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Meeting friends and having a relationship over Xbox is always fascinating and fun.
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mine would have to be obsessing over Recon in halo 3.. those were the days
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I remember getting my Xbox the first day and bringing it home, hooking it up and playing Battlefield Bad Company. I played the campaign and then started playing mulitplayer and talked for the first time online. They made fun of me because I talked weird and was terrible but it was definitely great. Other than that playing COD 4 and MW2 day after day with friends was the best memory I have. Those days were personally my peak on Xbox Live.
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Countless DAYS spend on mw2 rust and halo 3 custom games!

I remember asking how do you get a knife you can throw!
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Going 5 - 18 on World at War. Surprisingly never raged.
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Xbox 360 - Modern warfare 2 - Huge mike myers lobby with all your mate's
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My favorite gaming memory has to be getting toty ramos in a pack at like 1 in the morning i shouted so loud and woke everyone up lol
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Getting Scared Of Playing Waw Or Bo1 Zombies And Getting Hella Scared And runing away
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I remember running home from school to play cod LMFAO
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  • Winter 2019
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Has to be WaW, Cod4 and Mw2 were the best times on xbox then everything changed lol
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