year member yesterday. I haven't exactly been very active lately with a such busy life but still use the site now and again. So much has changed in the last 4 years and to be honest I like it. I joined the site for lobbies and modding, but now I use it for so much more. And it's great to see the approach away from rgh/jtag modding completely - it was fun years ago, but it's just not the same anymore.

I would also like to celebrate getting no warnings in over a year and half (I've had far too many in my time on tis site, and it was really stupid of me).

Thanks to all the staff who run this site and continue to make improvements. Also thanks to all the friends that have helped me and who I have helped over the 4 years.

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Congratz on 4 Years M8.

Welcome to the Club.

I Hope to see you more active.
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Congrats on becoming a 4 year member, not many people stick around or come back. Hopefully many more to come.

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Congrats bro! I just hit 800 posts!
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4 long years nice. im almost there, couple of months
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Congrats on your 4 years bud
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Congrats on 4 Years bud! :dealwithit:
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Welcome to the 4 year club! I hope we'll both stay for many more.
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times just fly by dosent it c:. congrats on 4 years!
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Wow man 4 years that dedication.
Congats on such a milestone
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