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Possible FIFA 14 EASFC Level ModPosted:

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NOTE: This will require a modified xbox 360 - e.g. jtag, rgh, dev kit, etc

Before I begin, i know that FIFA 14 runs most of its stuff on servers themselves, so pretty much all online stuff is not capable of being modded. I got bored today and decided to see if i could mod the online side of the game.

I found out that the game automatically refreshes all of its online stats with the server every 5 - 10 minutes. This allows a window of opportunity of modding.

I managed to find out the offsets in RAM after several hours. Modding these offsets, can take your lvl to whatever you like (within a hex range). The lvl will remain for about 5 to 10 minutes, before automatically refreshing back. (or if you restart fifa it refreshes back).

The great thing about modding your lvl is that everything becomes unlocked in the catalogue. So are able to click on things that a lvl 100+. However when i tried to purchase or gift someone something, an error came up with: transaction incomplete, you are not the required lvl. So EA must be checking against the lvl on the server.

I have spent far too long on this, and was only trying to gift every online pro item to my main profile. Therefor i am going to release the offsets, so that others can work on this, if they want to. This probably isn't much use, but someone may find a way to buy catalogue items without being the real lvl.

Rank offsets:

How to edit them:
1. Have xbdm.xex as a plugin
2. Download peek poker and connect to RGH/JTAG
3. Load fifa and go into the catalogue
4. Copy the first offset into peek and poke part of program and set length to 64
5. Edit first two digits to desired lvl (must be in hexidecimal, e.g. 65 in hex is lvl 120). Then click poke.
6. Do the same for the second offset
7. Back out from catalogue and lvl should go up
8. Go back into catalogue
9. Try to figure out a way to buy items (you have around 5 to 10 minutes before lvl reverts back).

This is a video of the mod on ps3. xMurphyBoiix released the ps3 offset and made this video, so all credit goes to him. However the xbox offsets are different and i released them myself. Pretty much the same thing happens on xbox, so it is pointless me making my own video.

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