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  • Christmas!
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Well boys and girls, it's that time. The long awaited 3 year milestone. I don't really know what to say on this topic. So here's some stats and a thankslist.

4,978 posts (so close to that 5k!)
1230 useful posts, 487 unuseful posts
70 thanks
67 rep (yup..)
A whole lot of new friends

Thankslist (in no particular order):
Allister Duffy (Quatro)

Most of the staff, and everyone in the PC sections. You guys are great.

I'm forgetting a lot of people. A lot. Tell me if I forgot to add you.

I'd like to keep this post short and sweet. So I'll end it here. Thanks a lot everyone, my 3 years on this site has had it's ups and downs, but it's been great. I've made a lot of friends and learned a lot of things from TTG.

You thought I was gonna end it there eh? No milestone post is complete without a... DOGE!
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Congratulations on reaching 3 years on this site,
I've known you for ages now and you have been very helpful and a nice friend, keep up the good work and you'll have to come play some cs sometime to see how the pros play ;), unfortunate that you crossed over to Intel but I'm going to be doing that soon anyway, I'll see you at your 5K milestone mate, and I'll talk to you on ts anyway, DayZ again are base never gets maintained because of you.
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  • Christmas!
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Congratulations on 3 years!!!
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Congratulations on becoming a 3 year member and you are also so close to 5k posts !
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congrats man, very happy to have you on the website keep it up, see you next year at 4 years bro!!!
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Congrats on joining the 3 year club. That bronze circle is pretty smexy.

Hope to see you around at 4 years.
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Congrats on the three year milestone
Best of luck with future milestones and goals
I will hopefully see you around for many more
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Grats on the 3 years!

Hopefully a few more to go with plenty of Pentium banter which isnt getting old any time soon
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Congrats on 3 years man!

I hope you stay active and see you at 5!

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Wow congrats on achieving that!

See you at 5k
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