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My Honda MSX 125 / Honda GromPosted:

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So I got my motorbike yesterday,
It is a 2014 plate, so it is brand new. Got it with 0 miles on it
I have only been out on it twice now,
So I have managed to rack up 16 miles from 0 yesterday lol

I have a few images that I have taken with my phone and my GoPro.
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Side 2:
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I really do like the electronic display compared the other 125's Honda have.

The video should still be rendering at this moment of posting but give it time and it will clear up:

I probably will be doing a longer walk around later on tonight if I can find somewhere quiet

I do have a couple mods planned so far like a new exhaust, seat, tyres, clutch and brake levers and mirrors.
The exhaust I have been look at is the Yoshimura RS9 Full system,
I have seen a few videos on it and it sounds absolutely amazing

I hope you all like it as im really enjoying just now

Update 1:
Update 2:
Update 3:
Update 4:
Update 5:
Update 6:
Update 6.5:
Update 7:
Update 8:
Update 9:

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Sweet bike, man! Keep us updated with the mods added!
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Gorgeous looking bike!
I've seen a fair few karts with a 125 in it, so guessing it's pretty quick off the line ;)

And as you say, the dash is real nice! Like to see a video of you driving it, sounds great!

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It's a beautiful bike. When you add something to it be sure to post more pictures!
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Such an amazing bike. I was going to buy that bike brand new! I decided to buy this instead: (Kymco K pipe 125)

Here are some pics:

The only thing I didnt like about the MSX is the wheels are rather small? I like the width! Just pretty small kinda like a moped wheels just a bit bigger?

Other than that it's an amazing bike!

I can't add any mods to mine yet because i have warrenty etc! And anyway, apparently my bike is too new and doesn't have any (or much) after market parts like exhausts.
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Both are sexy.
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that is a very nice bike mate, keep this thread updated!! id like to follow wat you do to it etc:)
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Very sexy bike you got there! I am into bikes myself however, I am more into supermotos at the moment:D How much did you pay for it?
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My uncle wants to pick one of these up actually. Its a really nice 125.
I totally agree on swapping out the mirrors, not my style.
I do like the all black on the bike though, very nice choice.
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Really nice bike, looks awesome but why do you have an L on the front of it?

How much did you spend on it if you dont mind sharing?
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