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Best childhood memory on xbox livePosted:

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Title says it all l, what was your best xbox live memory when you were little. I loved xbox live when I was 9
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OMG i remember my first xbox when i was 8 i played halo 3 all day!! lol i still play 7 years later today i have 8000+ online matches and custom games. i have almost all the achievements. Im still a Huge HALO fan. if u want to play with me just add me Gamertag------>tB Prism
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i remember going home as fast as i could to play halo
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i remember when I got my first moab on mw3 it was amazing!
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I remember when I was 9, getting trashed talked by 3 14 yr olds, then I beat them, the good old way with a 3v1 quick scope no scope on rust!
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the endless nights I spent on MW2 with my friends playing countless matches to get everything unlocked and the days i spent on Skate 2 to get everything unlocked.

I loved those days, Now 99.5% time is work and sleeping
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Playing zombies for the first time on WaW.
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First time playing call of duty 4. Me and my bro played in a single cage match for like 3 hours.
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Just me and mates playing CoD 5 was so so good the memories are the best man. And Mw2
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mine was when i was 10 and hit my first quad on halo it was amazing lol
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