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Call of Duty: Online (Multiplayer) - ReviewPosted:

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Call of Duty: Online (Multiplayer)

Game Information:
Developer: Activision, Raven Software
Publisher: Tencent
Released: January 14, 2013 (Open Beta)
Released: Q1 2015 (full release)
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC

Call of Duty: Online (CODOL for short) is a Call of Duty game released exclusively in China as a "free-to-play" game. The game is published, marketed, and distributed by Tencent Holdings and fully developed by Activison Shanghai and Raven Software. The game entered open beta on January 14, 2013. And is expected too have a full release sometime in Q1 2015. The game itself is a mash-up as it reuses dozens of maps, character models and weapons from both the 'Modern Warfare' and 'Black Ops' series, With the possibility of adding things from 'Ghosts' and 'Advanced Warfare' in the near future.

As the game was only released China all of the game is in Chinese, and it is very frustrating to setup and navigate at first. While the game is in all Chinese it is like playing any other 'Call of Duty' game on PC. The controls for the game are fairly simple if you have played any other first person game. [WASD] to navigate, [CTRL] To go prone/crouch, [Space] to jump/climb, [Mouse] to look around Aim down sights and shoot, [E] to use your knife, [G] to throw a grenade, and [1-9] for weapon swapping and calling in kill streaks. So the controls are fairly easy to learn and get used to if you know how to use a keyboard and mouse. Let it also be noted that the game supports controllers plugged into your computer.

The game plays like Modern Warfare 2, which makes the game pretty simple and doesn't add to many strange mechanics like Advanced Warfare. While it is still in beta the game has some minor bugs that aren't game breaking but can be annoying at times. If you have a decent computer the game will run quite smooth and shouldn't lag. It is the equivalent of running 'Call of Duty: 4' as the required minimum specs are not very demanding like modern games such as Advanced Warfare or Battlefield 4. It also features some aspects from a recent installment 'Ghosts', You have 5 characters, each have there own classes, unlocks, and levels(70 is the max level). Unlocking weapons and attachments in this game is very similar to 'Black Ops' cod point system, When you reach a certain level you can buy the gun with coins earned from completing challenges and leveling up. The graphics are better than 'Call of Duty 4' almost as good as 'Modern Warfare 2', so the graphics are good but nothing to be extremely excited over. Graphics don't make a game good anyway.

Nuketown [Black Ops]
Ambush [COD 4]
Bog [COD 4](Known as Night Quagmire)
Bloc [COD 4](Known as Forgotten City)
Overgrown [COD 4](Known as Farm)
Chemical Plant [MW2](Modified version of Storm)
Estate Tropical [MW2](Estate with a tropical landscape)
Crash Tropical [COD4/MW2](Crash with a tropical landscape)
Favela Tropical [MW2](Favela with a tropical landscape)
Firing Range [Black Ops]
Underpass [MW2]
Desert Border [MW2](Afghan with a different name)
Killhouse [COD 4]
Crossfire [COD 4]
Rust [MW2]
Freighter [COD 4](Ice-covered version of Wet Work)
Shipment [COD 4]

Weapons(English names):
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Free to play
Not Pay to Win
Easy to run on any computer
Adds the best of all CODs
Chinese language only at the moment
High ms/ping (Chinese servers)
annoying to install

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Overall: 8.25/10


These are my pictures, feel free to add me if you play on the Northern War Server.
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This game seriously looks like a lot of fun to play and especially if you were going head to head against a bunch of friends.

I might seriously have to grab this game sometime.

Nice review as well, mate!
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