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Geometry Dash [PC] - ReviewPosted:

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Geometry Dash [PC]

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Geometry Dash is a mobile game developed by Robert Topala and released in August 2013. The objective of the game is to navigate a small cube through a series of obstacles to reach the end of the level. The only control is tapping, which makes the cube perform a small jump. As well as a cube, the player can also change form into things such as a ship and a ball, each with unique mechanics.

With eighteen challenging levels, countless more user-created levels, over one hundred rewarding achievements and acclaimed soundtrack from Newgrounds, Geometry Dash will not fail to deliver one satisfying experience.


Geometry Dash is a very fun and addicting game. This game can you keep you occupied for hours upon hours, while it may be hard its a very fun game, people say this is a rip off of the Impossible Game, I disagree. This game is a lot more different, as there are more then 4 levels, you can fly, you can play online levels and you change you can customize what you look like, so this is nowhere near a rip off of the Impossible Game, they may have been inspired by them but thats it. But yea, this game is very addicting and amusing while it can get you upset at times its still worth it to play, I have this game on my phone and steam and will admit I get upset at the game like everyone else does. This game has a lot fun of stuff you can do, one mainly being is playing online levels, thats one of the best features for this game. Now, in general for this, I love it, and im sure other people like it a lot as well or hate it, like I said, I love the game it can keep me occupied for hours and get me upset for a while as well. If you guys haven't played it, go get it on your phone or steam its worth it. I did say earlier that I like playing online levels the most in which case I do but customizing your character and having to collect secret coins to unlock 2 secret levels its fun. It's what makes the game more challenging and more, while it can get repetitive it's still a very fun game, but something you may not like about the game is that it starts to lag randomly then stop, its really that much of an annoyance it can get frustrating, the lag isn't really super bad but as I said it can get annoying fast, but you'll learn to deal with it. Once you can deal with it you're good! The levels have faces telling them if the level is easy, medium, hard, harder, insane or demon being the hardest. The Single Player has only 2 demons levels which you have to unlock by demon coins. Oh and for the online levels and that you can search for levels by difficulty or just do map packs which award you 1 secret coin or 2 secret coins if you do a demon pack!


Ok, so the controls are the easiest things ever, there just the space bar or the Up arrow key. Thats the controls very straight forward and very easy to remember those two do everything. Now, I expected to be a tad bit complicated but it's not, it's the worlds easiest thing to use. If you can't remember what keys you use we got a problem. Like, a very big problem unless you have Alzheimer's then that's a good enough excuse to me, but if you don't have any memory loss you should be able to play this game easily, it's not hard. It's just straight forward like I said.


Ok, so the graphics are very well done for a cheap game. I love them they are so simple but yet so perfect. Because the stuff you can do with the items to make a level and that are remarkable like, there are some amazing levels that have amazing backgrounds to them, and the pre made levels are also very nicely done, like all the levels are nicely done! Even the items and that are amazingly made as well. I personally love the graphics, while some other people may hate them with a passion I personally love them as I said. As they are somewhat plain and somewhat complex, and the graphics are only really good if you use them right, if you don't the levels gonna look bad. But other then that if you know how to use the items with the right stuff it can turn out to be an amazing level! Seriously, some online levels are very well made as they used certain items with other items that make them perfectly good! I would love to make an amazing level if I could but I am terrible at that type of stuff, other people though they can make the levels very well made due to the graphics! I as I said just love them, I would assume a lot of people love them as well and a not many people hate them. One thing that I personally dont like about the graphics is that sometimes when you bounce off of something it shows a little explosion, I personally don't like those but I can deal with it! The graphics have an easy 10/10!
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Gameplay - 10/10
Controls - 10/10
Graphics - 10/10

A little note. I am sorry about how much info I have for the Controls it's just writing about the controls is hard as hell when its literally just the damn space bar and North Arrow key.

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CoId (01-01-2018)
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This game is supposed to be a copy of impossible game but its not. This game is cake I beat 4 levels on it
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Thespian wroteThis game is supposed to be a copy of impossible game but its not. This game is cake I beat 4 levels on it
4 levels? What were they? The easiest levels as you're bad at the game? Because I've beaten like 6-7 levels and I feel proud, but thespian get good at the game talk 2 me when u beat the first level :trollin:
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I have been playing this game for about 5 years now and here is my review on it.


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My Review

This game is overall wonderful. I had a good time with this game and it is overall very well put together. There was a lot of concern of this game as of being a replica of the Impossible Game but it is not. It is a very amazing game. It is overall user friendly. As of right now they have provided you with more than 14 levels with increasingly harder levels upon levels. There is also an online section with user created levels and they are rated upon difficulty. This game is really fun and very addicting. I remember when I first played this game and I died. After that I could not stop playing. This game is available on the App Store, Google Play Store and it can also be founded on the Steam marketplace but this game is really fun. I recommend that people try out the free version first in order to get a feel for this game. Although that version is subjected to a lot of ads in order for the original owner to get money. It is available for the Mobile Version which is 99 cents and I think the Steam version is $2.99. But i do recommended that people play it because it is one of the most addicting games that I have ever played in a while. It does get a little bit boring at time but it will give people some type of excitement when they get this game.
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one of my friends at school used to play this on mobile and he was in the top 5000 i believe its like all he played lol i was bad it it
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i do not like this game what so ever makes me mad way to easy
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i played it once didn't like it much tbh
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Never knew it was on PC.

Only played it on mob lie if it's the same game I'm thinking of.

Anyway, great review dude
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I remember playing this game in high school! Loads of fun. Great tutorial.
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I tried this game on PC and it was way too crazy for me haha
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