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Total Miner: Forge - ReviewPosted:

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Total Miner: Forge

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Release Date: June 24, 2011

Developers: Greenstone Games

Publishers: Greenstone Games

Platforms: Xbox 360

Genre: Action, Adventure


Total Miner is a block mining sandbox game with creation, combat and RPG elements.


Total Miner forge is a fun game somewhat similar to Minecraft but at the same time not so similar. Total Miner has various stuff like Skills, Proximity Mines, Unlockables and Double Jumping. There are 4 game modes, Creative, Dig Deep, Survival and Peaceful. In Dig Deep you have to find Blue Prints to craft items. Survival is basically like Minecraft Survival. Peaceful, has NO MOBS so the game is easier so its like Peaceful on Minecraft very easy. The Creative game type is like Minecraft Creative, but has different things as in teleporting to other players and marker blocks. You can also join games. Not your friends games but other peoples games. Now the Unlockables, there are about 25-40 unlockables. You unlock by doing various stuff like the Handyman for example, Craft all the items in the game. Or King, have 10 people join your game. These are fun to go for and try to unlock them all. Now the crafting. You can craft a lot of stuff, like I mean a lot. There are around 40-60 blueprints to be found, once you have found them all you can craft every item. Once you craft every item you get Handyman! You can also craft stuff like Proximity Mines, Sentry Turrets, Titanium Pickaxes and other various stuff. Creating Maps with your friends are fun as well! You can create any type of map you want whether it be a RPG map or a Parkour map they're fun to make! You can give your friends certain permissions like Admin, Grief, Adventure, Fly, Creative, Edit, Chat, Map and Save. The Grief permission allows you to use explosives as in Grenades and Proximity Mines. Adventure allows people to open Chests and Economized shops. Admin allows you to kick people give and give people permissions. Fly allows you to fly. Chat allows you to talk in the game, map allows to look at the map by pressing back. Save allows people to save the person maps. Creative allows people to access blocks and items such as a sword, Edit allows you to edit the map.


Total Miner does have texture packs. There are HD ones and SD ones. The HD ones are 64x and the SD ones are 16x. There are 5 HD texture packs and 19 SD texture packs so there's a total of 24 texture packs. I can tell what most blocks are using the HD texture packs as it is easier to see them. I can also see the blocks from a farther distance using HD texture packs. Using the SD texture packs I can't tell what most blocks are due to some of them aren't that good like the Future one, I cannot tell what block is what in it. The Original texture pack I can tell what most blocks are but not all of them. Using certain texture packs are important if you're new to this game and the ones I would recommend using are the HD ones, like Original HD, Rupture HD and Steampunk HD. These ones are perfect to use if you're new to this game. But the one I like the most is Original HD. This one helped me to memorize blocks and items Steampunk HD is good as well it will help you with memorizing blocks. Rupture HD is good for building, the blocks in the texture pack are amazingly detailed. I would recommend using that one for building. Now the one I don't recommend using is Future. You have no clue what block is what this texture pack is by far the worst texture pack in the game. I personally can't stand it.
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I enjoy the controls. As they are just like any other games I play. They are so easy to remember as well. But playing Total Miner might take some to get use to them as it can be tricky trying to remember most of the controls but after time you remember them off the top of your head. Somethings I don't like about the controls is that there are to many things to remember. Like opening up or Inventory going into a block shop just gets complicated if you're new to playing. Like I said though if you're new to playing Total Miner it should take you a few days to remember all of the controls to the game. But there are some ups and downs to the Controls and that is remembering the Special stuff as in Noclip and viewing other players screens. That is hard to remember, it used to be easier but they changed it which I personally don't like. I still haven't remembered them yet. As for entering your inventory and flying and that I remembered those easily. But nonetheless the controls are not to bad they are good.


Gameplay - 9/10

Controls - 6.5/10

Graphics - 7.5/10

Overall - 8/10

How Total Miner is different from Minecraft Xbox 360. So Total Miner has noclip, viewing other players screens, there are different blocks like Marker Blocks, Proximity Mines and Sentry Turrets. Total Miner has Skills, Grenades, Grenade Launchers. Total Miner also has Unlock able Avatars that you can wear in the game, you can also join online games not your friends games but people you don't even know. But Total Miner is a great game. I would highly recommend buying it and playing.

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I liked it, I was really excited for the future minecraft release and this game got me even more amped for the release and ofc. Purse you couldn't go wrong for the price of $1.
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