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*******ALL Dvars For Black Ops*********Posted:

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Here is all the Dvar's for Black Ops

SORRY For BIG MESS-- I will be trying to organize and take stupid stuff out for now this is all i HAVE. wILL BE POSTING LATER WITH SOME BETTER Organization..... Thank you the better Dvars are towards the bottom.

Type: BOOL -
Whether the player prefers this map
0x8376A500 - Type: FLOAT1 - acousticSpikeMaxRange
The maximum range from the player in world space that objects will be shown on the acoustic spike
0x8376A5E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - acousticSpikeMinRadius
The minimum radius from the center of the sensor that objects will appear.
0x8376A570 - Type: FLOAT1 - acousticSpikeMinRange
The minimum range from the player in world space that objects will be shown on the acoustic spike
0x8376A6C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - acousticSpikeRingSize
Max size of the ping ring visual for a sensor
0x8376A650 - Type: FLOAT1 - acousticSpikeSize
Scale the acoustic sensor
0x8376A7A0 - Type: BOOL - actionSlotsHide
Hide the actionslots.
0x8375EA30 - Type: External - activeAction= ""
0x837842E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_angularYawAccelRate
yaw acceleration rate
0x83784350 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_angularYawDecelFactor
yaw deceleration factor (decel rate = factor * accel rate)
0x83784270 - Type: BOOL - ai_angularYawEnabled
turn on velocity based body rotation
0x837843C0 - Type: DWORD - ai_corpseCount
Maximum number of AI corpses
0x83784DD0 - Type: DWORD - ai_debugAnimDeltas
Display animation delta debug information
0x83784890 - Type: DWORD - ai_debugClaimedNodes
Enable debugging information claimed status of nodes
0x83784AC0 - Type: DWORD - ai_debugCoverEntityNum
Display debug info for cover
0x83784F20 - Type: DWORD - ai_debugEntIndex
Entity index of an entity to debug
0x837846D0 - Type: DWORD - ai_debugFindPath
Display AI 'find path' debugging information
0x83784740 - Type: BOOL - ai_debugFindPathDirect
Display AI 'find direct path' debugging information
0x83784820 - Type: BOOL - ai_debugFindPathLock
Find path lock
0x837847B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_debugFindPathWidth
Display paths with the given width
0x83784CF0 - Type: BOOL - ai_debugMayMove
Display debug information for AI 'may move' calculations
0x83784EB0 - Type: BOOL - ai_debugMeleeAttackSpots
Enable debugging information for melee attack spots
0x83784E40 - Type: BOOL - ai_debugThreatSelection
Enable debugging information for threat selection
0x83784900 - Type: BOOL - ai_disableSpawn
Do not spawn AI
0x83783D30 - Type: BOOL - ai_enableBadPlaces
toggle badplaces system on/off
0x837855B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistBadPlace
Distance used for AI event
0x83785460 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistBullet
Distance used for AI event
0x837854D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistBulletRunning
Distance used for AI event
0x837851C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistDeath
Distance used for AI event
0x83785230 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistExplosion
Distance used for AI event
0x83784F90 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistFootstep
Distance used for AI event
0x83785000 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistFootstepLite
Distance used for AI event
0x837852A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistGrenadePing
Distance used for AI event
0x83785380 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistGunShot
Distance used for AI event
0x83785070 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistNewEnemy
Distance used for AI event
0x83785150 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistPain
Distance used for AI event
0x83785540 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistProjImpact
Distance used for AI event
0x83785310 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistProjPing
Distance used for AI event
0x837850E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistReact
Distance used for AI event
0x837853F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_eventDistSilencedShot
Distance used for AI event
0x83785850 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_foliageSeeThroughDist
Maximum distance AI ignore foliage for sight trace to targets
0x837858C0 - Type: BOOL - ai_friendlySuppression
Whether AI fire will suppression teammates or not.
0x83785930 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_friendlySuppressionDist
Max distance at which AI suppress teammates
0x83785B60 - Type: DWORD - ai_maxAttackerCount
Max number of AI's that will attack one player
0x83785AF0 - Type: DWORD - ai_meleeDamage
The amount of damage dealt by AI's melee attack
0x83785A80 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_meleeHeight
The height of the AI's melee attack
0x837859A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_meleeRange
The maximum range of the AI's melee attack
0x83785A10 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_meleeWidth
The width of the AI's melee attack
0x83784970 - Type: Dvar6 - ai_moveOrientMode
Debug AI Orient Mode
0x83784C10 - Type: BOOL - ai_noDodge
AI won't dodge to the side
0x83785BD0 - Type: DWORD - ai_noPathToEnemyGiveupTime
Time the AI will continue to attack if the player goes off the path grid.
0x83784C80 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_pathMomentum
Momentum factor for continuing motion in previous direction. 0 for no momentum carry over
0x837849E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_pathNegotiationOverlapCost
The distance AI would travel around to avoid going to a negotiation being used. Multiplied by number of users of the negotiation
0x83785700 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_playerFarAccuracy
Accuracy for AI far away from the player
0x83785770 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_playerFarRange
Minimum range for AI to use 'far' accuracy
0x83785620 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_playerNearAccuracy
Accuracy for an AI near to a player
0x83785690 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_playerNearRange
Maximum range for AI to use 'near' accuracy
0x83784B30 - Type: BOOL - ai_showBadPlaces
Display debug information for 'bad places'
0x83784BA0 - Type: BOOL - ai_showDodge
Display debug information for AI dodging
0x83784510 - Type: DWORD - ai_showNearestNode
Show nodes closest to AI
0x83784430 - Type: DWORD - ai_showNodes
Show AI navigation node debug information
0x837844A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_showNodesDist
Maximum distance from the camera at which AI nodes are shown
0x83784660 - Type: DWORD - ai_showPaths
Show AI navigation paths
0x83784A50 - Type: BOOL - ai_showPotentialThreatDir
Display AI potential threat direction
0x83784580 - Type: DWORD - ai_showVisData
Display debug information for visibility data
0x837845F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_showVisDataDist
Maximum distance for visibility data debugging information to be shown
0x83784D60 - Type: DWORD - ai_showVolume
Draw the goal volume and fixed node safe volume for an AI
0x83784120 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_slowdownMaxYawDiff
max yaw diff used for slowdown cal
0x83784190 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_slowdownMinRate
anim rate at ai_slowdownMaxYawDiff
0x837840B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_slowdownMinYawDiff
min yaw diff before slowdown kicks in
0x83784200 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_slowdownRateBlendFactor
percent of desired rate that goes into final rate
0x837857E0 - Type: DWORD - ai_threatUpdateInterval
AI target threat update interval in milliseconds
0x83783EF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ai_turnRate
turn rate for AI
0x83784040 - Type: BOOL - ai_useBetterLookahead
t5 lookahead improvements
0x83783F60 - Type: BOOL - ai_useFacingTranslation
whether to use facing to determine direction of translation
0x83783FD0 - Type: BOOL - ai_useLeanRunAnimations
whether to use lean run animations instead of strafes
0x83794340 - Type: BOOL - aim_accel_turnrate_debug
Turn on debugging info for the acceleration
0x837942D0 - Type: BOOL - aim_accel_turnrate_enabled
Enable/disable acceleration of the turnrates
0x837943B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_accel_turnrate_lerp
The acceleration of the turnrates
0x83793EE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_aimAssistRangeScale
Scales the weapon's aim assist range
0x83795220 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_assist_min_target_distance
Aim assist will not work on targets beyond this distance
0x837951B0 - Type: BOOL - aim_assist_script_disable
Override aim assist from script: set to true to disable code aim assist (i.e. for meatshield)
0x83794960 - Type: BOOL - aim_autoaim_debug
Turn on auto aim debugging
0x837948F0 - Type: BOOL - aim_autoaim_enabled
Turn on auto aim
0x83794880 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_autoaim_lerp
The rate in degrees per second that the auto aim will converge to its target
0x83794A40 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_autoaim_region_height
The height of the auto aim region in virtual screen coordinates (0 - 480)
0x837949D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_autoaim_region_width
The width of the auto aim region in virtual screen coordinates (0 - 640)
0x83793F50 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_autoAimRangeScale
Scales the weapon's auto aim range
0x83794D50 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_autobayonet_range
The range of the auto bayonet
0x83794B20 - Type: BOOL - aim_automelee_debug
Turn on auto melee debugging
0x83794AB0 - Type: BOOL - aim_automelee_enabled
Turn on auto melee
0x83794B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_automelee_lerp
The rate in degrees per second that the auto melee will converge to its target
0x83794CE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_automelee_range
The range of the auto melee
0x83794C70 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_automelee_region_height
The height of the auto melee region in virtual screen coordinates (0 - 480)
0x83794C00 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_automelee_region_width
The width of the auto melee region in virtual screen coordinates (0 - 640)
0x83794030 - Type: BOOL - aim_input_graph_debug
Debug the view input graphs
0x83793FC0 - Type: BOOL - aim_input_graph_enabled
Use graph for adjusting view input
0x837940A0 - Type: DWORD - aim_input_graph_index
Which input graph to use
0x83794EA0 - Type: BOOL - aim_lockon_debug
Turn on debugging info for aim lock on
0x83794F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_lockon_deflection
The amount of stick deflection for the lockon to activate
0x83794E30 - Type: BOOL - aim_lockon_enabled
Aim lock on helps the player to stay on target
0x83794FF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_lockon_pitch_strength
The amount of aim assistance given by the target lock on (pitch)
0x837950D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_lockon_region_height
The height of the auto aim region in virtual screen coordinates(0-480)
0x83795060 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_lockon_region_width
The width of the auto aim region in virtual screen coordinates(0-640)
0x83794F80 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_lockon_strength
The amount of aim assistance given by the target lock on (yaw)
0x83795140 - Type: BOOL - aim_scale_view_axis
Scale the influence of each input axis so that the major axis has more influence on the control
0x83794490 - Type: BOOL - aim_slowdown_debug
Turn on debugging info for aim slowdown
0x83794420 - Type: BOOL - aim_slowdown_enabled
Slowdown the turn rate when the cross hair passes over a target
0x837946C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_pitch_scale
The vertical aim assist slowdown ratio from the hip
0x83794730 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_pitch_scale_ads
The vertical aim assist slowdown ratio when aiming down the sight
0x83794650 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_region_extended_height
The screen height of the extended aim assist slowdown region
0x837945E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_region_extended_width
The screen width of the extended aim slowdown region
0x83794570 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_region_height
The screen height of the aim assist slowdown region
0x83794500 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_region_width
The screen width of the aim slowdown region
0x837947A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_yaw_scale
The horizontal aim assist slowdown ratio from the hip
0x83794810 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_slowdown_yaw_scale_ads
The horizontal aim assist slowdown ratio when aiming down the sight
0x83793D90 - Type: DWORD - aim_target_aim_tag_fast_update_interval
How often the aim target tag is updated instead of pulled from cache inside of the "fast" zone.
0x83793E00 - Type: DWORD - aim_target_aim_tag_slow_update_interval
How often the aim target tag is updated instead of pulled from cache inside of the "fast" zone.
0x83793CB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_target_frustum_expand_fast_updates
The frustum expansion to determine if a target is in the fast interval tag update zone. Positive is inwards.
0x83793C40 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_target_frustum_expand_on_screen
The frustum expansion to determine if a target is on screen. Positive is inwards.
0x83793D20 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_target_frustum_min_distance
If target is inside this distance frustum culling is not applied.
0x83793BD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_target_sentient_half_height
The radius used to calculate frustum target center for a sentient(actor or player)
0x83793B60 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_target_sentient_radius
The radius used to calculate target bounds for a sentient(actor or player)
0x83793E70 - Type: BOOL - aim_target_smp
Use worker threads to add aim target entities
0x83794110 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_turnrate_pitch
The vertical turn rate for aim assist when firing from the hip
0x83794180 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_turnrate_pitch_ads
The turn rate up and down for aim assist when aiming down the sight
0x837941F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_turnrate_yaw
The horizontal turn rate for aim assist when firing from the hip
0x83794260 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_turnrate_yaw_ads
The horizontal turn rate for aim assist when aiming down the sight
0x83794DC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - aim_view_sensitivity_override
override value for view sensitivity
0x8377C400 - Type: BOOL - allEmblemsPurchased
Allows all emblem icons and layers to be purchased
0x8377C390 - Type: BOOL - allEmblemsUnlocked
Unlock all emblem icons and layers
0x83754D90 - Type: BOOL - allItemsPurchased
Allows all items to be equiped in Create-a-Class
0x83754D20 - Type: BOOL - allItemsUnlocked
Allows all items to be purchased in the Black Market
0x8376A730 - Type: BOOL - ammoCounterHide
Hide the Ammo Counter
0x8373EEB0 - Type: BOOL - arcademode
Current game is an arcade mode game
0x83754C40 - Type: DWORD - attachmentFilter
0x83740650 - Type: DWORD - band_12players
12 player bandwidth req'd
0x837406C0 - Type: DWORD - band_18players
18 player bandwidth req'd
0x83740490 - Type: DWORD - band_2players
2 player bandwidth req'd
0x83740500 - Type: DWORD - band_4players
4 player bandwidth req'd
0x83740570 - Type: DWORD - band_6players
8 player bandwidth req'd
0x837405E0 - Type: DWORD - band_8players
8 player bandwidth req'd
0x83740420 - Type: DWORD - band_demosystem
demo system bandwidth req'd
0x837520F0 - Type: External - barebones_class_mode= "0"
0x83755F10 - Type: BOOL - basicTrainingFatal
If true, a basic training stats error will cause the game to end, if false a warning is printed to the console and the game continues
0x83790BB0 - Type: External - bcmp_ally_kill_probability= "60"
0x83791010 - Type: External - bcmp_breathing_delay= "3"
0x83790EC0 - Type: External - bcmp_breathing_probability= "0"
0x83791080 - Type: External - bcmp_enemy_contact_delay= "30"
0x837910F0 - Type: External - bcmp_enemy_contact_level_delay= "15"
0x83790D00 - Type: External - bcmp_incoming_grenade_probability= "5"
0x83790DE0 - Type: External - bcmp_kill_inform_probability= "40"
0x83790C20 - Type: External - bcmp_killstreak_incoming_probability= "100"
0x83790FA0 - Type: External - bcmp_last_stand_delay= "3"
0x83790F30 - Type: External - bcmp_pain_delay= ".5"
0x83790E50 - Type: External - bcmp_pain_small_probability= "0"
0x83790C90 - Type: External - bcmp_perk_call_probability= "100"
0x83790B40 - Type: External - bcmp_sniper_kill_probability= "20"
0x83790D70 - Type: External - bcmp_toss_grenade_probability= "20"
0x83790980 - Type: External - bcmp_weapon_delay= "2000"
0x837909F0 - Type: External - bcmp_weapon_fire_probability= "80"
0x83790AD0 - Type: External - bcmp_weapon_fire_threat_probability= "80"
0x83790A60 - Type: External - bcmp_weapon_reload_probability= "60"
0x8376E0F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_aimSpreadMoveSpeedThreshold
When player is moving faster than this speed, the aim spread will increase
0x8376DAD0 - Type: DWORD - bg_blendTimeOverride
Force all player animations to have this blendtime
0x8376D9F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_bobMax
The maximum allowed bob amplitude
0x83771960 - Type: BOOL - bg_disableWeaponPlantingInWater
Disables being able to plant mines in the water.
0x83771A40 - Type: BOOL - bg_drawGrenadeInHand
Whether or not to draw grenade in hand for grenade animations
0x8376D1A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_fallDamageMaxHeight
The height that a player will take maximum damage when falling
0x8376D130 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_fallDamageMinHeight
The height that a player will start to take minimum damage if they fall
0x8376D050 - Type: DWORD - bg_foliagesnd_fastinterval
The time between each foliage sound when moving quickly
0x8376CF70 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_foliagesnd_maxspeed
The speed that a player must be going to make maximum noise while moving through foliage
0x8376CF00 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_foliagesnd_minspeed
The speed that a player must be going to make minimum noise while moving through foliage
0x8376D0C0 - Type: DWORD - bg_foliagesnd_resetinterval
The time interval before foliage sounds are reset after the player has stopped moving
0x8376CFE0 - Type: DWORD - bg_foliagesnd_slowinterval
The time between each foliage sound when moving slowly
0x8376DA60 - Type: DWORD - bg_forceDurationOverride
Force all player animations to have this duration
0x8376E080 - Type: BOOL - bg_forceExplosiveBullets
When set, all bullet weapons will fire explosive rounds (Simulates Perk)
0x83772140 - Type: BOOL - bg_freeCamClipToHeliPatch
Toggles clipping to the heli patch rectangle.
0x83770BD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_gravity
Gravity in inches per second per second
0x83771B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_gunXOffset
This will offset where the bullets come out of the gun
0x8376CE20 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_ladder_yawcap
The maximum angle that a player can look around while on a ladder
0x8376D4B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_legYawCrouchTolerance
The amount the player's leg yaw can differ from his torso before moving to match
0x8376D520 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_legYawProneTolerance
The amount the player's leg yaw can differ from his torso before moving to match while prone
0x8376D440 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_legYawTolerance
The amount the player's leg yaw can differ from his torso before moving to match
0x83770C40 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_lowGravity
Low gravity for slow or floaty objects, in inches per second per second
0x8376E160 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_maxGrenadeIndicatorSpeed
Maximum speed of grenade that will show up in indicator and can be thrown back.
0x83771B20 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_maxWeaponAnimScale
The amount which weapon timers can cause player animations to scale their playback speed by
0x837719D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_plantInWaterDepth
Min distance a penetrated bullet must travel before it'll trigger the effects
0x83771AB0 - Type: BOOL - bg_playStandToCrouchAnims
Whether or not to use animations to transition between stand and crouch, if not it just blends
0x8376CE90 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_prone_yawcap
The maximum angle that a player can look around quickly while prone
0x8376D3D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_proneSwingSpeed
The rate at which the player's legs swing around when turning and prone
0x83770770 - Type: BOOL - bg_shock_animation
Play the 3rd person animation during shellshock
0x837704D0 - Type: BOOL - bg_shock_lookControl
Alter player control during shellshock
0x83770690 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_lookControl_fadeTime
The time for the shellshock player control to fade in seconds
0x83770540 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_lookControl_maxpitchspeed
Maximum pitch movement rate while shellshocked in degrees per second
0x837705B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_lookControl_maxyawspeed
Maximum yaw movement rate while shell shocked in degrees per second
0x83770620 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_lookControl_mousesensitivityscale
Sensitivity scale to apply to a shellshocked player
0x83770700 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_movement
Affect player's movement speed during shellshock
0x8376FDD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_screenBlurBlendFadeTime
The amount of time in seconds for the shellshock effect to fade
0x8376FD60 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_screenBlurBlendTime
The amount of time in seconds for the shellshock effect to blend
0x8376FEB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_screenFlashShotFadeTime
In seconds, how soon from the end of the effect to start blending out the screengrab layer.
0x8376FE40 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_screenFlashWhiteFadeTime
In seconds, how soon from the end of the effect to start blending out the whiteout layer.
0x8376FCF0 - Type: Dvar6 - bg_shock_screenType
Shell shock screen effect type
0x83770070 - Type: BOOL - bg_shock_sound
Play shell shock sound
0x83770310 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundDryLevel
Shell shock sound dry level
0x8376FC10 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundEnd= ""
0x8376FC80 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundEndAbort= ""
0x837700E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundFadeInTime
Shell shock sound fade in time in seconds
0x83770150 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundFadeOutTime
Shell shock sound fade out time in seconds
0x8376FB30 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundLoop= ""
0x83770230 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundLoopEndDelay
Sound loop end offset time from the end of the shellshock in seconds
0x837701C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundLoopFadeTime
Shell shock sound loop fade time in seconds
0x8376FBA0 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundLoopSilent= ""
0x837703F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundModEndDelay
The delay from the end of the shell shock to the end of the sound modification
0x837702A0 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundRoomType= "generic"
0x83770460 - Type: External - bg_shock_soundSnapshot= "default"
0x83770380 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_soundWetLevel
Shell shock sound wet level
0x83770000 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_viewKickFadeTime
The time for the shellshock kick effect to fade
0x8376FF20 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_viewKickPeriod
The period of the shellshock view kick effect
0x8376FF90 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_viewKickRadius
Shell shock kick radius
0x83770850 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_visionset_inTime
Vision set in transition time (in seconds)
0x837707E0 - Type: External - bg_shock_visionset_name= ""
0x837708C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_shock_visionset_outTime
Vision set out transition time (in seconds)
0x83771CE0 - Type: DWORD - bg_slopeFrames
The number of frames to use to determine slope run animations
0x8376D360 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_swingSpeed
The rate at which the player's legs swing around when strafing(multi-player only)
0x8376D590 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeBase
The base speed-based view bob amplitude
0x8376D670 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeDtp
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while diving to prone
0x8376D830 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeDucked
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while ducking
0x8376D8A0 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeDuckedAds
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the view bob amplitude while ducking ADS
0x8376D910 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeProne
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while prone
0x8376D980 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeRoll
The amplitude applied to the roll for view bobbing
0x8376D600 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeSprinting
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while sprinting
0x8376D750 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeStanding
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while standing
0x8376D7C0 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeStandingAds
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the view bob amplitude while standing and ADS
0x8376D6E0 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_viewBobAmplitudeSwimming
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the bob amplitude while swimming
0x8376C9C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewKickMax
The maximum view kick
0x8376CA30 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewKickMin
The minimum view kick
0x8376CAA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewKickRandom
The random direction scale view kick
0x8376C950 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_viewKickScale
The scale to apply to the damage done to caluclate damage view kick
0x8376EA20 - Type: BOOL - bg_vsmode_hud
Used to control diferences in vsmode hud.
0x8376DB40 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeBase
The base speed-based weapon bob amplitude
0x8376DC20 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeDtp
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while diving to prone
0x8376DD70 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeDucked
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while ducking
0x8376DDE0 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeProne
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while prone
0x8376DE50 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeRoll
The amplitude applied to the roll for weapon bobbing
0x8376DBB0 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeSprinting
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while sprinting
0x8376DD00 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeStanding
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while standing
0x8376DC90 - Type: Dvar2 - bg_weaponBobAmplitudeSwimming
The multiplier to apply to the player's speed to get the weapon bob amplitude while swimming
0x8376DFA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobFrequencySwimming
Controls the speed of the camera bob while swimming
0x8376E010 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobHeavyWeaponScalar
Scalar applied to bob angles for heavy weapons (minigun)
0x8376DF30 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobLag
The lag that will be applied the weapon bob cycle
0x8376DEC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bg_weaponBobMax
The maximum allowed weapon/viewmodel bob amplitude
0x83771C00 - Type: External - bg_weaponleftbone= "tag_weapon_left"
0x83771C70 - Type: External - bg_weaponrightbone= "tag_weapon_right"
0x8373F230 - Type: BOOL - blackopsmode
Current game is a blackops game
0x83754EE0 - Type: BOOL - bodyTypeFromGun
Associate the body type with the primary weapon (perk1 if false)
0x83758520 - Type: Dvar6 - bot_difficulty
Difficulty level of the basic training bots
0x837584B0 - Type: DWORD - bot_enemies
Number of enemies allowed in basic training
0x83758440 - Type: DWORD - bot_friends
Number of friends allowed in basic training
0x83758590 - Type: BOOL - bot_tips
Combat tips enabled in basic training
0x83785C40 - Type: BOOL - bullet_penetrationEnabled
Enable/Disable bullet penetration.
0x837711F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - bullet_penetrationMinFxDist
Min distance a penetrated bullet must travel before it'll trigger the effects
0x8375B690 - Type: FLOAT1 - bulletrange
Defines the how far the bulllets will go.
0x8375DC30 - Type: DWORD - category
The category number
0x8375DCA0 - Type: DWORD - categoryPlaylist
The playlist index in the category
0x83760160 - Type: DWORD - cg_adsZoomToggleStyle
Style of zoom toggle - 0=oscillate, 1=rotate
0x83765560 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_adsZScaleMax
The scale factor for shrinky dinks
0x83765B10 - Type: BOOL - cg_allPlayerNamesVisible
When true all names are visible within visibility range.
0x83767710 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamBackDist
artillery kill camera: distance of camera backwards from artillery.
0x83767630 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamFov
Artillery kill camera field of view.
0x837678D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamGroundBackDist
artillery kill camera when stuck to ground: distance of camera backwards from artillery.
0x83767860 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamGroundUpDist
artillery kill camera when stuck to ground: distance of camera vertically from artillery.
0x837676A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamUpDist
artillery kill camera: distance of camera vertically from artillery.
0x83767780 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamWallOutDist
artillery kill camera when stuck to wall: distance of camera out from wall.
0x837677F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_artilleryKillCamWallSideDist
artillery kill camera when stuck to wall: distance of camera along wall from artillery.
0x8375FA60 - Type: BOOL - cg_blood
Show Blood
0x837628C0 - Type: BOOL - cg_brass
Weapons eject brass
0x83763E30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_bulletlength
The length of a non-tracer round
0x83763DC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_bulletwidth
The width of the non-tracer round
0x837654F0 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_cameraSpikeEnemyColor
Color of enemies in the camera spike view
0x83765480 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_cameraSpikeHighlightBrightness
Brightness of player highlights in the camera spike view
0x83775160 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_cameraVehicleExitTweenTime
Time(secs) to tween from gunner/vehicle camera to normal player camera
0x837750F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_cameraWaterClip
Min distance between camera and water surface. To prevent camera seeing water edge-on. Set to -1 to disable
0x83774F30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_canSeeFriendlyFrustumExpand
The frustum expansion to determine if a friendly is on screen. Positive is inwards.
0x83774FA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_canSeeFriendlyFrustumMinDistance
If target is inside this distance frustum culling is not applied.
0x83774EC0 - Type: DWORD - cg_canSeeFriendlyFrustumUpdateInterval
How often the head tag is updated for the overhead names
0x83762E00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_centertime
The time for a center printed message to fade
0x83764140 - Type: DWORD - cg_chatHeight
The font height of a chat message
0x837640D0 - Type: DWORD - cg_chatTime
The amount of time that a chat message is visible
0x83771260 - Type: BOOL - cg_cinematicFullscreen
Draw ingame cinematics full screen
0x83764A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_connectionIconSize
Size of the connection icon
0x83764AE0 - Type: BOOL - cg_constantSizeHeadIcons
Head icons are the same size regardless of distance from the player
0x83765410 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_corpseHighlightFadeTime
Time (in seconds) that corpse highlights fade out
0x83762700 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_crosshairAlpha
The alpha value of the crosshair
0x83762770 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_crosshairAlphaMin
The minimum alpha value of the crosshair when it fades in
0x837627E0 - Type: BOOL - cg_crosshairDynamic
Crosshair is Dynamic
0x83762850 - Type: BOOL - cg_crosshairEnemyColor
The crosshair color when over an enemy
0x8375FC90 - Type: DWORD - cg_cursorHints
Draw cursor hints where:
0: no hints
1: sin size pulse
2: one way size pulse
3: alpha pulse
4: static image
0x837644C0 - Type: BOOL - cg_debug_overlay_viewport
Remove the sniper overlay so you can check that the scissor window is correct.
0x83775080 - Type: BOOL - cg_debug_triggers
Debug client side Triggers, prints out all the client triggers the first time they are hit.
0x83761CF0 - Type: BOOL - cg_debugDrawSafeAreas
Show the safe area outlines for the safe areas on the UI
0x83762EE0 - Type: BOOL - cg_debugevents
Output event debug information
0x837608D0 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_debugInfoCornerOffset
Offset from top-right corner, for cg_drawFPS, etc
0x83762E70 - Type: BOOL - cg_debugposition
Output position debugging information
0x837648B0 - Type: BOOL - cg_descriptiveText
Draw descriptive spectator messages
0x83766AD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamCloseXYDist
Destructible kill camera closest distance in front of the bomb.
0x83766B40 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamCloseZDist
Destructible kill camera closest distance above the target.
0x83766C20 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamFarBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83766D00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamFarBlurDist
Destructible kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766C90 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamFarBlurStart
Destructible kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766A60 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamFov
Destructible kill camera field of view.
0x83766BB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamNearBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83766DE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamNearBlurEnd
Destructible kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766D70 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamNearBlurStart
Destructible kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766EC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamRegularHeight
If a destructible is above this height, then just move the camera to above it
0x83766E50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_destructibleKillCamZIncrease
Height above origin for the destructibles
0x83760710 - Type: BOOL - cg_development
Indicates if we are in DEVELOPMENT (non-release ship builds)
0x83767550 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillCamDistFromEyes
Dog kill camera: distance of camera past the delta from player target to dog eye
0x83767400 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillCamForwardDist
Dog kill camera: distance of target camera vertically from dog.
0x83767390 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillCamFov
Dog kill camera field of view.
0x837674E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillCamSideDist
Dog kill camera: distance of camera target vertically from dog.
0x83767470 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillCamUpDist
Dog kill camera: distance of camera target vertically from dog.
0x837675C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_dogKillMinDistFromTarget
Dog kill camera: minimum distance that the camera will approach the target
0x837602B0 - Type: BOOL - cg_draw2D
Draw 2D screen elements
0x837604E0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawBreathHint
Draw a 'hold breath to steady' hint
0x83760E10 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawCrosshair
Turn on weapon crosshair
0x83760E80 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawCrosshair3D
Turn on weapon crosshair in 3D mode.
0x83760FD0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawCrosshairNames
Draw the name of an enemy under the crosshair
0x83761040 - Type: DWORD - cg_drawCrosshairNamesPosX
Virtual screen space position of the crosshair name
0x837610B0 - Type: DWORD - cg_drawCrosshairNamesPosY
Virtual screen space position of the crosshair name
0x83760400 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawErrorMessages
Draw error/warning text
0x83760630 - Type: Dvar6 - cg_drawFPS
Draw frames per second
0x83760860 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawFPSLabels
Draw FPS Info Labels
0x83760780 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawFPSOnly
Draw only the FPS stats in the upper right
0x837606A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_drawFPSScale
Draw FPS size scale
0x83764F40 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawFriendlyNames
Whether to show friendly names in game
0x8375FC20 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawGun
Draw the view model
0x83760470 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawHealth
Draw health bar
0x83760EF0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawHoldBreathHint
Turn on hold breath hint string for the sniper rifles
0x83760550 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawMantleHint
Draw a 'press key to mantle' hint
0x83760C50 - Type: Dvar6 - cg_drawMaterial
Draw debugging information for materials
0x83760CC0 - Type: DWORD - cg_drawModelAxis
Draw debugging axis for a bone of the model under the crosshair
0x837643E0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawpaused
Draw paused screen
0x83760BE0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawScriptUsage
Draw debugging information for scripts
0x83761120 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawShellshock
Draw shellshock & flashbang screen effects.
0x83760D30 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawSnapshot
Draw debugging information for snapshots
0x83760DA0 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawSnapshotTime
Draw length of snapshot buffer
0x83793230 - Type: Dvar6 - cg_drawTalk
Controls which icons CG_TALKER ownerdraw draws
0x83765170 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawThroughWalls
Whether to draw friendly names through walls or not
0x83760F60 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawTurretCrosshair
Draw a cross hair when using a turret
0x83760940 - Type: BOOL - cg_drawVersion
Draw the game version
0x837609B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_drawVersionX
X offset for the version string
0x83760A20 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_drawVersionY
Y offset for the version string
0x83764530 - Type: DWORD - cg_dumpAnims
Output animation info for the given entity id
0x83764FB0 - Type: DWORD - cg_enemyNameFadeIn
Time in milliseconds to fade in enemy names
0x83765090 - Type: DWORD - cg_enemyNameFadeOut
Time in milliseconds to fade out enemy names
0x83762F50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_errordecay
Decay for predicted error
0x83766FA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamBackDist
Explosive kill camera: distance of camera backwards from explosive.
0x83767160 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamGroundBackDist
Explosive kill camera when stuck to ground: distance of camera backwards from explosive.
0x837670F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamGroundUpDist
Explosive kill camera when stuck to ground: distance of camera vertically from explosive.
0x83767320 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamStopDecelDist
Rocket and Grenade Launcher kill camera: distance over which to decelerate when coming to rest
0x837672B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamStopDist
Rocket and Grenade Launcher kill camera: distance from player to begin coming to rest
0x83766F30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamUpDist
Explosive kill camera: distance of camera vertically from explosive.
0x83767010 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamWallOutDist
Explosive kill camera when stuck to wall: distance of camera out from wall.
0x83767080 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_explosiveKillCamWallSideDist
Explosive kill camera when stuck to wall: distance of camera along wall from explosive.
0x83764370 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fakefireWizbyChance
The probability that a fake fire shot plays a wizby to local players round
0x837633B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_firstPersonTracerChance
The probability that a bullet is a tracer round for your bullets
0x83765A30 - Type: DWORD - cg_flareVisionSetFadeDuration
Duration of fade back to normal vision set when you look away from the flare
0x83763110 - Type: BOOL - cg_footprints
Draw footprint decals and effects
0x837631F0 - Type: DWORD - cg_footprintsDebug
Debug footprint drawing code (0 means no debugging)
0x83763180 - Type: DWORD - cg_footprintsDistortWater
Distort water on footprint (0 means no distortion)
0x837630A0 - Type: BOOL - cg_footsteps
Play footstep sounds
0x8375FEC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fov
The field of view angle in degrees
0x8375FF30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fov_default
User default field of view angle in degrees
0x8375FFA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fov_default_thirdperson
User default 3rd person field of view angle in degrees
0x837600F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fovExtraCam
The field of view angle in degrees for the extra cam
0x83760080 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fovMin
The minimum possible field of view
0x83760010 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_fovScale
Scale applied to the field of view
0x83765020 - Type: DWORD - cg_friendlyNameFadeIn
Time in milliseconds to fade in friendly names
0x83765100 - Type: DWORD - cg_friendlyNameFadeOut
Time in milliseconds to fade out friendly names
0x8376AC00 - Type: DWORD - cg_fuelHudVersion
Determines what version of the hud to show
0x83762620 - Type: BOOL - cg_fullscreenFinalKillcam
Fullscreen final killcam
0x83764840 - Type: DWORD - cg_gameBoldMessageWidth
The maximum character width of the bold game messages
0x837647D0 - Type: DWORD - cg_gameMessageWidth
The maximum character width of the game messages
0x83762A80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_move_f
Weapon movement forward due to player movement
0x83762D90 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_move_minspeed
The minimum weapon movement rate
0x83762AF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_move_r
Weapon movement right due to player movement
0x83762D20 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_move_rate
The base weapon movement rate
0x83762B60 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_move_u
Weapon movement up due to player movement
0x83762BD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_ofs_f
Forward weapon offset when prone/ducked
0x83762C40 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_ofs_r
Right weapon offset when prone/ducked
0x83762CB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_ofs_u
Up weapon offset when prone/ducked
0x83762930 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_x
x position of the viewmodel
0x837629A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_y
y position of the viewmodel
0x83762A10 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_gun_z
z position of the viewmodel
0x8374CEB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_headIconMinScreenRadius
The minumum radius of a head icon on the screen
0x83766440 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamFarBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83766520 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamFarBlurDist
Helicopter kill camera distance above the helicopter.
0x837664B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamFarBlurStart
Helicopter kill camera distance above the helicopter.
0x83766360 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamFov
Helicopter kill camera field of view.
0x837663D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamNearBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83766600 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamNearBlurEnd
Helicopter kill camera distance above the helicopter.
0x83766590 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_heliKillCamNearBlurStart
Helicopter kill camera distance above the helicopter.
0x8375FDE0 - Type: DWORD - cg_hintFadeTime
Time in milliseconds for the cursor hint to fade
0x83761C10 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_hudChatIntermissionPosition
Position of the HUD chat box during intermission
0x83761B30 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_hudChatPosition
Position of the HUD chat box
0x837614A0 - Type: DWORD - cg_hudDamageDirectionalIconTime
The amount of time for the damage icon to stay on screen after damage is taken
0x83761350 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudDamageIconHeight
The height of the damage icon
0x83761510 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudDamageIconInScope
Draw damage icons when aiming down the sight of a scoped weapon
0x837613C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudDamageIconOffset
The offset from the center of the damage icon
0x83761430 - Type: DWORD - cg_hudDamageIconTime
The amount of time for the damage icon to stay on screen after damage is taken
0x837612E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudDamageIconWidth
The width of the damage icon
0x83761820 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash
Show the grenade indicator for flash grenades
0x83761740 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconHeight
The height of the grenade indicator icon
0x83761660 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudGrenadeIconInScope
Show the grenade indicator when aiming down the sight of a scoped weapon
0x837615F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconMaxHeight
The minimum height difference between a player and a grenade for the grenade to be shown on the grenade indicator
0x83761580 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconMaxRangeFlash
The minimum distance that a flashbang has to be from a player in order to be shown on the grenade indicator
0x8374CC80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconMaxRangeFrag
The minimum distance that a grenade has to be from a player in order to be shown on the grenade indicator
0x837616D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconOffset
The offset from the center of the screen for a grenade icon
0x837617B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadeIconWidth
The width of the grenade indicator icon
0x837622A0 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudGrenadeIndicatorFadeUp
Draw grenade indicator with distance fade(COD3 style)
0x83762380 - Type: Dvar4 - cg_hudGrenadeIndicatorStartColor

0x83762310 - Type: Dvar4 - cg_hudGrenadeIndicatorTargetColor

0x83761890 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadePointerHeight
The height of the grenade indicator pointer
0x83761970 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_hudGrenadePointerPivot
The pivot point of th grenade indicator pointer
0x837619E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadePointerPulseFreq
The number of times per second that the grenade indicator flashes in Hertz
0x83761A50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadePointerPulseMax
The maximum alpha of the grenade indicator pulse. Values higher than 1 will cause the indicator to remain at full brightness for longer
0x83761AC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadePointerPulseMin
The minimum alpha of the grenade indicator pulse. Values lower than 0 will cause the indicator to remain at full transparency for longer
0x83761900 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudGrenadePointerWidth
The width of the grenade indicator pointer
0x8374C740 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudLegacySplitscreenScale
Screen scale for hud elements in splitscreen
0x8375C6C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudLegacyStereo3DScale
Screen scale for hud elements in stereo 3D
0x8374CA50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapBorderWidth
The size of the full map's border, filled by the CG_PLAYER_FULLMAP_BORDER ownerdraw
0x8374CAC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapFriendlyHeight
The size of the friendly icon on the full map
0x8374CB30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapFriendlyWidth
The size of the friendly icon on the full map
0x8374CBA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapPlayerHeight
The size of the player's icon on the full map
0x8374CC10 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapPlayerWidth
The size of the player's icon on the full map
0x8376A420 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudMapRadarLineThickness
Thickness, relative to the map width, of the radar texture that sweeps across the full screen map
0x8374CE40 - Type: External - cg_hudObjectiveTextScale= "0.3"
0x83762150 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudProneY
Virtual screen y coordinate of the prone blocked message
0x83761BA0 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_hudSayPosition
Position of the HUD say box
0x837624D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudSplitscreenBannerScoreboardScale
Scale value to apply to the splitscreen banner scoreboard
0x837623F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudSplitscreenCompassElementScale
Scale value to apply to compass elements in splitscreen
0x8374C820 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudSplitscreenCompassScale
Scale value to apply to the compass in splitscreen
0x8375C650 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudSplitscreenOffsetsUseScale
Use splitscreen scaling for element offsets
0x83762460 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudSplitscreenScoreboardScale
Scale value to apply to the scoreboard in splitscreen
0x8374C7B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_hudSplitscreenStanceScale
Scale value to apply to the stance HUD element in splitscreen
0x83761200 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_hudStanceFlash
The background color of the flash when the stance changes
0x83761270 - Type: BOOL - cg_hudStanceHintPrints
Draw helpful text to say how to change stances
0x83761C80 - Type: Dvar2 - cg_hudVotePosition
Position of the HUD vote box
0x83767EF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_infraredBlurTime
Time [in millisecs] that the infrared blur lasts.
0x83765640 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_infraredHighlightOffset
Offset to the player highlight when using infrared scope
0x837655D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_infraredHighlightScale
Scale of the player highlight when using infrared scope
0x83765720 - Type: DWORD - cg_invalidCmdHintBlinkInterval
Blink rate of an invalid command hint
0x837656B0 - Type: DWORD - cg_invalidCmdHintDuration
Duration of an invalid command hint
0x83763810 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserEndOffset
How far from the point of collision the end of the beam is.
0x83763880 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserFlarePct
Percentage laser widens over distance from viewer.
0x83763420 - Type: BOOL - cg_laserForceOn
Force laser sights on in all possible places (for debug purposes).
0x837635E0 - Type: BOOL - cg_laserLight
Whether to draw the light emitted from a laser (not the laser itself)
0x83763730 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserLightBeginOffset
How far from the true beginning of the beam the light at the beginning is.
0x83763650 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserLightBodyTweak
Amount to add to length of beam for light when laser hits a body (for hitboxes).
0x837637A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserLightEndOffset
How far from the true end of the beam the light at the end is.
0x837636C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserLightRadius
The radius of the light at the far end of a laser beam
0x83763570 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserRadius
The size (radius) of a laser beam
0x83763490 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserRange
The maximum range of a laser beam
0x83763500 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_laserRangePlayer
The maximum range of the player's laser beam
0x83761190 - Type: BOOL - cg_lastSpectatorSelectedThirdPerson
Saves last spectator view selected
0x837621C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_mapLocationSelectionCursorSpeed
Speed of the cursor when selecting a location on the map
0x83762230 - Type: DWORD - cg_mapLocationSelectionRotationSpeed
Rotation speed of the cursor when selecting a location on the map
0x837638F0 - Type: BOOL - cg_marks_ents_player_only
Marks on entities from players' bullets only.
0x8375FAD0 - Type: BOOL - cg_mature
Show Mature Content
0x83774D70 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_MaxDownedPulseRate
The amount of alpha to fade per second, at most for downed allies
0x83774D00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_MinDownedPulseRate
The amount of alpha to fade per second, at minimum for downed allies
0x83774BB0 - Type: DWORD - cg_motionblur_duration
Sets radial motion blur duration
0x83774C20 - Type: DWORD - cg_motionblur_fadeout
Sets fade time for radial motion blur
0x83762FC0 - Type: BOOL - cg_nopredict
Don't do client side prediction
0x83764D80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadIconSize
The maximum size to show overhead icons like 'rank'
0x83764C30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadNamesFarDist
The far distance at which name sizes are scaled by cg_overheadNamesFarScale
0x83764CA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadNamesFarScale
The amount to scale overhead name sizes at cg_overheadNamesFarDist
0x83764ED0 - Type: DWORD - cg_overheadNamesFont
Font for overhead names ( see menudefinition.h )
0x83764E60 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_overheadNamesGlow
Glow color for overhead names
0x83764B50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadNamesMaxDist
The maximum distance for showing friendly player names
0x83764BC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadNamesNearDist
The near distance at which names are full size
0x83764D10 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadNamesSize
The maximum size to show overhead names
0x83774E50 - Type: DWORD - cg_overheadNamesTagUpdateInterval
How often the friendly visibility head tag is updated for the on screen frustum check
0x83764DF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_overheadRankSize
The size to show rank text
0x83774DE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_playerFrustumHalfHeight
The radius used to calculate frustum target center for a player. Used for fast "is on screen" tests
0x837653A0 - Type: DWORD - cg_playerHighlightBlinkTime
The speed (in ms) at which the player highlights blink.
0x837652C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_playerHighlightBrightness
Brightness of highlights.
0x83765250 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_playerHighlightEnemyColor
Color of enemy player highlights.
0x83765330 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_playerHighlightMinFade
The minimum fade for player highlight blinking.
0x837651E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_playerHighlightTargetSize
Size of player target highlights.
0x837641B0 - Type: BOOL - cg_predictItems
Turn on client side prediction for item pickup
0x837662F0 - Type: BOOL - cg_proneFeetCollisionHull
Enables the use of the extra physics collision hulls on the feet while prone.
0x83760A90 - Type: BOOL - cg_readTitleStorageLocally
Read title storage locally, instead of from the Xbox Live server
0x8375FD00 - Type: DWORD - cg_retrieveHintTime
Time in milliseconds between the landing of a retrievable object and the start of the pulse shader to hint that the object is retrievable
0x8375FD70 - Type: DWORD - cg_retrieveHintTimeStuck
Time in milliseconds between the retrievable object being stuck in an entity and the start of the pulse shader to hint that the object is retrievable
0x83767240 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_rocketKillCamBackDist
Rocket kill camera: distance of camera backwards from rocket.
0x837671D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_rocketKillCamUpDist
Rocket kill camera: distance of camera vertically from rocket.
0x8376B290 - Type: DWORD - cg_scoreboardBannerHeight
Banner height of the scoreboard
0x8376B760 - Type: DWORD - cg_scoreboardFont
Scoreboard font enum ( see menudefinition.h )
0x8376B7D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardHeaderFontScale
Scoreboard header font scale
0x8376B5A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardHeight
Height of the scoreboard
0x8376B300 - Type: DWORD - cg_scoreboardItemHeight
Item height of each item
0x8376B610 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_scoreboardMyColor
The local player's font color when shown in scoreboard
0x8376B8B0 - Type: BOOL - cg_scoreboardPingGraph
Whether to show graphical ping
0x8376B3E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardPingHeight
Height of the ping graph as a % of the scoreboard row height
0x8376B840 - Type: BOOL - cg_scoreboardPingText
Whether to show numeric ping value
0x8376B370 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardPingWidth
Width of the ping graph as a % of the scoreboard
0x8376B530 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardQuarterscreenWidth
Width of the scoreboard for a quarter of the screen splitscreen
0x8376B680 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardRankFontScale
Scale of rank font
0x8376B220 - Type: DWORD - cg_scoreboardScrollStep
Scroll step amount for the scoreboard
0x8376B4C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardSplitscreenWidth
Width of the scoreboard in splitscreen
0x8376B6F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardTextOffset
Scoreboard text offset
0x8376B450 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scoreboardWidth
Width of the scoreboard
0x8376B1B0 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_ScoresPing_BgColor
Background color of ping
0x8376B060 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_ScoresPing_HighColor
Color for high ping
0x8376AFF0 - Type: DWORD - cg_ScoresPing_Interval
Number of milliseconds each bar represents
0x8376B140 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_ScoresPing_LowColor
Color for low ping
0x8376AF80 - Type: DWORD - cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars
Number of bars to show in ping graph
0x8376B0D0 - Type: Dvar8 - cg_ScoresPing_MedColor
Color for medium ping
0x837666E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamCloseXYDist
Scripted kill camera closest distance in front of the bomb.
0x83766750 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamCloseZDist
Scripted kill camera closest distance above the target.
0x83766830 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamFarBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83766910 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamFarBlurDist
Scripted kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x837668A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamFarBlurStart
Scripted kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766670 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamFov
Scripted kill camera field of view.
0x837667C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamNearBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x837669F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamNearBlurEnd
Scripted kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83766980 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptedKillCamNearBlurStart
Scripted kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83764990 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_scriptIconSize
Size of Icons defined by script
0x8375FE50 - Type: DWORD - cg_seatHintFadeTime
Time in milliseconds for the seat hint to fade
0x83763030 - Type: DWORD - cg_showmiss
Show prediction errors
0x8376A490 - Type: BOOL - cg_showZombieControls
Show the zombie controller layout
0x8376A3B0 - Type: BOOL - cg_showZombieMap
Show the zombie map up
0x83764220 - Type: BOOL - cg_spectateThirdPerson
Default player to thirdperson in spectate
0x837625B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_splitscreenLetterboxSize
Amount of border to leave at the side edges of the screen in 2 & 3 was split screen.
0x83762540 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_splitscreenSpectatorScaleIncrease
Scale value to apply to the spectator message in splitscreen
0x837931C0 - Type: Dvar4 - cg_sprintMeterDisabledColor
The color of the sprint meter when the sprint meter is disabled
0x83793150 - Type: Dvar4 - cg_sprintMeterEmptyColor
The color of the sprint meter when the sprint meter is empty
0x837930E0 - Type: Dvar4 - cg_sprintMeterFullColor
The color of the sprint meter when the sprint meter is full
0x83764680 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_subtitleMinTime
The minimum time that the subtitles are displayed on screen in seconds
0x83764610 - Type: BOOL - cg_subtitles
Show subtitles
0x837646F0 - Type: DWORD - cg_subtitleWidthStandard
The width of the subtitles on a non wide-screen
0x83764760 - Type: DWORD - cg_subtitleWidthWidescreen
The width of the subtitle on a wide-screen
0x83764290 - Type: BOOL - cg_teamChatsOnly
Allow chatting only on the same team
0x83763FF0 - Type: DWORD - cg_thirdPerson
Use third person view
0x83763F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_thirdPersonAngle
The angle of the camera from the player in third person view
0x83763F80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_thirdPersonFocusDist
The distance infront of the player to aim the 3rd person camera at
0x83764060 - Type: Dvar6 - cg_thirdPersonMode
How the camera behaves in third person
0x83763EA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_thirdPersonRange
The range of the camera from the player in third person view
0x83774C90 - Type: DWORD - cg_timedDamageDuration
Sets the time to display a damage friendly indicator
0x83763960 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerchance
The probability that a bullet is a tracer round
0x83763AB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerlength
The length of a tracer round
0x83763B20 - Type: DWORD - cg_tracerNoDrawTime
Delay in milliseconds before a tracer will start rendering
0x83763B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerScale
Scale the tracer at a distance, so it's still visible
0x83763C70 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerScaleDistRange
The range at which a tracer is scaled to its maximum amount
0x83763C00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerScaleMinDist
The minimum distance to scale a tracer
0x83763CE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerScrewDist
The length a tracer goes as it completes a full corkscrew revolution
0x83763D50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerScrewRadius
The radius of a tracer's corkscrew motion
0x83763A40 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerSpeed
The speed of a tracer round in units per second
0x837639D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_tracerwidth
The width of the tracer round
0x83763340 - Type: BOOL - cg_treadmarks
Draw treadmark decals and effects
0x83765AA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretBipodOffset
Offset bipod mount position on gun by this distance
0x83767DA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamBackOffset
Move the camera to the Back of the turret by this much.
0x837679B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamCloseXYDist
Airstrike kill camera closest distance in front of the bomb.
0x83767A20 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamCloseZDist
Airstrike kill camera closest distance above the target.
0x83767E80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamDistanceIncrease
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767B00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamFarBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83767BE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamFarBlurDist
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767B70 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamFarBlurStart
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767940 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamFov
Airstrike kill camera field of view.
0x83767D30 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamHeightIncrease
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767A90 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamNearBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83767CC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamNearBlurEnd
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767C50 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamNearBlurStart
Airstrike kill camera distance above the airplane.
0x83767E10 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_turretKillCamSideOffset
Move the camera to the side of the turret by this much.
0x8376D2F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_ufo_scaler
The speed at which ufo camera moves
0x83764300 - Type: BOOL - cg_use_colored_smoke
Allow the use of colored smoke grenades
0x8375FBB0 - Type: BOOL - cg_usingClientScripts
True, if client scripts are enabled.
0x837601D0 - Type: FLOAT3 - cg_viewVehicleInfluenceGunner
The influence on the view from being a vehicle gunner
0x83760240 - Type: FLOAT3 - cg_viewVehicleInfluenceGunnerFiring
The influence on the view from being a vehicle gunner while firing
0x83765800 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_viewZSmoothingMax
Threshhold for the maximum smoothing distance we'll do
0x83765790 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_viewZSmoothingMin
Threshhold for the minimum smoothing distance it must move to smooth
0x83765870 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_viewZSmoothingTime
Amount of time to spread the smoothing over
0x837659C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_visionSetLerpMaxDecreasePerFrame
Maximum jump of customlerp between 2 frames, used for smoothing for flare visionset
0x83765950 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_visionSetLerpMaxIncreasePerFrame
Maximum jump of customlerp between 2 frames, used for smoothing for flare visionset
0x83764A70 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_voiceIconSize
Size of the 'voice' icon
0x83775010 - Type: BOOL - cg_watersheeting
Enables/disables the watersheeting fullscreen effect
0x83763260 - Type: DWORD - cg_waterTrailRippleFrequency
How often (in ms) will play the waist ripple fx for actors in water
0x837632D0 - Type: DWORD - cg_waterTrailRippleVariance
How late (in ms) the waist ripple fx can be played
0x83762690 - Type: DWORD - cg_weaponCycleDelay
The delay after cycling to a new weapon to prevent holding down the cycle weapon button from cycling too fast
0x8374CF20 - Type: BOOL - cg_weaponHintsCoD1Style
Draw weapon hints in CoD1 style: with the weapon name, and with the icon below
0x83764920 - Type: FLOAT1 - cg_youInKillCamSize
Size of the 'you' Icon in the kill cam
0x83757870 - Type: DWORD - challengeResponseResendBackoffInterval
Used for testing challenge/response bool requests
0x83757800 - Type: DWORD - challengeResponseResendInterval
Used for testing challenge/response bool requests
0x8375D840 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_analog_attack_threshold
The threshold before firing
0x8375EC60 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_anglespeedkey
Multiplier for max angle speed for game pad and keyboard
0x8375EAA0 - Type: DWORD - cl_avidemo
AVI demo frames per second
0x8375F0C0 - Type: BOOL - cl_bypassMouseInput
Bypass UI mouse input and send directly to the game
0x8375E720 - Type: DWORD - cl_connectionAttempts
Maximum number of connection attempts before aborting
0x8375E6B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_connectTimeout
Timeout time in seconds while connecting to a server
0x8375DAE0 - Type: DWORD - cl_dblTapMaxDelayTime
The maximum amount of time (ms) between button presses to be considered a double tap
0x8375DA70 - Type: DWORD - cl_dblTapMaxHoldTime
The maximum amount of time (ms) the player can hold the button to be considered a double tap
0x8375C810 - Type: DWORD - cl_deathMessageWidth
Pixel width of the obituary area
0x8375D920 - Type: DWORD - cl_dtpHoldTime
The time to hold the stance button while sprinting before the player dives to prone
0x8375EB10 - Type: BOOL - cl_forceavidemo
Record AVI demo even if client is not active
0x8375EE90 - Type: BOOL - cl_freelook
Enable looking with mouse
0x8375E9C0 - Type: BOOL - cl_freezeDemo
cl_freezeDemo is used to lock a demo in place for single frame advances
0x8375E5D0 - Type: BOOL - cl_hudDrawsBehindUI
Should the HUD draw when the UI is up?
0x8375F6E0 - Type: BOOL - cl_ingame
True if the game is active
0x8375DA00 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_inputTimeScaleFrac
Set how much of the time scale to use in the view angles turn rate
0x8375ECD0 - Type: DWORD - cl_maxpackets
Maximum number of packets sent per frame
0x8375F750 - Type: DWORD - cl_maxPing
Maximum ping for the client
0x8375F050 - Type: DWORD - cl_maxppf
Maximum servers to ping per frame in server browser
0x8375F670 - Type: External - cl_motdString= ""
0x8375EE20 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_mouseAccel
Mouse acceleration
0x8373FA80 - Type: BOOL - cl_network_warning
Alternative enable SCR_DrawPleaseWait dialog
0x8375D990 - Type: BOOL - cl_nodelta
The server does not send snapshot deltas
0x8375DB50 - Type: BOOL - cl_noprint
Print nothing to the console
0x8375ED40 - Type: DWORD - cl_packetdup
Enable packet duplication
0x8373FB60 - Type: DWORD - cl_paused
Pause the game
0x8375EBF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_pitchspeed
Max pitch speed in degrees for game pad
0x8375EFE0 - Type: DWORD - cl_serverStatusResendTime
Time in milliseconds to resend a server status message
0x8375EF00 - Type: BOOL - cl_showmouserate
Print mouse rate debugging information to the console
0x8375E790 - Type: DWORD - cl_shownet
Display network debugging information
0x8375E800 - Type: BOOL - cl_shownuments
Show the number of entities
0x8375E8E0 - Type: BOOL - cl_showSend
Enable debugging information for sent commands
0x8375E870 - Type: BOOL - cl_showServerCommands
Enable debugging information for server commands
0x8375E950 - Type: BOOL - cl_showTimeDelta
Enable debugging information for time delta
0x8375D8B0 - Type: DWORD - cl_stanceHoldTime
The time to hold the stance button before the player goes prone
0x8375E640 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_timeout
Seconds with no received packets until a timeout occurs
0x837605C0 - Type: BOOL - cl_wadefps
Toggles the display of the conspicuous FPS meter in non-development builds only.
0x8375EB80 - Type: FLOAT1 - cl_yawspeed
Max yaw speed in degrees for game pad and keyboard
0x83757E20 - Type: External - clancard_clanid= "0"
0x83755C70 - Type: DWORD - clanMessageLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last clan message file fetch operation
0x837588A0 - Type: External - clanName= ""
0x83755D50 - Type: DWORD - codMessageLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last cod message file fetch operation
0x83758DE0 - Type: BOOL - collectors
Set to true if the player has the collector's edition
0x837400A0 - Type: BOOL - com_animCheck
Check anim tree
0x83752860 - Type: BOOL - com_attractmode
Run attract mode
0x837528D0 - Type: DWORD - com_attractmodeduration
Time when controller is unused before attract mode is enabled
0x83740030 - Type: DWORD - com_desiredMenu
Target menu to navigate to when possible
0x83796800 - Type: External - com_errorMessage= ""
0x8373FEE0 - Type: BOOL - com_filter_output
Use console filters for filtering output.
0x8373EDD0 - Type: DWORD - com_first_time
non zero if the profile has never run the game before (only accurate after the iis)
0x8373ECF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - com_freemoveScale
Scale how fast you move in com_freemove mode
0x8373FF50 - Type: BOOL - com_introPlayed
Intro movie has been played
0x83796870 - Type: External - com_isNotice= "0"
0x8373EC80 - Type: DWORD - com_maxclients
Maximum amount of clients on the server
0x8373EE40 - Type: DWORD - com_maxfps
Cap frames per second
0x8373F930 - Type: DWORD - com_maxFrameTime
Time slows down if a frame takes longer than this many milliseconds
0x8375C0A0 - Type: BOOL - com_movieIsPlaying
Is a movie playiner.
0x8373FFC0 - Type: BOOL - com_startupIntroPlayed
Game startup intro movie(s) has been played
0x8373F770 - Type: BOOL - com_statmon
Draw stats monitor
0x8373F7E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - com_timescale
Scale time of each frame
0x8373F460 - Type: BOOL - com_useConfig
Use configuration files
0x8373FE00 - Type: BOOL - com_voip_bandwidth_restricted
Use VOIP inhibitor during high bandwidth usage
0x8373FE70 - Type: DWORD - com_voip_disable_threshold
Message size at which voip becomes disabled
0x8373FD90 - Type: DWORD - com_voip_resume_time
Time at which voip can resume
0x83768510 - Type: BOOL - compass
Display Compass
0x837687B0 - Type: BOOL - compassClampIcons
If true, friendlies and enemy pings clamp to the edge of the radar. If false, they disappear off the edge.
0x837689E0 - Type: FLOAT3 - compassCoords
x = North-South coord base value,
y = East-West coord base value,
z = scale (game units per coord unit)
0x83768A50 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassECoordCutoff
Left cutoff for the scrolling east-west coords
0x83769C40 - Type: BOOL - compassEnemyFootstepEnabled
Enables enemies showing on the compass because of moving rapidly nearby.
0x83769AF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassEnemyFootstepMaxRange
The maximum distance at which an enemy may appear on the compass due to 'footsteps'
0x83769B60 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassEnemyFootstepMaxZ
The maximum vertical distance enemy may be from the player and appear on the compass due to 'footsteps'
0x83769BD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassEnemyFootstepMinSpeed
The minimum speed an enemy must be moving to appear on the compass due to 'footsteps'
0x83769D20 - Type: BOOL - compassForcePlayerIcon
Forces the player to always show as compassping_player on the compass.
0x83768890 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassFriendlyHeight
The size of the friendly icon on the compass
0x83768820 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassFriendlyWidth
The size of the friendly icon on the compass
0x83769EE0 - Type: DWORD - compassGridAlign
Position of letter and number in grid.
0x83769E70 - Type: DWORD - compassGridCols
Grid column count.
0x83769D90 - Type: BOOL - compassGridEnabled
Enables compass grid.
0x83769E00 - Type: DWORD - compassGridRows
Grid row count.
0x83768F90 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassLocalRadarRadius
Maximum radius of the local radar
0x83768F20 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassLocalRadarUpdateTime
Time between local radar updates
0x837685F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassMaxRange
The maximum range from the player in world space that objects will be shown on the compass
0x837686D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassMinRadius
The minimum radius from the center of the compass that objects will appear.
0x83768660 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassMinRange
The minimum range from the player in world space that objects will appear on the compass
0x83769150 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveArrowHeight
The size of the objective arrow on the compass
0x837691C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveArrowOffset
The offset of the objective arrow inward from the edge of the compass map
0x83769230 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveArrowRotateDist
Distance from the corner of the compass map at which the objective arrow rotates to 45 degrees
0x837690E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveArrowWidth
The size of the objective arrow on the compass
0x837698C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveDetailDist
When an objective is closer than this distance (in meters), the icon will not be drawn on the tickertape.
0x837695B0 - Type: BOOL - compassObjectiveDrawLines
Draw horizontal and vertical lines to the active target, if it is within the minimap boundries
0x83769070 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveHeight
The size of the objective on the compass
0x83769690 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveIconHeight
The size of the objective on the full map
0x83769770 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveIconHeightZombie
The size of the objective on the full map
0x83769620 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveIconWidth
The size of the objective on the full map
0x83769700 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveIconWidthZombie
The size of the objective on the full map
0x837699A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveMaxHeight
The maximum height that an objective is considered to be on this level
0x837692A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveMaxRange
The maximum range at which an objective is visible on the compass
0x83769310 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveMinAlpha
The minimum alpha for an objective at the edge of the compass
0x83769850 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveMinDistRange
The distance that objective transition effects play over, centered on compassObjectiveNearbyDist.
0x83769930 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveMinHeight
The minimum height that an objective is considered to be on this level
0x837697E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveNearbyDist
When an objective is closer than this distance (in meters), an "Objective Nearby" type of indicator is shown.
0x83769380 - Type: DWORD - compassObjectiveNumRings
The number of rings when a new objective appears
0x83769460 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveRingSize
The maximum objective ring sige when a new objective appears on the compass
0x837693F0 - Type: DWORD - compassObjectiveRingTime
The amount of time between each ring when an objective appears
0x83769540 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveTextHeight
Objective text height
0x837694D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveTextScale
Scale to apply to hud objectives
0x83769000 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassObjectiveWidth
The size of the objective on the compass
0x83769A10 - Type: DWORD - compassPartialType
The style of compass to use 2d or 3d
0x83768970 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassPlayerHeight
The size of the player's icon on the compass
0x83768900 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassPlayerWidth
The size of the player's icon on the compass
0x83768EB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassRadarLineThickness
Thickness, relative to the compass size, of the radar texture that sweeps across the map
0x83768BA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassRadarPingFadeTime
How long an enemy is visible on the compass after it is detected by radar
0x83768C80 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassRadarUpdateFastTime
Time between radar updates for fast update killstreak
0x83768C10 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassRadarUpdateTime
Time between radar updates
0x83768AC0 - Type: BOOL - compassRotation
Style of compass
0x83768D60 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassSatellitePingFadeTime
How long an enemy is visible on the compass after it is detected by Satellite
0x83768E40 - Type: DWORD - compassSatelliteScanTime
Time taken for Satellite t scans
0x83768CF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassSatelliteStaticImageFadeTime
How long the static image is visible on the compass after it is detected by Satellite
0x83769FC0 - Type: DWORD - compassScaleDiff
Difference from original compass max range in world space.
0x83769F50 - Type: DWORD - compassScaleDuration
The amount of time to take scaling the compass map.
0x8376A0A0 - Type: BOOL - compassScaleReset
Whether to reset compassMaxRange to its default value.
0x8376A030 - Type: DWORD - compassScaleTimer
Time scaling started.
0x83769CB0 - Type: BOOL - compassShowEnemies
Enables enemies showing on the compass.
0x83768580 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassSize
Scale the compass
0x83768740 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassSoundPingFadeTime
The time in seconds for the sound overlay on the compass to fade
0x83769A80 - Type: BOOL - compassSpectatorsSeeEnemies
Spectators always see enemies on the map.
0x83768DD0 - Type: DWORD - compassStaticImageUpdateTime
Time between static image updates
0x83768B30 - Type: FLOAT1 - compassTickertapeStretch
How far the tickertape should stretch from its center.
0x8374C200 - Type: External - con_default_console_filter= "*"
0x8375D290 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_errormessagetime
Onscreen time for error messages in seconds
0x8375CC00 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow0FadeInTime
Time to fade in new messages in game message window 0
0x8375CC70 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow0FadeOutTime
Time to fade out old messages in game message window 0
0x8374C270 - Type: External - con_gameMsgWindow0Filter= "gamenotify obituary"
0x8375CB20 - Type: DWORD - con_gameMsgWindow0LineCount
Maximum number of lines of text visible at once in game message window 0
0x8375CAB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow0MsgTime
On screen time for game messages in seconds in game message window 0
0x8375CB90 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow0ScrollTime
Time to scroll messages when the oldest message is removed in game message window 0
0x8375CCE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow0SplitscreenScale
Scaling of game message window 0 in splitscreen
0x8375CEA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow1FadeInTime
Time to fade in new messages in game message window 1
0x8375CF10 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow1FadeOutTime
Time to fade out old messages in game message window 1
0x8374C2E0 - Type: External - con_gameMsgWindow1Filter= "boldgame"
0x8375CDC0 - Type: DWORD - con_gameMsgWindow1LineCount
Maximum number of lines of text visible at once in game message window 1
0x8375CD50 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow1MsgTime
On screen time for game messages in seconds in game message window 1
0x8375CE30 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow1ScrollTime
Time to scroll messages when the oldest message is removed in game message window 1
0x8375CF80 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow1SplitscreenScale
Scaling of game message window 1 in splitscreen
0x8375D140 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow2FadeInTime
Time to fade in new messages in game message window 2
0x8375D1B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow2FadeOutTime
Time to fade out old messages in game message window 2
0x8374C350 - Type: External - con_gameMsgWindow2Filter= "subtitle"
0x8375D060 - Type: DWORD - con_gameMsgWindow2LineCount
Maximum number of lines of text visible at once in game message window 2
0x8375CFF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow2MsgTime
On screen time for game messages in seconds in game message window 2
0x8375D0D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow2ScrollTime
Time to scroll messages when the oldest message is removed in game message window 2
0x8375D220 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_gameMsgWindow2SplitscreenScale
Scaling of game message window 2 in splitscreen
0x8375C880 - Type: Dvar4 - con_inputBoxColor
Color of the console input box
0x8375C8F0 - Type: Dvar4 - con_inputHintBoxColor
Color of the console input hint box
0x8375C7A0 - Type: BOOL - con_matchPrefixOnly
Only match the prefix when listing matching Dvars
0x837645A0 - Type: BOOL - con_minicon
Display the mini console on screen
0x8375D370 - Type: DWORD - con_miniconlines
Number of lines in the minicon message window
0x8375D3E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_MiniConSplitscreenScale
Splitscreen scale value for the mini console
0x8375D300 - Type: FLOAT1 - con_minicontime
Onscreen time for minicon messages in seconds
0x8375C960 - Type: Dvar4 - con_outputBarColor
Color of the console output slider bar
0x8375C9D0 - Type: Dvar4 - con_outputSliderColor
Color of the console slider
0x8375CA40 - Type: Dvar4 - con_outputWindowColor
Color of the console output
0x8375D610 - Type: FLOAT3 - con_typewriterColorBase
Base color of typewritten objective text.
0x8375D7D0 - Type: Dvar4 - con_typewriterColorGlowCheckpoint
Color of typewritten objective text.
0x8375D6F0 - Type: Dvar4 - con_typewriterColorGlowCompleted
Color of typewritten objective text.
0x8375D760 - Type: Dvar4 - con_typewriterColorGlowFailed
Color of typewritten objective text.
0x8375D680 - Type: Dvar4 - con_typewriterColorGlowUpdated
Color of typewritten objective text.
0x8375D5A0 - Type: DWORD - con_typewriterDecayDuration
Time (in milliseconds) to spend disolving the line away.
0x8375D530 - Type: DWORD - con_typewriterDecayStartTime
Time (in milliseconds) to spend between the build and disolve phases.
0x8375D450 - Type: BOOL - con_typewriterEnabledSounds
Enable the typewriter sounds and text effects. Disabled still uses the typewrite glow settings.
0x8375D4C0 - Type: DWORD - con_typewriterPrintSpeed
Time (in milliseconds) to print each letter in the line.
0x8373F4D0 - Type: External - consoleGame= "true"
0x837555E0 - Type: DWORD - consoleStatAction
The action to take if console stat fails
0x83755570 - Type: DWORD - consoleStatCheck
The console stat check to preform. off, console id check, external ip, internal ip
0x837576B0 - Type: DWORD - counterDownloadInterval
Number of minutes before all the global counters are downloaded
0x83757640 - Type: DWORD - counterUploadInterval
Number of minutes before all the global counters are uploaded
0x83754F50 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_create_enabled
custom class dvar
0x83755260 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_damage
custom class dvar
0x837552D0 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_explosive_damage
custom class dvar
0x83755030 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_health
custom class dvar
0x837550A0 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_health_regen
custom class dvar
0x83755110 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_health_vampirism
custom class dvar
0x83777C40 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_mode
Set to 1 if you want to use custom classes
0x83755180 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_speed
custom class dvar
0x837551F0 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_sprint_speed
custom class dvar
0x83754FC0 - Type: DWORD - custom_class_team
custom class dvar
0x83782F30 - Type: External - custom_custom_class_mode= "0"
0x83783010 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_1= "0"
0x83783160 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_1_kills= "0"
0x83783080 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_2= "0"
0x837831D0 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_2_kills= "0"
0x837830F0 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_3= "0"
0x83783240 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_3_kills= "0"
0x83782FA0 - Type: External - custom_custom_killstreak_mode= "0"
0x83781410 - Type: External - custom_custom_perks_allow_pro= "0"
0x83752240 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_1= "0"
0x83752390 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_1_kills= "0"
0x837522B0 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_2= "0"
0x83752400 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_2_kills= "0"
0x83752320 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_3= "0"
0x83752470 - Type: External - custom_killstreak_3_kills= "0"
0x83777CB0 - Type: DWORD - custom_killstreak_mode
Set to 1 for no killstreaks and 2 for custom
0x83777D20 - Type: DWORD - custom_killstreak_numkills
used to communicate killstreak num from feeders
0x837826E0 - Type: External - custom_koth_autodestroytime= "1000"
0x837827C0 - Type: External - custom_koth_kothmode= "0"
0x83782750 - Type: External - custom_koth_spawntime= "45"
0x83780990 - Type: External - custom_numlives= "0"
0x83781E90 - Type: External - custom_perk_armorpiercing= "40"
0x83781950 - Type: External - custom_perk_bulletpenetrationmultiplier= "2"
0x83781BF0 - Type: External - custom_perk_damagekickreduction= "0.2"
0x83781720 - Type: External - custom_perk_delayexplosivetime= "0.2"
0x83781790 - Type: External - custom_perk_disarmexplosivetime= "2"
0x83781800 - Type: External - custom_perk_extrabreath= "5"
0x83781CD0 - Type: External - custom_perk_fallheightunits= ""
0x83781E20 - Type: External - custom_perk_fireproof= "95"
0x83781DB0 - Type: External - custom_perk_flakJacket= "35"
0x83781B80 - Type: External - custom_perk_healthregenmultiplier= "1.5"
0x83781D40 - Type: External - custom_perk_interactspeedmultiplier= "1.15"
0x837816B0 - Type: External - custom_perk_killstreakreduction= "1"
0x83781AA0 - Type: External - custom_perk_mantlereduction= "0.5"
0x83781C60 - Type: External - custom_perk_shellshockreduction= "0.5"
0x83781F70 - Type: External - custom_perk_speedmultiplier= "1.07"
0x83781870 - Type: External - custom_perk_sprintmultiplier= "2"
0x83781F00 - Type: External - custom_perk_sprintrecoverymultiplier= "0.6"
0x837819C0 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapadsmultiplier= "0.5"
0x83781B10 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapmeleemultiplier= "0.5"
0x837818E0 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapratemultiplier= "0.75"
0x83781480 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapreloadmultiplier= "0.5"
0x83781640 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapspreadmultiplier= "0.65"
0x83781A30 - Type: External - custom_perk_weapswitchmultiplier= "0.5"
0x83752160 - Type: External - custom_perks_allow_pro= "0"
0x837814F0 - Type: External - custom_player_laststandbleedouttime= "30"
0x83781560 - Type: External - custom_player_laststandbleedouttimenorevive= "100"
0x83780A00 - Type: External - custom_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x837815D0 - Type: External - custom_revive_time_taken= "1.15"
0x83780A70 - Type: External - custom_roundlimit= "1"
0x837808B0 - Type: External - custom_scorelimit= "30000"
0x837813A0 - Type: External - custom_scr_allowannouncer= "1"
0x83781330 - Type: External - custom_scr_allowbattlechatter= "1"
0x83781250 - Type: External - custom_scr_bot_difficulty= ""
0x83782590 - Type: External - custom_scr_ctf_enemycarriervisible= "0"
0x83782520 - Type: External - custom_scr_ctf_idleflagreturntime= "30"
0x83782670 - Type: External - custom_scr_ctf_roundswitch= "1"
0x83782600 - Type: External - custom_scr_ctf_touchreturn= "1"
0x837822F0 - Type: External - custom_scr_custom_score_assist= "-1"
0x83782C90 - Type: External - custom_scr_dem_bombtimer= "45"
0x83782D70 - Type: External - custom_scr_dem_defusetime= "5"
0x83782DE0 - Type: External - custom_scr_dem_extratime= "3"
0x83782D00 - Type: External - custom_scr_dem_planttime= "5"
0x83782E50 - Type: External - custom_scr_dem_roundswitch= "1"
0x837821A0 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_bonus_leader= "0"
0x83782050 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_score_assist= "0"
0x837820C0 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_score_death= "0"
0x83782210 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_score_headshot= "0"
0x83781FE0 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_score_kill= "50"
0x83782130 - Type: External - custom_scr_dm_score_suicide= "0"
0x83782EC0 - Type: External - custom_scr_dom_flagcapturetime= "100"
0x83780D80 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_allowkillcam= "1"
0x83780DF0 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_forceradar= "0"
0x83781090 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_hardpoints= "1"
0x83780ED0 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_onlyheadshots= "0"
0x83780F40 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_perks= "1"
0x83780AE0 - Type: External - custom_scr_game_spectatetype= "1"
0x83781020 - Type: External - custom_scr_hardcore= "0"
0x83781100 - Type: External - custom_scr_num_bots= ""
0x83781170 - Type: External - custom_scr_num_bots_enemy= ""
0x837811E0 - Type: External - custom_scr_num_bots_friendly= ""
0x83780E60 - Type: External - custom_scr_player_forcerespawn= "1"
0x83780CA0 - Type: External - custom_scr_player_healthregentime= "5"
0x83780C30 - Type: External - custom_scr_player_maxhealth= "10000"
0x83780D10 - Type: External - custom_scr_player_sprintTime= "10000"
0x837812C0 - Type: External - custom_scr_rcbomb_notimeout= "0"
0x83782830 - Type: External - custom_scr_sab_bombtimer= "30"
0x83782910 - Type: External - custom_scr_sab_defusetime= "5"
0x83782980 - Type: External - custom_scr_sab_hotpotato= "0"
0x837828A0 - Type: External - custom_scr_sab_planttime= "2.5"
0x837829F0 - Type: External - custom_scr_sab_roundswitch= "1"
0x83782A60 - Type: External - custom_scr_sd_bombtimer= "45"
0x83782B40 - Type: External - custom_scr_sd_defusetime= "5"
0x83782BB0 - Type: External - custom_scr_sd_multibomb= "0"
0x83782AD0 - Type: External - custom_scr_sd_planttime= "5"
0x83782C20 - Type: External - custom_scr_sd_roundswitch= "3"
0x83782440 - Type: External - custom_scr_tdm_bonus_leader= "0"
0x83782360 - Type: External - custom_scr_tdm_score_death= "0"
0x837824B0 - Type: External - custom_scr_tdm_score_headshot= "0"
0x83782280 - Type: External - custom_scr_tdm_score_kill= "10000"
0x837823D0 - Type: External - custom_scr_tdm_score_suicide= "0"
0x83780B50 - Type: External - custom_scr_team_fftype= "0"
0x83780BC0 - Type: External - custom_scr_team_teamkillspawndelay= "20"
0x83780FB0 - Type: External - custom_scr_vehicles_enabled= "1"
0x83780840 - Type: External - custom_timelimit= "0"
0x83780920 - Type: External - custom_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x8375DE60 - Type: External - customclass1= "CUSTOM 1"
0x8375DED0 - Type: External - customclass2= "CUSTOM 2"
0x8375DF40 - Type: External - customclass3= "CUSTOM 3"
0x8375DFB0 - Type: External - customclass4= "CUSTOM 4"
0x8375E020 - Type: External - customclass5= "CUSTOM 5"
0x8375DDF0 - Type: DWORD - customGameMode
0 for no custom game mode, 1 if built in, 2 if user created custom game mode.
0x837575D0 - Type: BOOL - dcacheSimulateNoHDD
When turned on, simulated no HDD for caching.
0x8374C3C0 - Type: BOOL - ddl_verbose
Verbose DDL output.
0x8378F790 - Type: External - debug_dog_anims= "0"
0x8378F800 - Type: External - debug_dog_anims_ent= "0"
0x837963A0 - Type: External - debug_dog_notetracks= "0"
0x8378F8E0 - Type: External - debug_dog_orient= "0"
0x8378F720 - Type: External - debug_dog_sound= "0"
0x8378F870 - Type: External - debug_dog_turns= "0"
0x8378F950 - Type: External - debug_dog_usage= "1"
0x8378F6B0 - Type: External - debug_dogs= "0"
0x83771D50 - Type: BOOL - debug_rope
Enables the debug rendering for the ropes
0x83776820 - Type: DWORD - debug_trace
Does a trace and draws the hit point
0x83774130 - Type: BOOL - DebugFireManager
Display fire manager cell information.
0x837769E0 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderBrushes
Render brushes
0x83776890 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderBulletMeshes
Render bullet meshes (point to entity)
0x83776B30 - Type: FLOAT1 - debugRenderCollisionDistance
Distance to render debug brushes and patches
0x83776A50 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderColoredPatches
Render each patch with a different color (Render Patches must be on)
0x83776900 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderEntityBrushes
Render the brushes associated with the entity you are looking at
0x83776C80 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderGjkTraceGeom
Render gjk trace meshes
0x83776AC0 - Type: Dvar6 - debugRenderMask
Mask for collision rendering
0x83776970 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderPatches
Render patches
0x83776BA0 - Type: BOOL - debugRenderStaticModelsBounds
Render the bounds of the nearby static models
0x837553B0 - Type: BOOL - debugStats
Print messages showing when persistent stats are set
0x837403B0 - Type: BOOL - dec20_Enabled
enable dec20 terminal
0x83775630 - Type: FLOAT1 - defaultDamageDuration
default duration in milliseconds that damage should continue to get delivered
0x837756A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - defaultDamageInterval
default interval in milliseconds that damage should continue to get delivered
0x837755C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - defaultHitDamage
default initial damage delivered by getting hit by a flame ball
0x837953E0 - Type: BOOL - defragGlassIndices
Enable glass memory defragmentation
0x83795370 - Type: BOOL - defragGlassMemory
Enable glass memory defragmentation
0x8375A0B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - demo_bookmarkEventThresholdTime
The time duration for which we want to show the bookmark event image in the demo timeline.
0x8375A3C0 - Type: DWORD - demo_bytesPerSecondMax
Max amount of bytes to send per second before throttling.
0x8375A2E0 - Type: DWORD - demo_bytesPerSecondMin
Min amount of bytes to send per second before throttling.
0x83759CC0 - Type: DWORD - demo_client
Current viewing player
0x8375A040 - Type: DWORD - demo_cmdnum
The number of the command sent from console/ingame menu.
0x8375A120 - Type: DWORD - demo_controllerConfig
The number of the command sent from console/ingame menu.
0x83759B00 - Type: DWORD - demo_debug
Debug info for the Server Snapshot Demo system
0x8375A190 - Type: External - demo_defaultSegmentTag= ""
0x83759B70 - Type: DWORD - demo_drawdebuginformation
Used to draw debug information.
0x83759940 - Type: BOOL - demo_enabled
Used to turn the system on/off.
0x83759C50 - Type: External - demo_errormessage= ""
0x83759BE0 - Type: External - demo_errortitle= ""
0x83759A90 - Type: FLOAT1 - demo_filesizeLimit
The maximum filesize (in MB) of the demos which we support.
0x83759DA0 - Type: DWORD - demo_keyframerate
Used to specify the rate(in sec) at which we generate a keyframe during playback.
0x8375A350 - Type: DWORD - demo_packetsPerSecondMax
Max amount of packets to send per second before throttling.
0x8375A270 - Type: DWORD - demo_packetsPerSecondMin
Min amount of packets to send per second before throttling.
0x83759E10 - Type: BOOL - demo_pause
Used to pause a demo playback.
0x837599B0 - Type: BOOL - demo_recordBasicTraining
Used to turn the basic training recording on/off.
0x83759D30 - Type: DWORD - demo_recordingrate
Used to tweak the rate(in msec) at which we write a super snapshot
0x83759A20 - Type: BOOL - demo_recordPrivateMatch
Used to turn the private match recording on/off.
0x83759EF0 - Type: BOOL - demo_save_smp
Used to toggle threaded save for the demo system.
0x8375A200 - Type: DWORD - demo_selectedSegmentIndex
Used in the Manage Segments UI. This will be used to know which segment index we have selected.
0x83759F60 - Type: FLOAT1 - demo_timescale
The rate at which we want to scale time. For slo-mo it will be time/rate, fast mo. it will be time * rate
0x83759FD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - demo_timeScaleRate
The rate at which we want to scale time. For slo-mo it will be time/rate, fast mo. it will be time * rate
0x83759E80 - Type: BOOL - demo_usefilesystem
Used to turn HDD write ON or OFF.
0x8373F5B0 - Type: DWORD - developer
Enable development environment
0x8373F620 - Type: BOOL - developer_script
Enable developer script comments
0x83783390 - Type: External - didyouknow= "@MPTIP_MOTION_SENSOR_TIP"
0x8373ED60 - Type: External - disconnected_ctrls= ""
0x83758B40 - Type: BOOL - displaySessionInfo
Output session info
0x83771FF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dive2swim
Use to contorl the dive force applied to the player when pressing B in water.
0x83772060 - Type: FLOAT1 - dive_recharge
Use to space out the dive to swim button presses.
0x83772E60 - Type: BOOL - dog_debug
MP dog debugging
0x837715E0 - Type: DWORD - dog_MeleeDamage
Controls the damage done when dogs attack.
0x83772F40 - Type: FLOAT1 - dog_turn180_angle
If the dog needs to turn at this angle or greater, he'll execute the 180-degree turn animation
0x83772ED0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dog_turn90_angle
If the dog needs to turn at this angle or greater, he'll execute the 90-degree turn animation
0x83772FB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dog_turn_min_goal_dist
If the dog is at this distance or less to it's goal, it won't execute any turn animations
0x837954C0 - Type: BOOL - doMaintenance
Do cleanup of the glass
0x83772CA0 - Type: BOOL - door_breach_weapondrop
Turn on/off the waepon drop/rise for during door breach
0x837401F0 - Type: BOOL - doublesided_raycasts
turn on double sided ray casts
0x83761DD0 - Type: BOOL - drawEntityCount
Enable entity count drawing
0x83761E40 - Type: Dvar2 - drawEntityCountPos
Where to draw the entity count graph
0x83761EB0 - Type: DWORD - drawEntityCountSize
How big to draw the entity count graph
0x83762000 - Type: BOOL - drawKillcamData
Enable drawing server killcam data
0x83762070 - Type: Dvar2 - drawKillcamDataPos
Where to draw the server killcam graph
0x837620E0 - Type: DWORD - drawKillcamDataSize
How big to draw the killcam data graph
0x83761D60 - Type: BOOL - drawLagometer
Enable the 'lagometer'
0x83761F20 - Type: BOOL - drawServerBandwidth
Enable drawing server bandwidth
0x83761F90 - Type: Dvar2 - drawServerBandwidthPos
Where to draw the server bandwidth graph
0x837728B0 - Type: BOOL - dtp
Turn on/off the dive to prone functionality
0x83772BC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_exhaustion_window
Determines how long the player has to sprint before the dtp move can trigger
0x83772B50 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_fall_damage_max_height
If the player dives to prone from more than this dvar value, he will receive kill damage
0x83772AE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_fall_damage_min_height
If the player dive to prone from less than this dvar value, he will not receive any kill damage
0x83772DF0 - Type: DWORD - dtp_max_apex_duration
Determines the max time in milliseconds the dtp will spend at the apex of the jump
0x83772990 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_max_slide_addition
Additional slide time should the player land on a mantle-able surface
0x83772920 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_max_slide_duration
Determines the max time the slide portion of the dtp move will take
0x83772C30 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_min_speed
Minimum player speed required to start a DTP or sustain a DTP
0x83772D10 - Type: BOOL - dtp_new_trajectory
Use new dive to prone trajectory
0x83772D80 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_new_trajectory_multiplier
New dive to prone trajectory modifier
0x83772A70 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_post_move_pause
Duration of the post move pause
0x83772A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - dtp_startup_delay
Determines how long the player has to sprint before the dtp move can trigger
0x83776C10 - Type: BOOL - dumpStaticModels
Prints info about the static models
0x83758A60 - Type: DWORD - dwConsideredConnectedTime
the amount of time in milliseconds when a after a disconnect from Demonware happens before a Com_Error is thrown.
0x83758AD0 - Type: DWORD - dwDisconnectedTime
The amount of time in milliseconds after a disconnect from Demonware has happened before a Com_Error is thrown.
0x83755B20 - Type: DWORD - dwFileFetchTryIntervalBase
Delay in seconds after file fetch fails to the next retry. Exponential growth each retry.
0x83755B90 - Type: DWORD - dwFileFetchTryIntervalMax
Max delay in seconds between file fetch tries.
0x83755C00 - Type: DWORD - dwFileFetchTryMaxAttempts
Max retry attempts before stopping altogether.
0x83767F60 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_bulletForce
Force applied from bullet hit
0x837894B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_damageRadiusScale
Scale applied to radius for radius damage
0x83767FD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_explodeForce
Force applied from explosion hit
0x83768190 - Type: DWORD - dynEnt_explodeMaxEnts
The maximum number of dynents that can be awakened by one explosion
0x83768120 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_explodeMinForce
Force below which dynents won't even bother waking up
0x837680B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_explodeSpinScale
Scale of the random offset from the center of mass for explosion forces.
0x83768040 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEnt_explodeUpbias
Upward bias applied to force directions from explosion hits
0x83768270 - Type: BOOL - dynEnt_sentientAutoActivate
This allows the player and AI to push around dyn ents
0x83768200 - Type: DWORD - dynEnt_spawnedLimit
The max number of extra dynents (not placed on Radiant, spawned from script, or destructibles)
0x83768350 - Type: FLOAT3 - dynEntPieces_angularVelocity
Initial breakable pieces angular velocity
0x837683C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - dynEntPieces_impactForce
Force applied when breakable is destroyed
0x837682E0 - Type: FLOAT3 - dynEntPieces_velocity
Initial breakable pieces velocity
0x8377DF90 - Type: DWORD - emblem_scroll_delay_first
First repeat delay for emblem editor
0x8377E000 - Type: DWORD - emblem_scroll_delay_rest
Repeat delay for emblem editor
0x837741A0 - Type: BOOL - enable_global_wind
enable wind effect
0x83774210 - Type: BOOL - enable_grass_wind
enable grass wind effect
0x83776F90 - Type: DWORD - enable_moving_paths
enable moving paths
0x83777000 - Type: DWORD - enable_new_prone_check
enable new prone check
0x83755F80 - Type: BOOL - enableDvarWhitelist
enable dvar white-list for profile settings
0x83796790 - Type: External - error_menu_info= ""
0x83755CE0 - Type: DWORD - eventMessageLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last event message file fetch operation
0x8376C4F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - facepaintLodDist
Distance to stop drawing the player facepaint.
0x83773F00 - Type: DWORD - fire_audio_random_max_duration
This is the max duration in msec in between player fire hurt sounds, a random msec from 0 to this is added to the repeat time
0x83773E90 - Type: DWORD - fire_audio_repeat_duration
The duration in msec in between player fire hurt sounds
0x83773F70 - Type: DWORD - fire_burn_time
the duration in ms that a burn cell will persist
0x83773FE0 - Type: DWORD - fire_world_damage
the amount of damage to apply from a damage volume caused by world fire
0x837740C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - fire_world_damage_duration
the number of seconds over which world fire damage is applied
0x83774050 - Type: FLOAT1 - fire_world_damage_rate
the number of seconds interval over which wolrd fire damage is applied
0x8373F8C0 - Type: DWORD - fixedtime
Use a fixed time rate for each frame
0x83775550 - Type: BOOL - flame_config_valid
Internal use only
0x837754E0 - Type: DWORD - flame_debug_render
Turn on/off Flamethrower debug rendering
0x837757F0 - Type: FLOAT3 - flame_kick_offset
Origin offset for flamethrower view model while firing.
0x837758D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - flame_kick_recover_speed
Speed at which the flamethrower view model transitions back from flame_kick_offset.
0x83775860 - Type: FLOAT1 - flame_kick_speed
Speed at which the flamethrower view model transitions to flame_kick_offset.
0x83775400 - Type: BOOL - flame_render
Turn on/off Flamethrower rendering
0x83775470 - Type: BOOL - flame_team_damage
Turn on/off Flamethrower damage to friendlies
0x83775320 - Type: BOOL - flame_test
Turn on/off Flamethrower testing
0x83775390 - Type: BOOL - flame_use_dvars
Turn on/off use of dvars for flamethrower behavior
0x83775710 - Type: External - flameVar_editingFlameTable= "none"
0x83775780 - Type: External - flameVar_lastFlameTable= "none"
0x8378E300 - Type: External - flare_distance_scale= "16"
0x8378E290 - Type: External - flare_duration= "8"
0x8378E220 - Type: External - flare_effect_height= "65"
0x8378E1B0 - Type: External - flare_effect_radius= "400"
0x8378E3E0 - Type: External - flareBurnOutFadeWait= "0.65"
0x8376AEA0 - Type: BOOL - flareDisableEffects

0x8378E370 - Type: External - flareLookAwayFadeWait= "0.45"
0x83771E30 - Type: FLOAT1 - footstep_sounds_cutoff
Footstep sounds distance cuttoff
0x83795840 - Type: DWORD - freeBuffersDelay
Frames delay until vertex & index buffers are freed
0x8376D210 - Type: FLOAT1 - friction
Player friction
0x83754620 - Type: DWORD - friendsNewsLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last time we got friends' news updates.
0x83757020 - Type: FLOAT1 - fsDebugRatingValue
Rating value for debugging the star ownerdraw.
0x83757560 - Type: BOOL - fshDebugFileList
Replaces feeder data with file IDs for file share debugging.
0x83756AE0 - Type: BOOL - fshFakePremium
Fakes a premium subscription to online services when set.
0x837574F0 - Type: External - fshLiveBlurb= ""
0x83757480 - Type: DWORD - fshSelectFirstSlotRow
Indicates if the first row in the 2d slot feeder must be selected when focused.
0x83757410 - Type: DWORD - fshSelectLastSlotRow
Indicates if the last row in the 2d slot feeder must be selected when focused.
0x83757330 - Type: BOOL - fsIsSelectedFileDescriptionModified
A flag which gives us information if a selected file's description is modified.
0x83757250 - Type: BOOL - fsIsSelectedFileNameModified
A flag which gives us information if a selected filename is modified.
0x83756A70 - Type: DWORD - fsMaxPrivateSlotRowsOther
The maximum number of rows for the user's friend's file share while displaying the 2d private slots feeder.
0x83756A00 - Type: DWORD - fsOtherUserPrivateSlotCol
Selected column in the 2d private slots feeder for the other user.
0x83756B50 - Type: DWORD - fsOtherUserSlotSelected
Other playre's slot selected while transferring to My File Share
0x83756990 - Type: DWORD - fsPrivateSlotCol
Selected column in the 2d private slots feeder.
0x83756840 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchFileType
File type on which to perform search
0x83756300 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText1= "@MENU_FILESHARE_MOSTRECENT"
0x837563E0 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText2= "@MENU_ALL"
0x837564C0 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText3= "@MENU_ALL"
0x837565A0 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText4= "@MENU_ALL"
0x83756680 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText5= "@MENU_ALL"
0x83756760 - Type: External - fsSearchRowText6= "@MENU_ALL"
0x83756370 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue1
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x83756450 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue2
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x83756530 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue3
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x83756610 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue4
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x837566F0 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue5
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x837567D0 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchRowValue6
Search value dvar for search spinner rows.
0x837568B0 - Type: DWORD - fsSearchSelectedRow
Selected search box row in the file share search menu.
0x837572C0 - Type: External - fsSelectedFileDescription= ""
0x83757170 - Type: External - fsSelectedFileID= ""
0x837571E0 - Type: External - fsSelectedFileName= ""
0x837573A0 - Type: DWORD - fsSelectedFileTagIndex
The tag index of the selected file.
0x83756920 - Type: BOOL - fsShowStreamingGraph
Shows a graph in-game with streaming history information.
0x83756BC0 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotEmptyHiddenColor
Color of the material depicting a private slot when not selected.
0x83756CA0 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotEmptyMainColor
Color of the empty slot. Must be completely opaque to reduce the background to an outline.
0x83756D10 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotEmptyNotSubscribedColor
Color of emtpy slot that is also classified.
0x83756E60 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotEmptyShowColor
Color of the material depicting a private slot when not selected.
0x83756C30 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotEmptyShowColorBg
Color of the material depicting a private empty slot background when not selected.
0x83756F40 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotHighlightedColor
Color of the material depicting a private slot when selected.
0x83756FB0 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotHighlightedColorNoSel
Color of the material depicting a private slot when selected but cannot be chosen.
0x83756ED0 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotMainColor
Color of the material depicting a private slot when not selected.
0x83756D80 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotNumMainColor
Color of the slot number
0x83756DF0 - Type: Dvar4 - fsSlotNumNoSubsribeColor
Color of the empty slot when not a subscriber
0x83757100 - Type: Dvar4 - fsStarAvgColor
Highlight color for star ratings average while rating.
0x83757090 - Type: Dvar4 - fsStarHighlightColor
Highlight color for star ratings.
0x83793A80 - Type: BOOL - fx_batched_smp_update
Turn on effect smp update
0x83793690 - Type: BOOL - fx_count
Debug effects count
0x83793460 - Type: BOOL - fx_cull_effect_spawn
Culls entire effects for spawning
0x837933F0 - Type: BOOL - fx_cull_elem_draw
Culls effect elems for drawing
0x83793380 - Type: BOOL - fx_cull_elem_spawn
Culls effect elems for spawning
0x83793620 - Type: FLOAT1 - fx_debugBolt
Debug effects bolt
0x83793310 - Type: BOOL - fx_draw
Toggles drawing of effects after processing
0x83793A10 - Type: BOOL - fx_draw_weapon_tags
Render weapon tag axis
0x83793850 - Type: BOOL - fx_drawClouds
Toggles the drawing of particle clouds
0x837932A0 - Type: BOOL - fx_enable
Toggles all effects processing
0x837935B0 - Type: BOOL - fx_freeze
Freeze effects
0x837937E0 - Type: DWORD - fx_mark_profile
Turn on FX profiling for marks (specify which local client, with '1' being the first.)
0x8377C7F0 - Type: BOOL - fx_marks
Toggles whether bullet hits leave marks
0x83793540 - Type: BOOL - fx_marks_ents
Toggles whether bullet hits leave marks on entities
0x83793AF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - fx_marks_range
marks will be made only within this range to camera
0x837934D0 - Type: BOOL - fx_marks_smodels
Toggles whether bullet hits leave marks on static models
0x837938C0 - Type: DWORD - fx_priority_debug
Turn on priority debug (specify which local client, with '1' being the first.)
0x837939A0 - Type: BOOL - fx_priority_enable
Turn on priority
0x83793770 - Type: DWORD - fx_profile
Turn on FX profiling (specify which local client, with '1' being the first.)
0x83793930 - Type: BOOL - fx_seethru_parallax
Toggles the drawing of parallax see-through decals
0x83793700 - Type: FLOAT1 - fx_visMinTraceDist
Minimum visibility trace size
0x8375B700 - Type: FLOAT1 - fxfrustumCutoff
Hit effects that are more than <this value> outside of the frustum will be culled.
0x83783DA0 - Type: BOOL - g_ai
Enable AI
0x83783E80 - Type: DWORD - g_aiEventDump
Print AI events happening for this entity
0x837861F0 - Type: BOOL - g_allow_teamchange
Enable changing teams on this server
0x8377C780 - Type: BOOL - g_allowvote
Enable voting on this server
0x83786650 - Type: BOOL - g_antilag
Turn on antilag checks for weapon hits
0x837839B0 - Type: External - g_banIPs= ""
0x83786180 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_clonePlayerMaxVelocity
Maximum velocity in each axis of a cloned player
(for death animations)
0x83786C70 - Type: BOOL - g_compassShowEnemies
Whether enemies are visible on the compass at all times
0x837862D0 - Type: BOOL - g_deadChat
Allow dead players to chat with living players
0x83783C50 - Type: DWORD - g_debugBullets
Show debug information for bullets
0x83783BE0 - Type: BOOL - g_debugDamage
Show debug information for damage
0x83786570 - Type: DWORD - g_debugLocDamage
Turn on debugging information for locational damage (2 = show results of bullet trace pose only)
0x83775240 - Type: DWORD - g_debugLocHit
Display locational damage info for an entity when the entity is hit
0x837752B0 - Type: DWORD - g_debugLocHitTime
Time duration of g_debugLocHit lines
0x83785FC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_dropForwardSpeed
Forward speed of a dropped item
0x83786110 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_dropHorzSpeedRand
Random component of the initial horizontal speed of a dropped item
0x83786030 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_dropUpSpeedBase
Base component of the initial vertical speed of a dropped item
0x837860A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_dropUpSpeedRand
Random component of the initial vertical speed of a dropped item
0x83786DC0 - Type: DWORD - g_dumpAnims
Animation debugging info for the given character number
0x83785CB0 - Type: Dvar6 - g_entinfo
Display entity information
0x83785D90 - Type: Dvar6 - g_entinfo_AItext
Type of text information for AI entinfo
0x83785E00 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_entinfo_maxdist
Maximum distance of an entity from the camera at which to show entity information
0x83785E70 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_entinfo_scale
Scale of the entity information text
0x83785D20 - Type: Dvar6 - g_entinfo_type
Type of entities to display information
0x83783710 - Type: BOOL - g_erroronpathsnotconnected
Errors out during load if paths are not connected.
0x8378F9C0 - Type: External - g_FactionName_Allies= "usa_cia"
0x8378FA30 - Type: External - g_FactionName_Axis= "rus_spet"
0x83789520 - Type: Dvar8 - g_fogColorReadOnly
Fog color that was set in the most recent call to "setexpfog"
0x83789600 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_fogHalfDistReadOnly
Fog start distance that was set in the most recent call to "setexpfog"
0x83789590 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_fogStartDistReadOnly
Fog start distance that was set in the most recent call to "setexpfog"
0x83786810 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_friendlyfireDist
Maximum range for disabling fire at a friendly
0x83786880 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_friendlyNameDist
Maximum range for seeing a friendly's name
0x8375B070 - Type: External - g_gametype= "tdm"
0x83783B70 - Type: DWORD - g_inactivity
Time delay before player is kicked for inactivity
0x83783A90 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_knockback
Maximum knockback
0x83786260 - Type: BOOL - g_listEntity
List the entities
0x83740730 - Type: BOOL - g_loadScripts
Disable scripts from loading
0x837837F0 - Type: External - g_log= "games_mp.log"
0x837838D0 - Type: BOOL - g_logSync
Enable synchronous logging
0x83783860 - Type: BOOL - g_logTimeStampInSeconds
Enable logging with time stamps in seconds since UTC 1/1/1970
0x83786F80 - Type: DWORD - g_mantleBlockTimeBuffer
Time that the client think is delayed after mantling
0x83783B00 - Type: DWORD - g_maxDroppedWeapons
Maximum number of dropped weapons
0x83786C00 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_minGrenadeDamageSpeed
Minimum speed at which getting hit be a grenade will do damage (not the grenade explosion damage)
0x83785EE0 - Type: External - g_motd= ""
0x837867A0 - Type: BOOL - g_no_script_spam
Turn off script debugging info
0x837866C0 - Type: BOOL - g_oldVoting
Use old voting method
0x83783940 - Type: External - g_password= ""
0x83785F50 - Type: DWORD - g_playerCollisionEjectSpeed
Speed at which to push intersecting players away from each other
0x83786F10 - Type: BOOL - g_redCrosshairs
Whether red crosshairs are enabled
0x83786D50 - Type: BOOL - g_revive
Enable revive
0x83765D40 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_Allies
Allies team color on scoreboard
0x83765DB0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_Axis
Axis team color on scoreboard
0x83765BF0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_EnemyTeam
Enemy team color on scoreboard
0x83765CD0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_Free
Free Team color on scoreboard
0x83765B80 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_MyTeam
Player team color on scoreboard
0x83765C60 - Type: Dvar8 - g_ScoresColor_Spectator
Spectator team color on scoreboard
0x837865E0 - Type: BOOL - g_smoothClients
Enable extrapolation between client states
0x83783E10 - Type: BOOL - g_spawnai
Enable AI spawning
0x83783A20 - Type: DWORD - g_speed
Player speed
0x83764450 - Type: BOOL - g_synchronousClients
Call 'client think' exactly once for each server frame to make smooth demos
0x83765F00 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_Allies
Allies team color
0x83765F70 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_Axis
Axis team color
0x83766050 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_EnemyTeam
Enemy team color
0x83766130 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_EnemyTeamAlt
Enemy team color
0x83766280 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_Free
Free Team color
0x83765FE0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_MyTeam
Player team color
0x837660C0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_MyTeamAlt
Player team color
0x83766210 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_Spectator
Spectator team color
0x837661A0 - Type: Dvar8 - g_TeamColor_Squad
Squad color
0x837863B0 - Type: External - g_TeamIcon_Allies= "faction_128_specops"
0x83786420 - Type: External - g_TeamIcon_Axis= "faction_128_spetsnaz"
0x83786490 - Type: External - g_TeamIcon_Free= ""
0x83786500 - Type: External - g_TeamIcon_Spectator= ""
0x83765E20 - Type: External - g_TeamName_Allies= "MPUI_SPECOPS_SHORT"
0x83765E90 - Type: External - g_TeamName_Axis= "MPUI_RUSSIAN_SHORT"
0x8378A4E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_turretBipodOffset
Offset bipod mount position on gun by this distance
0x8378A470 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_turretServerPitchMax
Limit turret pitch range on server (visual only)
0x8378A400 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_turretServerPitchMin
Limit turret pitch range on server (visual only)
0x83786EA0 - Type: DWORD - g_useholdspawndelay
Time in milliseconds that the player is unable to 'use' after spawning
0x83786E30 - Type: DWORD - g_useholdtime
Time to hold the 'use' button to activate use
0x83786FF0 - Type: BOOL - g_vehicleDebug
Turn on debug information for vehicles
0x83783CC0 - Type: External - g_vehicleDrawPath= ""
0x83786340 - Type: DWORD - g_voiceChatTalkingDuration
Time after the last talk packet was received that the player is considered by the
server to still be talking in milliseconds
0x83786730 - Type: FLOAT1 - g_voteAbstainWeight
How much an abstained vote counts as a 'no' vote
0x83754540 - Type: DWORD - geographicalMatchmaking
Geographical Matchmaking : Off, Preferred or Only
0x837545B0 - Type: DWORD - geographicalMatchmakingOverride
Geographical Matchmaking Override : None, All Preferred or Foreign Preferred
0x8378AFD0 - Type: Dvar2 - glassCrackedDamageRateRange
Range of the rate a cracked glass looses health points
0x8378AF60 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassDamageMultiplier
Multiplier the damage applied to the glass (server).
0x837957D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassExtraVelocity
Additional random extra angular velocity to the shards when shattering, and extra linear velocity when cracked glass times out.
0x83795760 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassForceAttenuation
Attenuation of the force as the shard is farther from the hit position.
0x83795680 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassForceMultiplier
Multiplier of the force to apply to shards.
0x837956F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassForceOriginMult
Multiplier of the distance of the origin of the shards spread point - the smaller it is, closer to the glass then the shards will spread to the sides. The farther it is the shards will fly in the same direction.
0x837958B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassLowLodDist
Adjusted (by fov) distance to switch to low glass lod
0x83795920 - Type: FLOAT1 - glassMaxShardLife
Maximum life time of a shard that is contolled by the glass physics
0x83758FA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_button_deadzone
Game pad button deadzone threshhold
0x8374C510 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_button_lstick_deflect_max
Game pad maximum pad stick pressed value
0x8374C4A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_button_rstick_deflect_max
Game pad maximum pad stick pressed value
0x83759320 - Type: External - gpad_buttonsConfig= "buttons_default"
0x83758F30 - Type: DWORD - gpad_debug
coder use only
0x83759240 - Type: DWORD - gpad_menu_scroll_delay_first
Menu scroll key-repeat delay, for the first repeat, in milliseconds
0x837592B0 - Type: DWORD - gpad_menu_scroll_delay_rest
Menu scroll key-repeat delay, for repeats after the first, in milliseconds
0x837591D0 - Type: BOOL - gpad_rumble
Enable game pad rumble
0x83759080 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_stick_deadzone_max
Game pad maximum stick deadzone
0x83759010 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_stick_deadzone_min
Game pad minimum stick deadzone
0x837590F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_stick_pressed
Game pad stick pressed threshhold
0x83759160 - Type: FLOAT1 - gpad_stick_pressed_hysteresis
Game pad stick pressed no-change-zone around gpad_stick_pressed to prevent bouncing
0x8374C430 - Type: External - gpad_sticksConfig= "thumbstick_default"
0x837892F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeBounceRestitutionMax
Cap to keep code from increasing bounce restitution too high.
0x83788F70 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeBumpFreq
How likely (per server frame) a bump will occur
0x83788FE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeBumpMag
Size of bumps (as a fraction of the grenade's current speed)
0x83789050 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeBumpMax
Maximum upward speed of a bump (inches/sec)
0x83789280 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeCurveMax
Largest rolling curvature (will be random between +/- this value)
0x83788E90 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeFrictionHigh
The amount of friction (0 to 1) for fast-moving grenades
0x83788E20 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeFrictionLow
The amount of friction (0 to 1) for slower/rolling grenades
0x83788F00 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeFrictionMaxThresh
The speed threshold that determines whether to use grenadeFrictionLow/High
0x83788D40 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeRestThreshold
The speed threshold below which grenades will come to rest
0x83788DB0 - Type: BOOL - grenadeRollingEnabled
Enables the new "rolling" grenade behavior
0x837890C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeWobbleFreq
Wobble cycles per inch of rolling distance (approx)
0x83789130 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeWobbleFwdMag
The forward rolling speed will oscillate +/- this amount
0x83789210 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeWobbleSideDamp
The rate at which the amount of side-to-side wobbling decreases as overall grenade speed increases
0x837891A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - grenadeWobbleSideMag
The distance to wobble left and right
0x83755E30 - Type: DWORD - heatMapLoadDelay
Time in milliseconds to delay the loading of the heatmap.
0x83740110 - Type: BOOL - hiDef
True if the game video is running in high-def.
0x8377D900 - Type: External - highlightedPlayerClanTag= ""
0x8377D890 - Type: External - highlightedPlayerName= ""
0x8377D820 - Type: External - highlightedPlayerXuid= ""
0x83792B30 - Type: DWORD - hud_deathQuoteFadeTime
The time for the death quote to fade
0x83792660 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_ammodisplay
The time for the ammo display to fade in seconds
0x83792740 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_compass
The time for the compass to fade in seconds
0x837926D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_healthbar
The time for the health bar to fade in seconds
0x83792820 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_offhand
The time for the offhand weapons to fade in seconds
0x83792890 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_sprint
The time for the sprint meter to fade in seconds
0x837927B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_stance
The time for the stance to fade in seconds
0x83792900 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fade_vehiclecontrols
The time for the vehicle controls to fade in seconds
0x837925F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_fadeout_speed
The speed that the HUD will fade at
0x837684A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_flash_period_offhand
Offhand weapons flash period on changing weapon
0x83768430 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_flash_time_offhand
Offhand weapons flash duration on changing weapon
0x83792AC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_health_pulserate_critical
The pulse rate of the 'critical' pulse effect
0x83792A50 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_health_pulserate_injured
The pulse rate of the 'injured' pulse effect
0x837929E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_health_startpulse_critical
The health level at which to start the 'critical' pulse effect
0x83792970 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_health_startpulse_injured
The health level at which to start the 'injured' pulse effect
0x83792F90 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_phaseEnd_fromAlpha
Starting alpha of the final health overlay phase
0x83793070 - Type: DWORD - hud_healthOverlay_phaseEnd_pulseDuration
Time in milliseconds to fade out the health overlay after it is done flashing
0x83793000 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_phaseEnd_toAlpha
Alpha multiplier to fade to before turning off the overlay (percentage of the pulse peak)
0x83792D60 - Type: DWORD - hud_healthOverlay_phaseOne_pulseDuration
Pulse duration of the first health overlay phase
0x83792CF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_phaseOne_toAlphaAdd
Alpha value to add to the first health overlay phase
0x83792F20 - Type: DWORD - hud_healthOverlay_phaseThree_pulseDuration
Time in milliseconds to fade the alpha to hud_healthOverlay_phaseThree_toAlphaMultiplier
0x83792EB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_phaseThree_toAlphaMultiplier
Alpha multiplier for the third health overlay phase (percentage of the pulse peak)
0x83792E40 - Type: DWORD - hud_healthOverlay_phaseTwo_pulseDuration
Time in milliseconds to fade the alpha to hud_healthOverlay_phaseTwo_toAlphaMultiplier
0x83792DD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_phaseTwo_toAlphaMultiplier
Alpha multiplier for the second health overlay phase (percentage of the pulse peak)
0x83792C10 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_pulseStart
The percentage of full health at which the low-health warning overlay begins flashing
0x83792C80 - Type: FLOAT1 - hud_healthOverlay_pulseStop
The percentage of full health above which the health overlay fades out
0x83792BA0 - Type: DWORD - hud_healthOverlay_regenPauseTime
The time in milliseconds before the health regeneration kicks in
0x8376C170 - Type: FLOAT1 - hudElemPausedBrightness
Brightness of the hudelems when the game is paused.
0x83740E30 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_actor_tracking_scale
Adjust the amount of rotation that is applied during head/eye tracking
0x83740CE0 - Type: FLOAT3 - ik_ai_hand_offset_vec
Offset vector for hand tuning
0x83740D50 - Type: FLOAT3 - ik_ai_hand_rotation_vec
Rotation vector for hand tuning
0x83740C70 - Type: DWORD - ik_ai_hand_tuning
Turn on/off AI hand IK tuning. 1 = Use anim flag. 2 = Force on for all anims.
0x83740810 - Type: DWORD - ik_debug
Set to one of the IK debug values in ik_types.h
0x83741140 - Type: BOOL - ik_dvar_lookatentity_notorso
No torso deformation in lookatentity transforms
0x837407A0 - Type: BOOL - ik_enable
Turn on/off IK
0x83740B90 - Type: BOOL - ik_enable_ai_hand
Turn on/off AI hand IK
0x83740C00 - Type: DWORD - ik_enable_ai_terrain
Turn on/off AI terrain IK (0 = OFF, 1 = All, 2 = Heros)
0x83740AB0 - Type: BOOL - ik_enable_player_hand
Turn on/off player hand IK
0x83740B20 - Type: BOOL - ik_enable_player_terrain
Turn on/off player terrain IK
0x837408F0 - Type: BOOL - ik_foot_test
Turn on/off IK foot test
0x83740960 - Type: BOOL - ik_hand_test
Turn on/off IK hand test
0x837409D0 - Type: BOOL - ik_left_hand_lerp_test
Turn on/off left-hand lerp test
0x83740DC0 - Type: BOOL - ik_paranoid_matrix_checks
Turn on/off THOROUGH matrix validity checks
0x83740880 - Type: BOOL - ik_pelvis_test
Turn on/off IK pelvis test
0x83740F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_pitch_limit_max
Pitch angle at which headtracking is entirely constrained
0x83740EA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_pitch_limit_thresh
Pitch angle at which headtracking starts to be constrained
0x83740A40 - Type: BOOL - ik_right_hand_lerp_test
Turn on/off right-hand lerp test
0x83740FF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_roll_limit_max
Roll angle at which headtracking is entirely constrained
0x83740F80 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_roll_limit_thresh
Roll angle at which headtracking starts to be constrained
0x837410D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_yaw_limit_max
Yaw angle at which headtracking is entirely constrained
0x83741060 - Type: FLOAT1 - ik_yaw_limit_thresh
Yaw angle at which headtracking starts to be constrained
0x8375F4B0 - Type: BOOL - input_autoAim
Turn on auto aim for consoles
0x8375F3D0 - Type: BOOL - input_invertPitch
Invert gamepad pitch
0x8375F520 - Type: BOOL - input_targetAssist
Turn on target assist for consoles
0x8375F440 - Type: FLOAT1 - input_viewSensitivity
View Sensitivity
0x837803E0 - Type: External - invite_visible= "1"
0x83754E00 - Type: FLOAT1 - itemSellFactor
Factor by which to multiply the item cost to get the item sell price.
0x83758980 - Type: External - joinsession_errorMessage= ""
0x837589F0 - Type: External - joinsession_errorMessageDebug= ""
0x83758910 - Type: External - joinsession_errorTitle= ""
0x837721B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - jump_height
The maximum height of a player's jump
0x83772300 - Type: FLOAT1 - jump_ladderPushVel
The velocity of a jump off of a ladder
0x83772290 - Type: BOOL - jump_slowdownEnable
Slow player movement after jumping
0x83772370 - Type: FLOAT1 - jump_spreadAdd
The amount of spread scale to add as a side effect of jumping
0x83772220 - Type: FLOAT1 - jump_stepSize
The maximum step up to the top of a jump arc
0x83751440 - Type: External - koth_autodestroytime= "1000"
0x83751590 - Type: External - koth_capturetime= "20"
0x83751670 - Type: External - koth_delayPlayer= "0"
0x83751600 - Type: External - koth_destroytime= "100"
0x83751520 - Type: External - koth_kothmode= "0"
0x837516E0 - Type: External - koth_spawnDelay= "1000"
0x837514B0 - Type: External - koth_spawntime= "45"
0x837527F0 - Type: External - language= "english"
0x83754BD0 - Type: DWORD - lb_escrowRefresh
How often to check escrow for unclaimed funds
0x83754B60 - Type: DWORD - lb_escrowTimeout
Time to wait before funds in escrow are returned to clients
0x83754850 - Type: Dvar6 - lb_filter
Filter applied to the leaderboard display: ('none','friends')
0x83754A80 - Type: BOOL - lb_forceLbWrite
Set this to to true for writing to the leaderboards without checking for the minimum requirements for different leaderboard types.
0x83754AF0 - Type: DWORD - lb_LastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds you wait before fetching the leaderboard
0x837548C0 - Type: DWORD - lb_maxrows
Maximum number of rows to fetch
0x837547E0 - Type: DWORD - lb_minrefresh
Minimum time (in seconds) between leaderboard fetches
0x83754A10 - Type: BOOL - lb_prestige
True when prestige leaderboards have been purchased
0x83754930 - Type: Dvar6 - lb_type
Leaderboard type to display
0x837549A0 - Type: Dvar6 - lb_typeByResetPeriod
Reset period for Leaderboards ( 'all_time', 'monthly', weekly )
0x8373EF90 - Type: BOOL - legacy_zombiemode
Current game is a legacy zombie game
0x83754690 - Type: DWORD - liveNewsMaxCounters
Maximum global counters in the counters stream
0x83752630 - Type: BOOL - loc_forceEnglish
Force english localized strings
0x837525C0 - Type: DWORD - loc_language
0x837526A0 - Type: BOOL - loc_translate
Enable translations
0x83752710 - Type: BOOL - loc_warnings
Enable localization warnings
0x83752780 - Type: BOOL - loc_warningsAsErrors
Throw an error for any unlocalized string
0x8373F700 - Type: DWORD - logfile
Write to log file - 0 = disabled, 1 = async file write, 2 = Sync every write
0x8373F9A0 - Type: BOOL - long_blocking_call
Enable SCR_DrawPleaseWait dialog
0x8376A810 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningColor1
Color 1 of 2 to oscilate between
0x8376A880 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningColor2
Color 2 of 2 to oscilate between
0x8376AB20 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor1
Like lowAmmoWarningColor1, but when no ammo.
0x8376AB90 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor2
lowAmmoWarningColor2, but when no ammo.
0x8376AA40 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor1
Like lowAmmoWarningColor1, but when no ammo to reload with.
0x8376AAB0 - Type: Dvar8 - lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor2
lowAmmoWarningColor2, but when no ammo to reload with.
0x8376A8F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - lowAmmoWarningPulseFreq
Frequency of the pulse (oscilation between the 2 colors)
0x8376A960 - Type: FLOAT1 - lowAmmoWarningPulseMax
Min of oscilation range: 0 is color1 and 1.0 is color2. Can be < 0, and the wave will clip at 0.
0x8376A9D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - lowAmmoWarningPulseMin
Max of oscilation range: 0 is color1 and 1.0 is color2. Can be > 1.0, and the wave will clip at 1.0.
0x837835C0 - Type: External - ls_gametype= "TEAM DEATHMATCH"
0x83783630 - Type: External - ls_mapname= "NUKETOWN"
0x837836A0 - Type: External - ls_status= "Waiting for other players"
0x8375F2F0 - Type: BOOL - m_filter
Allow mouse movement smoothing
0x8375F210 - Type: FLOAT1 - m_forward
Forward speed in units per second
0x8375F130 - Type: FLOAT1 - m_pitch
Default pitch
0x8375F280 - Type: FLOAT1 - m_side
Sideways motion in units per second
0x8375F1A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - m_yaw
Default yaw
0x837725A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_check_angle
The minimum angle from the player to a mantle surface to allow a mantle
0x83772610 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_check_glass_extra_range
The extra distance to test if glass is
0x83772530 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_check_radius
The player radius to test against while mantling
0x837724C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_check_range
The minimum distance from a player to a mantle surface to allow a mantle
0x83772450 - Type: BOOL - mantle_debug
Show debug information for mantling
0x837723E0 - Type: BOOL - mantle_enable
Enable player mantling
0x83772680 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_view_yawcap
The angle at which to restrict a sideways turn while mantling
0x83772760 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_weapon_anim_height
If the player is mantling at this height or higher, the mantle animation will play.
0x837726F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - mantle_weapon_height
If the player is mantling at this height or lower, his weapon will remain equipped.
0x8375B1C0 - Type: DWORD - mapcrc
crc of the map file
0x8375B150 - Type: External - mapname= "mp_nuked"
0x83754460 - Type: BOOL - matchmaking_debug
Enable matchmaking debugging information
0x83754CB0 - Type: DWORD - maxAttachmentsPerWeapon
Max attachments allowed for a weapon
0x83756220 - Type: DWORD - maxBadHosts
Maximum number of times that a bad host can host a live game
0x83795290 - Type: DWORD - maxShardSplit
Max number of shards that a glass can be split into
0x83755AB0 - Type: DWORD - maxStatsBackupInterval
Maximum number of days before performing stats backup to Demonware User Storage
0x83756140 - Type: DWORD - maxStatsFlushInterval
Maximum number of days before performing stats flush to key archive
0x837868F0 - Type: BOOL - melee_debug
Turn on debug lines for melee traces
0x83755960 - Type: DWORD - metPlayerListUpdateInterval
Time in milliseconds since uploaded recent met player list.
0x837559D0 - Type: DWORD - metPlayerListUploadInterval
This dvar is used to make sure that recent met player list get updates only when it changes.
0x83783400 - Type: DWORD - migration_blocksperframe
Number of blocks to send out each server frame. A value of 0 means base it off our tested bandwidth.

0x837834E0 - Type: DWORD - migration_limit
maximum number of migrations within migration_timeBetween dvar's value in milliseconds.
0x83783470 - Type: DWORD - migration_msgtimeout
timeout time in ms of migration messages
0x83783550 - Type: DWORD - migration_timeBetween
milliseconds between migration_limit dvar's value of migrations.
0x83777D90 - Type: DWORD - migrationPingTime
how many seconds between client pings. used to determine hosting suitability.
0x83755EA0 - Type: DWORD - minDelayForOtherPlayerStatsFetch
Delay in milliseconds to refetch the stats of a player.
0x83789440 - Type: BOOL - missileDebugAttractors
Draw the attractors and repulsors. Attractors are green, and repulsors are yellow.
0x83789360 - Type: BOOL - missileDebugDraw
Draw guided missile trajectories.
0x837893D0 - Type: BOOL - missileDebugText
Print debug missile info to console.
0x83788090 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileHellfireMaxSlope
This limits how steeply the hellfire missile can turn upward when climbing
0x83788100 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileHellfireUpAccel
The rate at which the hellfire missile curves upward
0x837884F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavAccelClimb
Rocket acceleration when climbing.
0x83788560 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavAccelDescend
Rocket acceleration when descending towards target.
0x83788250 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbAngleDirect
In direct-fire mode, the minimum angle between the rocket and target until the rocket stops climbing. Smaller angles make for higher climbs.
0x837882C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbAngleTop
In top-fire mode, the minimum angle between the rocket and target until the rocket stops climbing. Smaller angles make for higher climbs.
0x83788330 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbCeilingDirect
In direct-fire mode, how high the missile needs to reach before it descends.
0x837883A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbCeilingTop
In top-fire mode, how high the missile needs to reach before it descends.
0x83788170 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbHeightDirect
In direct-fire mode, how far above the target the rocket will aim for when climbing.
0x837881E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbHeightTop
In top-fire mode, how far above the target the rocket will aim for when climbing.
0x83788720 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavClimbToOwner

0x837885D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavSpeedLimitClimb
Rocket's speed limit when climbing.
0x83788640 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavSpeedLimitDescend
Rocket's speed limit when descending towards target.
0x837886B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavTurnDecel

0x83788410 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavTurnRateDirect
In direct-fire mode, how sharp the rocket can turn, in angles/sec.
0x83788480 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileJavTurnRateTop
In top-fire mode, how sharp the rocket can turn, in angles/sec.
0x83788950 - Type: DWORD - missileMolotovBlobNum
The number of fire blobs a molotov should spawn on impact, these count against the server entities.
0x837889C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileMolotovBlobTime
The life time of a molotov fire blob in seconds.
0x837888E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missilePlantableSize
Size of the bounding box used for plantable equipment collision.
0x83788A30 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileTVGuidedBoost
The multiplier that the TV guided missile recieves while boosting.
0x83788B10 - Type: DWORD - missileTVGuidedBoostSpeedDown
Speed decrease factor to return from full boost.
0x83788AA0 - Type: DWORD - missileTVGuidedBoostSpeedUp
Speed increase factor to get to full boost.
0x83788C60 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileTVGuidedFlatteningRollAccel
Roll acceleration when the missile is flattening out after a turn.
0x83788B80 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileTVGuidedMaxRollAngle
Max roll the missile will have when turning.
0x83788CD0 - Type: BOOL - missileTVGuidedMPSpecific
MP specific Guided Missile functionality
0x83788800 - Type: DWORD - missileTVGuidedStickDeadzone
defines the dead zone for stick movement (stick values range from -128..127
0x83788BF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileTVGuidedTurningRollAccel
Roll acceleration when the missile is turning.
0x83788870 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileTVGuidedTurnRate
max turn rate of a tv guided missile (multiplied by the stick deflection [0-1])
0x83788790 - Type: FLOAT1 - missileWaterMaxDepth
If a missile explodes deeper under water than this, they explosion effect/sound will not play.
0x8375C730 - Type: BOOL - monkeytoy
Restrict console access
0x8375F9F0 - Type: DWORD - mortarStrikesLeft
Mortar locations not positioned yet
0x8375FB40 - Type: External - motd= "Multiplayer. Free with every copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops."
0x83759710 - Type: BOOL - msg_dumpEnts
Print snapshot entity info
0x83759860 - Type: BOOL - msg_hudelemspew
Debug hudelem fields changing
0x837596A0 - Type: BOOL - msg_printEntityNums
Print entity numbers
0x83759780 - Type: BOOL - msg_zlibCompress
Enable zlib compression
0x837597F0 - Type: BOOL - msg_zlibCompressOutput
Enable zlib compression console output
0x8375F7C0 - Type: External - name= "aaron"
0x83795A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - narrowShardRatio
minimum ratio between a shard's local bbox edges or between the shard's bbox area vs the shard's area to cause the shard to be rejected
0x8375C2D0 - Type: External - net_ip= "localhost"
0x83759630 - Type: BOOL - net_lanauthorize
Authorise CD keys when using a LAN
0x837595C0 - Type: BOOL - net_minigraph
Show the small network profile display
0x8375C340 - Type: DWORD - net_port
Network port
0x837594E0 - Type: DWORD - net_profile
Profile network performance
0x83759550 - Type: DWORD - net_showprofile
Show network profiling display
0x8375F980 - Type: External - nextdemo= ""
0x837561B0 - Type: DWORD - nextHostTimeout
Time after a bad hosting before can host again in seconds
0x8375C030 - Type: External - nextmap= "map_restart"
0x8376AE30 - Type: BOOL - nightVisionDisableEffects

0x8376AD50 - Type: FLOAT1 - nightVisionFadeInOutTime
How long the fade to/from black lasts when putting on or removing night vision goggles.
0x8376ADC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - nightVisionPowerOnTime
How long the black-to-nightvision fade lasts when turning on the goggles.
0x8373F310 - Type: BOOL - onlinegame
Current game is an online game with stats, custom classes, unlocks
0x8375E2C0 - Type: BOOL - onlinegameandhost
true only if this is an xbox live game AND we're the host, otherwise false
0x8375E330 - Type: BOOL - onlineunrankedgameandhost
true only if this is an xbox live RANKED game AND we're the host, otherwise false
0x837658E0 - Type: BOOL - overrideNVGModelWithKnife
When true, nightvision animations will attach the weapDef's knife model instead of the night vision goggles.
0x83759470 - Type: BOOL - packetDebug
Enable packet debugging information
0x83752B70 - Type: BOOL - party_allowguests
Whether or not guests are allowed in the playlist
0x83753F20 - Type: BOOL - party_autoteams
Enables/Disables auto team functionality
0x837543F0 - Type: DWORD - party_clientTimeout
After not hearing from the host for this amount of time the client will timeout of the party
0x83754070 - Type: DWORD - party_connectTimeout
Connect timeout
0x83753890 - Type: BOOL - party_connectToOthers
If false, we will just start our own lobby rather than connect to another lobby, even if others exist
0x83753430 - Type: DWORD - party_currentMapVetoCount
Current map vote count
0x83753900 - Type: BOOL - party_debug
Debug party functionality
0x837539E0 - Type: BOOL - party_editingsettings
True if the host is editing game settings
0x837541C0 - Type: DWORD - party_firstSubpartyIndex
Determines sort order and coloring of parties in lobbies. Randomly set by code. Dvar provided for debugging.
0x83753AC0 - Type: External - party_gamesize= ""
0x83753200 - Type: DWORD - party_gameStartTimerLength
Time in seconds before a game start once enough party members are ready
0x83753A50 - Type: External - party_gametype= ""
0x83753120 - Type: BOOL - party_headtohead
True if the current playlist is head to head
0x83753970 - Type: BOOL - party_host
True if we are the host of the party
0x83753D60 - Type: External - party_hostname= ""
0x83754150 - Type: BOOL - party_iamhost
True if selected player is you and if you are the host. Only valid when used with party feeders.
0x837542A0 - Type: BOOL - party_joinInProgressAllowed
The party can be joined in the middle of a game
0x83753BA0 - Type: External - party_kickplayerquestion= ""
0x837537B0 - Type: BOOL - party_linearMapCycle
We will cycle through the maps linearly if this is true.
0x83753820 - Type: BOOL - party_linearMapCycleRandom
We will cycle through the maps linearly if this is true but picks a random start map.
0x83753C10 - Type: External - party_lobbyPlayerCount= ""
0x83754380 - Type: BOOL - party_localTeamTest
When true, a local team test is being carried out, so real xuids will be absent.
0x83753B30 - Type: External - party_mapname= ""
0x83753DD0 - Type: External - party_mappacks= ""
0x83753EB0 - Type: DWORD - party_matchedPlayerCount
Number of matched players before revealing their true names
0x83752B00 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83753040 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers_basictraining
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752EF0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers_playermatch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752F60 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers_privatematch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x837530B0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers_theater
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752FD0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxlocalplayers_wagermatch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752A90 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752E10 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_basictraining
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752BE0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_partylobby
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752CC0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_playermatch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752D30 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_privatematch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752E80 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_theater
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752DA0 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_wagermatch
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83752C50 - Type: DWORD - party_maxplayers_wagerpartylobby
Maximum number of players in a party
0x83753F90 - Type: DWORD - party_maxTeamDiff
Maximum difference allowed between teams before starting a match
0x83754230 - Type: BOOL - party_membersMissingMapPack
Whether any party member is missing one of the enabled map packs. Only valid after running partyUpdateMissingMapPackDvar
0x83754000 - Type: DWORD - party_minLobbyTime
Minimum time (in seconds) for a lobby to be open before auto starting a match
0x83753190 - Type: DWORD - party_minplayers
Minimum number of players in a party
0x83754310 - Type: DWORD - party_minResumeMs
Time in ms before accepting another 'go' message after quitting a game
0x83753510 - Type: DWORD - party_nextMapVetoCount
Next map vote count
0x83753CF0 - Type: External - party_partyPlayerCount= ""
0x83753C80 - Type: DWORD - party_playerCount
Number of players currently in that party/lobby.
0x837540E0 - Type: BOOL - party_playervisible
Whether selected player in party is showing true info or not. Only valid when used with party feeders.
0x83753270 - Type: DWORD - party_pregameStartTimerLength
Time in seconds before showing and starting the game start timer
0x837534A0 - Type: DWORD - party_previousMapVetoCount
Previous map vote count
0x837579C0 - Type: DWORD - party_privacyStatus
Party privacy status: open/open to friends/open to clan/invite only/closed
0x837536D0 - Type: BOOL - party_readyButtonVisible
The party ready button is visible in the UI
0x83753740 - Type: FLOAT1 - party_readyPercentRequired
The fraction of the waiting players who need to be ready for a party to start
0x83758280 - Type: BOOL - party_simulateLongQoS
simulate a real QoS which takes around 30 seconds
0x83753E40 - Type: BOOL - party_teambased
True if the current playlist is team based
0x83753350 - Type: DWORD - party_timer
Time until game begins in seconds, for UI display
0x837532E0 - Type: BOOL - party_timerVisible
party timer is visible in UI
0x837533C0 - Type: BOOL - party_vetoButtonVisible
The party veto button is visible in the UI
0x83753660 - Type: DWORD - party_vetoDelayTime
Delay time in seconds for a successful map vote to execute
0x83753580 - Type: BOOL - party_vetoPassed
Did the veto pass?
0x837535F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - party_vetoPercentRequired
The fraction of the waiting players who need to veto for a map to be skipped
0x83757CD0 - Type: BOOL - partyChatDisallowed
Whether to disallow Xbox Live Party Chat
0x83757D40 - Type: DWORD - partyChatDisconnectTimer
Time to wait after user responds to Party Chat dialog before kicking (msec)
0x8375F910 - Type: External - password= ""
0x8375B540 - Type: DWORD - penetrationCount
Maximum number of private clients allowed on the server
0x8375B620 - Type: DWORD - penetrationCount_allies
Maximum number for TEAM_ALLIES
0x8375B5B0 - Type: DWORD - penetrationCount_axis
Maximum number for TEAM_AXIS
0x83773D40 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_armorPiercing
Percent bullet damage is increased for helicopters, spy planes, and turrets.
0x8378C230 - Type: External - perk_armorVest= "80"
0x83773E20 - Type: BOOL - perk_blackbirdShowsGpsJammer
Set to true if the blackbird should show players with 'specialty_gpsjammer'
0x8378C1C0 - Type: External - perk_bulletDamage= "35"
0x83773480 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier
Multiplier for extra bullet penetration
0x837739C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_damageKickReduction
The percentage decrease of view kick flinch when the player takes damage
0x83773870 - Type: DWORD - perk_deathStreakCountRequired
Number of deaths required to obtain a deathstreak.
0x83773720 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_delayExplosiveTime
Time in seconds to delay a proximity explosive
0x83773790 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_disarmExplosiveTime
Time in seconds to disarm a proximity explosive
0x83773DB0 - Type: BOOL - perk_dogsAttackGhost
Set to true if the dogs should attack players with 'specialty_nottargetedbyai'
0x8378C2A0 - Type: External - perk_explosiveDamage= "25"
0x83773410 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_extraBreath
Number of extra seconds a player can hold his breath
0x837736B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_extraMoneyMultiplier
Multiplier for extra COD points.
0x83773CD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_fireproof
Percent to reduce flame damage done to the player.
0x83773BF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_flakJacket
Percent of explosive damage done that will apply to player.
0x83773C60 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_flakJacket_hardcore
Percent of explosive damage done that will apply to player in hardcore.
0x837734F0 - Type: External - perk_grenadeDeath= "frag_grenade_short_mp"
0x837735D0 - Type: DWORD - perk_grenadeTossBackTimer
Minimum timer for a grenade. If the time left is less than this it will be bumped up. Tossback Perk
0x83773950 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_healthRegenMultiplier
Multiplier to the time which the player starts to regenerate health after damage
0x83773B10 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_interactSpeedMultiplier
Multiplier for increasing use timers.
0x83773640 - Type: DWORD - perk_killstreakReduction
Reduced number of kills required to obtain a killstreak.
0x83773AA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_mantleReduction
The percentage decrease of mantle up time
0x83773A30 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_shellShockReduction
The percentage decrease of shellshock time
0x83773800 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_speedMultiplier
Player speed multiplier
0x83773560 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_sprintMultiplier
Multiplier for player_sprinttime
0x837738E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_sprintRecoveryMultiplier
Percent of sprint recovery time to use.
0x83773B80 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_throwbackInnerRadius
The radius to a live grenade player must be within initially to do a throwback with the toss back perk on
0x83773330 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapAdsMultiplier
Percentage of weapon ADS rate to use
0x837733A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapMeleeMultiplier
Percentage of weapon melee recovery rate to use
0x83773250 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapRateMultiplier
Percentage of weapon firing rate to use
0x837731E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapReloadMultiplier
Percentage of weapon reload time to use
0x83773170 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapSpreadMultiplier
Percentage of weapon spread to use
0x837732C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - perk_weapSwitchMultiplier
Percentage of weapon switching rate to use
0x83776DD0 - Type: DWORD - phys_ai_collision_mode
phys ai collision mode
0x83775BE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_bulletSpinScale
Scale of the effective offset from the center of mass for the bullet impacts.
0x83775B70 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_bulletUpBias
Up Bias for the direction of the bullet impact.
0x83776740 - Type: BOOL - phys_buoyancy
Used to turn on/off buoyancy
0x837764A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_buoyancyDistanceCutoff
Objects that are too far will sink.
0x837766D0 - Type: BOOL - phys_buoyancyFastComputation
Simplify the buoyancy calculations
0x837765F0 - Type: DWORD - phys_buoyancyRippleFrequency
How often (in ms) floating objects will play the ripple fx
0x83776660 - Type: DWORD - phys_buoyancyRippleVariance
How late (in ms) the ripple fx can be played
0x83775DA0 - Type: BOOL - phys_debugBigQueries
Draw debug info when phys object moves very fast therefore generating huge query boxes
0x83775E10 - Type: BOOL - phys_debugCallback
Enbles the physics debug callback
0x83775E80 - Type: BOOL - phys_debugDangerousRigidBodies
Draws debug line off the origins of dangerous rigid bodies
0x83775EF0 - Type: BOOL - phys_debugExpensivePushout
Draw debug info when the engine resort to exensive Player/AI pushouts
0x83776270 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_dragAngular
The amount of angular drag, applied globally
0x83776200 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_dragLinear
The amount of linear drag, applied globally
0x83775D30 - Type: BOOL - phys_drawCollisionObj
Debug draw collision geometry for each physics object
0x83775CC0 - Type: BOOL - phys_drawcontacts
Debug draw contact points
0x83775F60 - Type: BOOL - phys_drawNitrousVehicle
Print info about the nitrous vehicles
0x83775FD0 - Type: BOOL - phys_drawNitrousVehicleEffects
Print info about the nitrous vehicle wheel effects
0x83776040 - Type: BOOL - phys_entityCollision
Enable to turn on entity collision.
0x83776580 - Type: DWORD - phys_floatTimeVariance
Variance in time (in ms) objects will float for
0x837770E0 - Type: DWORD - phys_fluid
Turn on and off the fluid simulation code
0x83775940 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_gravity
Physics gravity in units/sec^2.
0x837759B0 - Type: FLOAT3 - phys_gravity_dir
Sets the gravity direction.
0x83777070 - Type: BOOL - phys_heavyTankSwitch
Enable 'heavier' tank physics in multiplayer
0x83777230 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_impact_distance_cutoff
Disable effects that are further than distance_cutoff value. Uses the distance /in inches/ to the closes active player.
0x83777310 - Type: BOOL - phys_impact_fx
Enable/Disable the physics impact effects.
0x83777150 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_impact_intensity_limit
Lower limit for the intensity of the impact sounds that the engine triggers.
0x837773F0 - Type: DWORD - phys_impact_max_pfx_per_frame
Maximum number of particle effects spawned on physics object impact. The value is per frame.
0x83777460 - Type: DWORD - phys_impact_max_sfx_per_frame
Maximum number of sound effects spawned on physics objects impact. The value is per frame.
0x837772A0 - Type: BOOL - phys_impact_render
Render a star at the impact origin.
0x837771C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_impact_silence_window
The length of the silence window. When a body triggers an impact sound it will not trigger new sounds for the duration of this silence window.
0x83776430 - Type: DWORD - phys_maxFloatTime
Maximum time objects can float (in ms)
0x83775C50 - Type: DWORD - phys_msecstep
Physics simulation update increment in milliseconds
0x83776510 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_piecesSpawnDistanceCutoff
Determine how far we can spawn destructible pieces.
0x83776D60 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_player_collision_adjust_height
adjust the height of the gjk player collision capsule
0x83776CF0 - Type: DWORD - phys_player_collision_mode
phys player collision mode
0x837767B0 - Type: BOOL - phys_ragdoll_buoyancy
Used to turn on/off the buoyancy for he ragdolls
0x83776190 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_ragdoll_joint_damp_scale
Sets the phys joint damp for ragdolls.
0x83777380 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_reeval_frequency
Controls how often the engine reevalutes the piority of the physics object. If the object has low priority /its too far or smth/ we dont play effect.
0x837762E0 - Type: BOOL - phys_userRigidBodies
Enables user rigid bodies.
0x83775A90 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_vehicleDamageFroceScale
Physics vehicle damamge force scale.
0x83776120 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_vehicleFriction
Default vehicle friction with the world and other ents.
0x83775A20 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_vehicleGravityMultiplier
Physics gravity multiplier for vehicles.
0x83775B00 - Type: BOOL - phys_vehicleUsePredictedPosition
Turning this on forces the client to use the vehicles predicted position.
0x837760B0 - Type: BOOL - phys_vehicleWheelEntityCollision
Enable to turn on vehicle wheel entity collision.
0x837763C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_waterDragAngular
The amount of angular drag for buoyant objects
0x83776350 - Type: FLOAT1 - phys_waterDragLinear
The amount of linear drag for buoyant objects
0x83786CE0 - Type: BOOL - pickupPrints
Print a message to the game window when picking up ammo, etc.
0x8376E5C0 - Type: DWORD - player_adsExitDelay
Delay before exiting aim down sight
0x837712D0 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Back_Low
3rd person player view aim blend - lower back
0x83771340 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Back_Mid
3rd person player view aim blend - mid back
0x837713B0 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Back_Up
3rd person player view aim blend - upper back
0x83771500 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Head
3rd person player view aim blend - head
0x83771490 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Neck
3rd person player view aim blend - neck
0x83771420 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Pelvis
3rd person player view aim blend - pelvis
0x83771570 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_AimBlend_Shoulder
3rd person player view aim blend - shoulder
0x8376EB00 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_animRunThreshhold
The speed at which the player will animate as though they are running
0x8376EB70 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_animWalkThreshhold
The speed at which the player will animate as though they are walking
0x8376F190 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_backSpeedScale
The scale applied to the player speed when moving backwards
0x8376F820 - Type: BOOL - player_bayonetLaunchDebugging
Simulates bayonet charge without requiring an enemy to do so.
0x8376F7B0 - Type: BOOL - player_bayonetLaunchProof
Adds extra code to check for bayonet launching, preventing related exploits.
0x8376F890 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_bayonetLaunchZCap
Max Z velocity during bayonet charge.
0x83770A80 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_bayonetRange
The maximum range of the player's bayonet attack
0x83770AF0 - Type: DWORD - player_bayonetTargetDist
The distance to the enemy the player's will stop charging
0x8376E2B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_fire_delay
The amount of time subtracted from the player remaining breath time when a weapon is fired
0x8376E400 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_gasp_lerp
The interpolation rate for the target waver amplitude when gasping
0x8376E320 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_gasp_scale
Scale value to apply to the target waver during a gasp
0x8376E240 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_gasp_time
The amount of time a player will gasp once they can breath again
0x8376E390 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_hold_lerp
The interpolation rate for the target waver amplitude when holding breath
0x8376E1D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_hold_time
The maximum time a player can hold his breath
0x8376E4E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_snd_delay
The delay before playing the breathe in sound
0x8376E470 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_breath_snd_lerp
The interpolation rate for the player hold breath sound
0x83770B60 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_burstFireCooldown
Seconds after a burst fire before weapons can be fired again.
0x8376E780 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_clipSizeMultiplier
Changes the clip size of weapons with more than one bullet in their clip.
0x8376E6A0 - Type: BOOL - player_debugHealth
Turn on debugging info for player health
0x8376EF60 - Type: BOOL - player_disableWeaponsInWater
Disable weapons while in deep water
0x8376FAC0 - Type: DWORD - player_dmgtimer_flinchTime
Maximum time to play flinch animations
0x8376F970 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_dmgtimer_maxTime
The maximum time that the player is slowed due to damage
0x8376F9E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_dmgtimer_minScale
The minimum scale value to slow the player by when damaged
0x8376FA50 - Type: DWORD - player_dmgtimer_stumbleTime
Maximum time to play stumble animations
0x8376F900 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_dmgtimer_timePerPoint
The time in milliseconds that the player is slowed down per point of damage
0x8376EA90 - Type: BOOL - player_enableShuffleAnims
Whether players should play shuffle anims at low speeds
0x8376F350 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_enduranceSpeedScale
The scale applied to the player speed when they have endurance perk
0x8376EEF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_floatSpeed
The speed at which the player will float up to the top of the water
0x8376ECC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_footstepsThreshhold
The minimum speed at which the player makes loud footstep noises
0x83771180 - Type: BOOL - player_forceRedCrosshair
Force the player's crosshair to turn red
0x8376EDA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_knockbackMoveThreshhold
The speed threshold before a player is considered to be running forwards
0x8376E7F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_lastStandBleedoutTime
The time taken by the player to completely bleedout when in last stand (pro version).
0x8376E860 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_lastStandBleedoutTimeNoRevive
The time taken by the player to completely bleedout when in last stand (non-pro version).
0x8376E8D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_lastStandHealthOverlayTime
The time at the end of last stand to apply health (red) overlay
0x8376CCD0 - Type: Dvar2 - player_lean_rotate
Amount to rotate the player 3rd person model when leaning(x:left, y:right)
0x8376CD40 - Type: Dvar2 - player_lean_rotate_crouch
Amount to rotate the player 3rd person model when crouch leaning(x:left, y:right)
0x8376CBF0 - Type: Dvar2 - player_lean_shift
Amount to shift the player 3rd person model when leaning(x:left, y:right)
0x8376CC60 - Type: Dvar2 - player_lean_shift_crouch
Amount to shift the player 3rd person model when crouch leaning(x:left, y:right)
0x83770A10 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_meleeHeight
The height of the player's melee attack
0x83770930 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_meleeRange
The maximum range of the player's melee attack
0x837709A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_meleeWidth
The width of the player's melee attack
0x83786B20 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_MGUseRadius
The radius within which a player can mount a machine gun
0x8376E630 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_move_factor_on_torso
The contribution movement direction has on player torso direction(multi-player only)
0x8376EC50 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_moveThreshhold
The speed at which the player is considered to be moving for the purposes of
view model bob and multiplayer model movement
0x8376E9B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_revivePlayerListCycleTime
The time for cycling through the list of players who are in last stand.
0x8376E940 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_reviveTriggerRadius
The radius for the hint string and revive radius
0x8376EBE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_runbkThreshhold
The speed threshold before a player is considered to be running backwards
0x8376ED30 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_runThreshhold
The speed threshold before a player is considered to be running forwards
0x8376E550 - Type: BOOL - player_scopeExitOnDamage
Exit the scope if the player takes damage
0x8376EFD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sliding_friction
Controls the friction during slide.
0x8376F0B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sliding_velocity_cap
Velocity threshold for the player slide.
0x8376F040 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sliding_wishspeed
Controls how fast the player will slide.
0x8376F270 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_slopeAnimAngle
Angle at which the player will start animating differently when going up or down slopes
0x8376F2E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_spectateSpeedScale
The scale applied to the player speed when spectating
0x8376F660 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintCameraBob
The speed the camera bobs while you sprint
0x8376F3C0 - Type: DWORD - player_sprintForwardMinimum
The minimum forward deflection required to maintain a sprint
0x8376F510 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintMinTime
The minimum sprint time needed in order to start sprinting
0x8376F580 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintRechargePause
The length of time the meter will pause before starting to recharge after a player sprints
0x8376F430 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintSpeedScale
The scale applied to the player speed when sprinting
0x8376F5F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintStrafeSpeedScale
The speed at which you can strafe while sprinting
0x8376EE10 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintThreshhold
The speed threshhold before a player is considered to be sprinting
0x8376F4A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_sprintTime
The base length of time a player can sprint
0x8374D770 - Type: BOOL - player_sprintUnlimited
Whether players can sprint forever or not
0x8376F200 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_strafeAnimCosAngle
Cosine of the angle which player starts using strafe animations
0x8376F120 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_strafeSpeedScale
The scale applied to the player speed when strafing
0x8376E710 - Type: BOOL - player_sustainAmmo
Firing weapon will not decrease clip ammo.
0x83770D20 - Type: DWORD - player_swimDamage
Damage the player will take each interval while out of breath in deep water.
0x83770D90 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_swimDamagerInterval
Interval in which damage will be dealt while out of breath under water.
0x83770CB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_swimTime
Set the max time the player can swim underwater before taking damage.
0x837869D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_throwbackInnerRadius
The radius to a live grenade player must be within initially to do a throwback
0x83786A40 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_throwbackOuterRadius
The radius player is allow to throwback a grenade once the player has been in the inner radius
0x83770FC0 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_topDownCamAngles
Sets the pitch for the top down cam
0x83771030 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_topDownCamCenterPos
Set a top down camera influence position, player_topDownCamMode must be set to 3 to use this dvar
0x83770EE0 - Type: DWORD - player_topDownCamMode
Enabled the top down cam.
0x83770F50 - Type: FLOAT3 - player_topDownCamOffset
Sets the camera position relative to the player for the top down cam
0x837710A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_topDownCursorDist
Distance the virtual mouse cursor is from the player.
0x83771110 - Type: Dvar2 - player_topDownCursorPos
Position of the virtual mouse cursor is from the player relative to the player.
0x8376F740 - Type: BOOL - player_turnAnims
Use animations to turn a player's model in multiplayer
0x8376F6D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_turnRateScale
Scales the rotation rate of the player's view.
0x83786AB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_useRadius
The radius within which a player can use things
0x8376CDB0 - Type: BOOL - player_useSlopeAnims
whether to use slope run animations for the player
0x8376CB80 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_view_pitch_down
Maximum angle that the player can look down
0x8376CB10 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_view_pitch_up
Maximum angle that the player can look up
0x83770E00 - Type: DWORD - player_viewLockEnt
Set an entity that the player view will be locked too.
0x83770E70 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_viewRateScale
Player view rate scale modifier when player doesn't have a weapon.
0x8376EE80 - Type: FLOAT1 - player_waterSpeedScale
Water movement speed scalar. The larger the value, the faster the movement.
0x837578E0 - Type: DWORD - playerBanLeaderboardFetchInterval
Time in minutes before re-fetching banned leaderboard info. -1 not to retrieve again after first try
0x837962C0 - Type: External - playerCardXuid0= "-2305825514597802612"
0x83796330 - Type: External - playerCardXuid1= "4? "
0x837720D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - playerPushAmount
If this value is set the player will get pushed away from AIs by the amount specified.
0x8375DBC0 - Type: DWORD - playlist
The playlist number
0x8376A180 - Type: DWORD - popInLetterFXTime
Time it takes for a letter to pop in.
0x83758D70 - Type: BOOL - presell
Set to true if the player has preordered
0x8375E090 - Type: External - prestigeclass1= "CUSTOM 6"
0x8375E100 - Type: External - prestigeclass2= "CUSTOM 7"
0x8375E170 - Type: External - prestigeclass3= "CUSTOM 8"
0x8375E1E0 - Type: External - prestigeclass4= "CUSTOM 9"
0x8375E250 - Type: External - prestigeclass5= "CUSTOM 10"
0x837607F0 - Type: BOOL - profile_physics
Draw physics & collision profiltimers
0x83772840 - Type: BOOL - prone_bipod_enable
Enable bipods whilst prone
0x8375B0E0 - Type: DWORD - protocol
Protocol version
0x837456D0 - Type: DWORD - r_backBufferSize
Size of Back Buffer
0x83745740 - Type: DWORD - r_backBufferSizeY
Size of Back Buffer Y
0x83749790 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_bloomBlurRadius
bloom blur radius
0x83749870 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomColorScale
color scale RGB, desaturation start
0x83749950 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveBreakpoint
lo hi curve breakpoint RGBT
0x83749BF0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveHiBlack
curve hi black point RGBT
0x83749C60 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveHiGamma
curve hi gamma ramp RGBT
0x83749D40 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveHiRemapBlack
curve hi output black point RGBT
0x83749DB0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveHiRemapWhite
curve hi output white point RGBT
0x83749CD0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveHiWhite
curve hi white point RGBT
0x837499C0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveLoBlack
curve lo black point RGBT
0x83749A30 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveLoGamma
curve lo gamma ramp RGBT
0x83749B10 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveLoRemapBlack
curve lo output black point RGBT
0x83749B80 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveLoRemapWhite
curve lo output white point RGBT
0x83749AA0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomCurveLoWhite
curve lo white point RGBT
0x83749E20 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomExpansionControl
expansion amount x&y and expansion target x&y
0x83749F00 - Type: DWORD - r_bloomExpansionSource
bloom expansion source point
0x83749E90 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomExpansionWeights
amount of expansion to lerp in RGBT
0x83749F70 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_bloomPersistence
amount of bloom feedback
0x8374A0C0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakXInnerTint
streak inner tint
0x83749FE0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakXLevels0
level weights RGB, level gamma
0x8374A050 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakXLevels1
level in black white, out black white
0x8374A130 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakXOuterTint
streak outer tint
0x8374A210 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakXTint
streak tint
0x8374A1A0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakXTintControl
streak saturation weights, saturation
0x8374A360 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakYInnerTint
streak inner tint
0x8374A280 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakYLevels0
level weights RGB, level gamma
0x8374A2F0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakYLevels1
level in black white, out black white
0x8374A3D0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakYOuterTint
streak outer tint
0x8374A4B0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_bloomStreakYTint
streak tint
0x8374A440 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomStreakYTintControl
streak saturation weights, saturation
0x837498E0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomTintScale
tint scale RGB, desaturation end
0x83749800 - Type: Dvar4 - r_bloomTintWeights
tint weights RGB, desaturation amount
0x83749720 - Type: BOOL - r_bloomTweaks
enbale bloom tweaks
0x837463F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_blur
Dev tweak to blur the screen
0x83746380 - Type: BOOL - r_blur_allowed
Allow blur.
0x837467E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_brightness
Brightness adjustment
0x83743FA0 - Type: DWORD - r_brushLimit
Maximum number of brushes drawn simultaneously
0x8374B320 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_burnedDestructibleColor
color of burned destructibles
0x83742FE0 - Type: BOOL - r_cacheModelLighting
Speed up model lighting by caching previous results
0x83742F70 - Type: BOOL - r_cacheSModelLighting
Speed up static model lighting by caching previous results
0x83743BB0 - Type: Dvar6 - r_clear
Controls how the color buffer is cleared
0x83743C20 - Type: Dvar8 - r_clearColor
Color to clear the screen to when clearing the frame buffer
0x83743C90 - Type: Dvar8 - r_clearColor2
Color to clear every second frame to (for use during development)
0x83741B50 - Type: Dvar6 - r_clipCodec
Codec used when rendering clips.
0x83741C30 - Type: DWORD - r_clipFPS
Render clip FPS.
0x83741BC0 - Type: Dvar6 - r_clipSize
Render clip size.
0x83743A60 - Type: BOOL - r_cmdbuf_worker
Process command buffer in a separate thread
0x837436E0 - Type: BOOL - r_collectActiveMaterials
print active materials (IN REMOTE CONSOLE)
0x837429C0 - Type: Dvar6 - r_colorMap
Replace all color maps with pure black or pure white
0x83746770 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_contrast
Contrast adjustment
0x8374AB40 - Type: DWORD - r_debugHDRdlight
debug dlights mode
0x8374AD00 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_debugHDRdlight_color
dlights debug color
0x8374AC20 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_debugHDRdlight_distance
distance dlights appear around camera
0x8374AC90 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_debugHDRdlight_radius
dlights falloff radius
0x8374ABB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_debugHDRdlight_scale
dlights color scale
0x8374B2B0 - Type: BOOL - r_debugLayers
Highlight Alpha Blended Polygons.
0x83742CD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_debugLineWidth
Width of server side debug lines
0x83742100 - Type: Dvar6 - r_debugShader
Enable shader debugging information
0x8374B630 - Type: BOOL - r_debugShowCoronas
shows location of coronas
0x8374B5C0 - Type: BOOL - r_debugShowDynamicLights
shows location of dynamic lights
0x8374B550 - Type: BOOL - r_debugShowPrimaryLights
shows location of primary lights
0x83746850 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_desaturation
Desaturation adjustment
0x83742B80 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_diffuseColorScale
Globally scale the diffuse color of all point lights
0x83746460 - Type: BOOL - r_distortion
Enable distortion
0x83743D70 - Type: DWORD - r_dlightLimit
Maximum number of dynamic lights drawn simultaneously
0x83743DE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dlightMaxFullScreenRadius
Maximum radius to limit dlights to in fullscreen.
0x83743E50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dlightMaxNonFullScreenRadius
Maximum radius to limit dlights to when not fullscreen
0x83743EC0 - Type: DWORD - r_dobjLimit
Maximum number of DObjs drawn simultaneously
0x83747C00 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_bias
Depth of field bias as a power function (like gamma); less than 1 is sharper
0x837477A0 - Type: BOOL - r_dof_enable
Enable the depth of field effect
0x837478F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_farBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83747B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_farEnd
Depth of field far end distance, in inches
0x83747B20 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_farStart
Depth of field far start distance, in inches
0x83747880 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_nearBlur
Sets the radius of the gaussian blur used by depth of field, in pixels at 640x480
0x83747AB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_nearEnd
Depth of field near end distance, in inches
0x83747A40 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_nearStart
Depth of field near start distance, in inches
0x83747C70 - Type: BOOL - r_dof_showdebug
displays DOF parameter debug
0x83747810 - Type: BOOL - r_dof_tweak
Use dvars to set the depth of field effect; overrides r_dof_enable
0x837479D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_viewModelEnd
Depth of field viewmodel end distance, in inches
0x83747960 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_dof_viewModelStart
Depth of field viewmodel start distance, in inches
0x8374C0B0 - Type: BOOL - r_dpvs_useCellForceInvisibleBits
turns on/off the script-driven cell vis bits
0x8374B710 - Type: BOOL - r_drawDebugFogParams
enables the fog debug display
0x837448D0 - Type: BOOL - r_drawWater
Enable water rendering
0x837426B0 - Type: BOOL - r_effectLimit
Set to 1 to dynamically scale back particles based on the amount onscreen.
0x83742790 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_effectLimitMax
When this many pixels of particle effects are rendered, 100% of new particles will die early. In millions of pixels.
0x83742720 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_effectLimitMin
When up to this many pixels of particle effects are rendered, particles will begin to die early. In millions of pixels.
0x8374AAD0 - Type: BOOL - r_enableDlights
toggle multipass dlights rendering
0x83746690 - Type: DWORD - r_enableFlashlight
Enable Player Flashlight.
0x83744D30 - Type: BOOL - r_enableOccluders
Enable occluders
0x83746620 - Type: BOOL - r_enablePlayerShadow
Enable First Person Player Shadow.
0x837434B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_envMapExponent
Reflection exponent.
0x83743440 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_envMapMaxIntensity
Max reflection intensity based on glancing angle.
0x837433D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_envMapMinIntensity
Min reflection intensity based on glancing angle.
0x83743360 - Type: BOOL - r_envMapOverride
Min reflection intensity based on glancing angle.
0x837428E0 - Type: BOOL - r_envMapSpecular
Enables environment map specular lighting
0x83743520 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_envMapSunIntensity
Max sun specular intensity intensity with env map materials.
0x83749640 - Type: BOOL - r_exposureTweak
enable the exposure dvar tweak
0x837496B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_exposureValue
0x8374BB70 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_extracam_custom_aspectratio
custom extracam aspect ratio (width/height). Set to -1 to use default aspect ratio
0x8374BBE0 - Type: BOOL - r_extracam_shadowmap_enable
enables extra cam shadowmapping
0x83747490 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmCurveSoftClip
film curve soft clip point
0x83746540 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmLut
Film LUT Index.
0x83746FC0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakBleach
Tweak dev var; film color Bleach dark - mid - light
0x837468C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakBrightness
Tweak dev var; film color brightness
0x83746BD0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakColorTemp
Tweak dev var; film color Color Temp dark - mid - light
0x83746F50 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakContrast
Tweak dev var; film color Contrast dark - mid - light
0x83746E70 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakDarkFeather
Tweak dev var; film color Dark range feather amount
0x83746C40 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakDarkTint
Tweak dev var; film color Dark Tint
0x83746930 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakDesaturation
Tweak dev var; Desaturation applied after all 3D drawing
0x83746A80 - Type: BOOL - r_filmTweakEnable
Tweak dev var; enable film color effects
0x83746AF0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakHue
Tweak dev var; film color Hue dark - mid - light
0x837469A0 - Type: BOOL - r_filmTweakInvert
Tweak dev var; enable inverted video
0x83746EE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakLightFeather
Tweak dev var; film color Light range feather amount
0x83746D20 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakLightTint
Tweak dev var; film color Light Tint
0x837465B0 - Type: DWORD - r_filmTweakLut
Tweak Film LUT Index.
0x83746E00 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakMidEnd
Tweak dev var; film color Mid End
0x83746D90 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_filmTweakMidStart
Tweak dev var; film color Mid Start
0x83746CB0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakMidTint
Tweak dev var; film color Mid Tint
0x83747030 - Type: BOOL - r_filmTweakRangeDebug
Tweak dev var; enable dark - mid - light debug display
0x83746B60 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_filmTweakSaturation
Tweak dev var; film color Saturation dark - mid - light
0x83746A10 - Type: BOOL - r_filmUseTweaks
Overide film effects with tweak dvar values
0x8374A520 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_finalShiftX
r,g,b channel shift x
0x8374A590 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_finalShiftY
r,g,b channel shift y
0x837464D0 - Type: BOOL - r_flame_allowed
Allow flame effect.
0x83748060 - Type: Dvar4 - r_flameFX_distortionScaleFactor
Distortion uv scales (Default to 1)
0x83747FF0 - Type: BOOL - r_flameFX_enable
Enable the flamethrower effect
0x837481B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flameFX_fadeDuration
Sets fade duration in seconds
0x83748140 - Type: DWORD - r_flameFX_FPS
fire frames per sec
0x837480D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flameFX_magnitude
Distortion magnitude
0x837446A0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_flashLightBobAmount
Flashlight Movement Amount.
0x83744710 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_flashLightBobRate
Flashlight Movement Rate.
0x837444E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightBrightness
Brightness scale for flash light.
0x83744630 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_flashLightColor
Flashlight Color.
0x83744400 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightEndRadius
Radius of the circle at the end of the flash light in inches.
0x837447F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightFlickerAmount
Flashlight Flicker Amount.
0x83744860 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightFlickerRate
Flashlight Flicker Rate (Times per second).
0x83744320 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightFovInnerFraction
Relative Inner FOV angle for the dynamic flash light. 0 is full fade 0.99 is almost no fade.
0x83744550 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_flashLightOffset
Relative position of the Flashlight.
0x837445C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightRange
Distance of the flash light in inches.
0x83744470 - Type: BOOL - r_flashLightShadows
Enable shadows for flash light.
0x83744780 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightSpecularScale
Flashlight Specular Scale.
0x83744390 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flashLightStartRadius
Radius of the circle at the start of the flash light in inches.
0x837473B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flimCurveBlack
film curve black point
0x83747420 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_flimCurveWhite
film curve white point
0x83742640 - Type: BOOL - r_fog
Set to 0 to disable fog
0x8374BFD0 - Type: BOOL - r_fog_disable
Disables fog
0x83745040 - Type: Dvar6 - r_forceLod
Force all level of detail to this level
0x83742410 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_fovScaleThresholdRigid
Threshold FOV LOD scaling must pass before taking effect for rigid models
0x837423A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_fovScaleThresholdSkinned
Threshold FOV LOD scaling must pass before taking effect for skinned models
0x83742090 - Type: BOOL - r_fullbright
Toggles rendering without lighting
0x83748ED0 - Type: DWORD - r_fullHDRrendering
enable full HDR rendering
0x83741CA0 - Type: BOOL - r_fullscreen
Display game full screen
0x83741D10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_gamma
Gamma value
0x837488B0 - Type: BOOL - r_genericFilter_enable
Enable the genericFilter material
0x8374B010 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_grassBurn
0x8374B080 - Type: BOOL - r_grassEnable
Diables grass movement
0x8374C040 - Type: BOOL - r_grassWindForceEnable
Enables wind gusts that affect dynFoliage grass
0x8374A9F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_heroLightColorTemp
hero diffuse light temp
0x8374A910 - Type: BOOL - r_heroLighting
Enable hero-only lighting
0x8374A980 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_heroLightSaturation
hero diffuse light saturation
0x8374AA60 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_heroLightScale
hero diffuse light scale
0x83744E80 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_highLodDist
Distance for high level of detail
0x83741AE0 - Type: DWORD - r_ignore
used for debugging anything
0x83741D80 - Type: BOOL - r_ignorehwgamma
Ignore hardware gamma
0x8375EF70 - Type: BOOL - r_inGameVideo
Allow in game cinematics
0x83742170 - Type: BOOL - r_lightConflicts
Shows conflicts between primary lights
0x8374A8A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lightGridContrast
Adjust the contrast of light color from the light grid
0x8374A750 - Type: BOOL - r_lightGridEnableTweaks
Enable tweaks of the light color from the light grid
0x8374A830 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lightGridIntensity
Adjust the intensity of light color from the light grid
0x8374A7C0 - Type: BOOL - r_lightGridUseTweakedValues
Use tweaked values instead of default
0x83742950 - Type: Dvar6 - r_lightMap
Replace all lightmaps with pure black or pure white
0x83743050 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lightTweakAmbient
Ambient light strength
0x837431A0 - Type: Dvar8 - r_lightTweakAmbientColor
Light ambient color
0x837430C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lightTweakDiffuseFraction
diffuse light fraction
0x83743210 - Type: DvarA - r_lightTweakSunColor
Sun color
0x83743280 - Type: Dvar8 - r_lightTweakSunDiffuseColor
Sun diffuse color
0x837432F0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_lightTweakSunDirection
Sun direction in degrees
0x83743130 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lightTweakSunLight
Sunlight strength
0x83744940 - Type: BOOL - r_lockPvs
Lock the viewpoint used for determining what is visible to the current position and direction
0x83742250 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lodBiasRigid
Bias the level of detail distance for rigid models (negative increases detail)
0x83742330 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lodBiasSkinned
Bias the level of detail distance for skinned models (negative increases detail)
0x837421E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lodScaleRigid
Scale the level of detail distance for rigid models (larger reduces detail)
0x837422C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lodScaleSkinned
Scale the level of detail distance for skinned models (larger reduces detail)
0x83743750 - Type: DWORD - r_logFile
Write all graphics hardware calls for this many frames to a logfile
0x83744FD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lowestLodDist
Distance for lowest level of detail
0x83744F60 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_lowLodDist
Distance for low level of detail
0x83748F40 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_0
lut data
0x83748FB0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_1
lut data
0x837493A0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_10
lut data
0x83749410 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_11
lut data
0x83749480 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_12
lut data
0x837494F0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_13
lut data
0x83749560 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_14
lut data
0x837495D0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_15
lut data
0x83749020 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_2
lut data
0x83749090 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_3
lut data
0x83749100 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_4
lut data
0x83749170 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_5
lut data
0x837491E0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_6
lut data
0x83749250 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_7
lut data
0x837492C0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_8
lut data
0x83749330 - Type: Dvar4 - r_lutvar_9
lut data
0x83743670 - Type: 11 - r_materialXYZ
material color checker XYZ d65 coords
0x83744EF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_mediumLodDist
Distance for medium level of detail
0x8374BB00 - Type: DWORD - r_missile_cam_debug_display
Show missile camera debug overlay
0x83743F30 - Type: DWORD - r_modelLimit
Maximum number of models drawn simultaneously
0x83747E30 - Type: Dvar4 - r_motionblur_blurOrigin
Tweak dev var; origin of blur
0x83747EA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_motionblur_directionFactor
Tweak dev var; blur magnitude due to direction change
0x83747CE0 - Type: BOOL - r_motionblur_enable
Enable the motion blur effect
0x83747D50 - Type: BOOL - r_motionblur_frameBased_enable
Enable object based motion blur effect
0x83747F80 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_motionblur_maxblur
Caps the number of pixels sampled for blur
0x83747DC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_motionblur_numberOfSamples
Tweak dev var; sets the number of pixels sampled
0x83747F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_motionblur_positionFactor
Tweak dev var; blur magnitude due to position change
0x837437C0 - Type: BOOL - r_norefresh
Skips all rendering. Useful for benchmarking.
0x83742A30 - Type: Dvar6 - r_normalMap
Replace all normal maps with a flat normal map
0x8374AD70 - Type: DWORD - r_num_viewports
number of viewports to expect to render
0x8374C190 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_offscreenCasterLodScale
Off-screen shadow casters LOD distance scale
0x8374AE50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_outdoorAwayBias
Affects the height map lookup for making sure snow doesn't go indoors
0x8374AEC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_outdoorDownBias
Affects the height map lookup for making sure snow doesn't go indoors
0x8374AF30 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_outdoorFeather
Outdoor z-feathering value
0x8374ADE0 - Type: DWORD - r_pixelShaderGPRReallocation
Number of general purpose registers to the pixel shader
0x83748DF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_blurMax
blur max
0x83748D80 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_blurMin
blur min
0x83748A70 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_debug_amount
Poison effect amount
0x83748A00 - Type: BOOL - r_poisonFX_debug_enable
Enable the poison effect
0x83748C30 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_dvisionA
double vision angle
0x83748CA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_dvisionX
amount of double vision x
0x83748D10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_dvisionY
amount of double vision y
0x83748AE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_pulse
pulse rate for distortion
0x83748B50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_warpX
amount of distortion in x
0x83748BC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_poisonFX_warpY
amount of distortion in y
0x83742870 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_polygonOffsetBias
Offset bias for decal polygons; bigger values z-fight less but poke through walls more
0x83742800 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_polygonOffsetScale
Offset scale for decal polygons; bigger values z-fight less but poke through walls more
0x83744A20 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_portalBevels
Helps cull geometry by angles of portals that are acute when projected onto the screen, value is the cosine of the angle
0x83744A90 - Type: BOOL - r_portalBevelsOnly
Use screen-space bounding box of portals rather than the actual shape of the portal projected onto the screen
0x83744C50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_portalMinClipArea
Don't clip child portals by a parent portal smaller than this fraction of the screen area.
0x83744CC0 - Type: DWORD - r_portalMinRecurseDepth
Ignore r_portalMinClipArea for portals with fewer than this many parent portals.
0x83744BE0 - Type: DWORD - r_portalWalkLimit
Stop portal recursion after this many iterations. Useful for debugging portal errors.
0x8374A670 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_primaryLightTweakDiffuseStrength
Tweak the diffuse intensity for primary lights
0x8374A6E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_primaryLightTweakSpecularStrength
Tweak the specular intensity for primary lights
0x8374A600 - Type: BOOL - r_primaryLightUseTweaks
Use primary light intensity tweaks
0x8374C120 - Type: BOOL - r_remotescreen_renderlastframe
toggles if remote screen update draws the last frame
0x83742BF0 - Type: BOOL - r_resampleScene
Upscale the frame buffer with sharpen filter and color correction.
0x837484C0 - Type: BOOL - r_reviveFX_debug
Enable the revive effect debug
0x837487D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_reviveFX_edgeAmount
edge effect amount
0x837485A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_reviveFX_edgeColorTemp
edge color temp
0x837486F0 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_reviveFX_edgeContrast
edge contrast adjust RGB
0x83748840 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_reviveFX_edgeMaskAdjust
edge mask expansion contraction
0x83748760 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_reviveFX_edgeOffset
edge tv style brightness adjust RGB
0x83748610 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_reviveFX_edgeSaturation
edge saturation
0x83748680 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_reviveFX_edgeScale
edge scale (tint) adjust RGB
0x83748530 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_reviveFX_fadeDuration
Sets fade duration in seconds
0x83743830 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_scaleViewport
Scale 3D viewports by this fraction. Use this to see if framerate is pixel shader bound.
0x83747340 - Type: DWORD - r_sCurveEnable
S-Curve On-Off
0x83747180 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveLinearAngle
S-Curve Linear Angle
0x83747110 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveLinearStrength
S-Curve Linear Strength
0x837470A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveShoulderStrength
S-Curve Shoulder Strength
0x837472D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveToeDenominator
S-Curve Toe Denominator
0x83747260 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveToeNumerator
S-Curve Toe Numerator
0x837471F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sCurveToeStrength
S-Curve Toe Strength
0x8374B780 - Type: BOOL - r_seethru_decal_enable
Toggles see-through impact holes
0x83743D00 - Type: BOOL - r_setFrameBufferAlpha
Sets the rendered pixels' alpha to 255 and the background to 0
0x8374BC50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_shader_constant_set_debug_range
How far to draw scs debug view
0x8374BCC0 - Type: BOOL - r_shader_constant_set_enable
enables shader constant sets
0x83744DA0 - Type: Dvar6 - r_showFbColorDebug
Show front buffer color debugging information
0x83744E10 - Type: BOOL - r_showFloatZDebug
Show float z buffer used to eliminate hard edges on particles near geometry
0x83744B70 - Type: BOOL - r_showForcedInvisibleCells
Only draw cells that are forced to be off.
0x83748E60 - Type: BOOL - r_showHDRalpha
debug display expensive HDR alphas
0x83742E20 - Type: BOOL - r_showLightGrid
Show light grid debugging information
0x83742E90 - Type: BOOL - r_showLightingOrigins
Show lighting origins for models
0x83742F00 - Type: BOOL - r_showMissingLightGrid
Use rainbow colors for entities that are outside the light grid
0x83743600 - Type: BOOL - r_showOutdoorVolumeDebug
Toggles the display of particle outdoor volume debug
0x83742C60 - Type: Dvar6 - r_showPenetration
Shows materials tagged with 'nopenetrate'
0x83743590 - Type: BOOL - r_showSunDirectionDebug
Toggles the display of sun direction debug
0x83744B00 - Type: BOOL - r_singleCell
Only draw things in the same cell as the camera. Most useful for seeing how big the current cell is.
0x837449B0 - Type: BOOL - r_skipPvs
Skipt the determination of what is in the potentially visible set (disables most drawing)
0x8374BE10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sky_intensity_angle0
angle0 of sky intensity
0x8374BE80 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sky_intensity_angle1
angle1 of sky intensity
0x8374BEF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sky_intensity_factor0
angle0 of sky intensity
0x8374BF60 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sky_intensity_factor1
angle1 of sky intensity
0x8374BD30 - Type: BOOL - r_sky_intensity_showDebugDisplay
Enables sky intensity debugging display
0x8374BDA0 - Type: BOOL - r_sky_intensity_useDebugValues
use dvar values for sky intensity
0x8374B240 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_skyColorTemp
Sky box color temp.
0x8374B0F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_skyTransition
Sky transition blend factor.
0x83743AD0 - Type: BOOL - r_smooth_vsync
Enable smoothing of v-sync.
0x837438A0 - Type: BOOL - r_smp_backend
Process renderer back end in a separate thread
0x83743910 - Type: BOOL - r_smp_worker
Process renderer front end in a separate thread
0x83743980 - Type: BOOL - r_smp_worker_thread0
Enable worker thread
0x837439F0 - Type: BOOL - r_smp_worker_thread1
Enable worker thread
0x83742B10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_specularColorScale
Set greater than 1 to brighten specular highlights
0x83742AA0 - Type: Dvar6 - r_specularRoughnessMap
Replace all specular and roughness maps
0x837442B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_spotLightBrightness
Brightness scale for spot light to get overbrightness from the 0-1 particle color range.
0x837440F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_spotLightEndRadius
Radius of the circle at the end of the spot light in inches.
0x83744240 - Type: BOOL - r_spotLightEntityShadows
Enable entity shadows for spot lights.
0x83744010 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_spotLightFovInnerFraction
Relative Inner FOV angle for the dynamic spot light. 0 is full fade 0.99 is almost no fade.
0x83744160 - Type: BOOL - r_spotLightShadows
Enable shadows for spot lights.
0x837441D0 - Type: BOOL - r_spotLightSModelShadows
Enable static model shadows for spot lights.
0x83744080 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_spotLightStartRadius
Radius of the circle at the start of the spot light in inches.
0x837460E0 - Type: BOOL - r_stereo3DAvailable
3D Mode available
0x837461C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_stereo3DEyeSeparation
3D eye separation
0x83746150 - Type: DWORD - r_stereo3DMode
3D Rendering mode
0x83746070 - Type: BOOL - r_stereo3DOn
3D on off toggle
0x83746230 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_stereoFocusDepth
3D eye focus depth
0x837462A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_stereoGunShift
3D gun shift
0x83746310 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_stereoTurretShift
3D turret shift
0x837459E0 - Type: DWORD - r_stream
Stream high mip levels (1=world|2=xmodels|4=bmodels)
0x83745A50 - Type: BOOL - r_streamClear
Set true to clear all streamed highmip levels
0x83745AC0 - Type: BOOL - r_streamDebug
Corrupts high mip levels which should not be visible, rather than unloading them.
0x83745BA0 - Type: DWORD - r_streamFakeLagMsec
Number of msec to add to streaming to roughly fake DVD lag
0x83745E40 - Type: BOOL - r_streamFreezeState
Freeze the state of all streaming memory - don't allow streaming or un-streaming of any images.
0x83745B30 - Type: BOOL - r_streamFull
Don't let anyone take any of your precious stream buffer. Some people need to debug texture streaming. Steve needs to debug texture streaming.
0x83745F20 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_streamHiddenPush
Scale the distance of hidden objects by this amount
0x83745EB0 - Type: DWORD - r_streamLog
Enable logging of all streaming commands executed - printed to Output and console
0x83745F90 - Type: BOOL - r_streamLowDetail
Force lowest detail mips to always be loaded (disable this for more memory in release builds)
0x83745C10 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_streamMaxDist
Maximum distance to predictively stream from
0x83745CF0 - Type: BOOL - r_streamShowList
Show list of streamed textures
0x83745C80 - Type: BOOL - r_streamShowStats
Show streaming stats
0x83745D60 - Type: DWORD - r_streamSize
Limit size of stream buffer in KB (0 is no limit)
0x83745DD0 - Type: DWORD - r_streamTaint
Corrupt loaded mips (1-2: solid roygbiv to show mip rendered; 3-5: color coded imageIndex, difference is alpha)
0x8374AFA0 - Type: BOOL - r_sun_from_dvars
Set sun flare values from dvars rather than the level
0x83741A70 - Type: FLOAT3 - r_sun_fx_position
Position in degrees of the sun effect
0x83741760 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunblind_fadein
time in seconds to fade blind from 0% to 100%
0x837417D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunblind_fadeout
time in seconds to fade blind from 100% to 0%
0x83741680 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunblind_max_angle
angle from sun in degrees inside which blinding is max
0x837416F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunblind_max_darken
0-1 fraction for how black the world is at max blind
0x83741610 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunblind_min_angle
angle from sun in degrees outside which blinding is 0
0x83741530 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_fadein
time in seconds to fade alpha from 0% to 100%
0x837415A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_fadeout
time in seconds to fade alpha from 100% to 0%
0x837414C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_max_alpha
0-1 vertex color and alpha of sun at max effect
0x83741450 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_max_angle
angle from sun in degrees inside which effect is max
0x837413E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_max_size
largest size of flare effect in pixels at 640x480
0x83741370 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_min_angle
angle from sun in degrees outside which effect is 0
0x83741300 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunflare_min_size
smallest size of flare effect in pixels at 640x480
0x83741290 - Type: External - r_sunflare_shader= "sun_flare"
0x83741990 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunglare_fadein
time in seconds to fade glare from 0% to 100%
0x83741A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunglare_fadeout
time in seconds to fade glare from 100% to 0%
0x837418B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunglare_max_angle
angle from sun in degrees inside which glare is minimum
0x83741920 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunglare_max_lighten
0-1 fraction for how white the world is at max glare
0x83741840 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunglare_min_angle
angle from sun in degrees inside which glare is maximum
0x837411B0 - Type: External - r_sunsprite_shader= "sun"
0x83741220 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_sunsprite_size
diameter in pixels at 640x480 and 80 fov
0x83748990 - Type: BOOL - r_superFlare_debug
Enable the superFlare debug occlusion circles
0x83748920 - Type: BOOL - r_superFlare_enable
Enable the superFlare effect
0x8374B400 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_swrk_override_characterCharredAmount
overrides the __characterCharredAmount Shaderworks tweak
0x8374B470 - Type: Dvar4 - r_swrk_override_characterDissolveColor
overrides the __characterDissolveColor Shaderworks tweak
0x8374B390 - Type: BOOL - r_swrk_override_enable
Enable shaderworks overrides
0x8374B4E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_swrk_override_wetness
Overrides the character wetness.
0x8374B7F0 - Type: BOOL - r_tension_enable
Toggles tension
0x8374B1D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_testScale
Specular Scale.
0x83741DF0 - Type: DWORD - r_texFilterAnisoMax
Maximum anisotropy to use for texture filtering
0x83741ED0 - Type: DWORD - r_texFilterAnisoMin
Minimum anisotropy to use for texture filtering (overridden by max)
0x83741E60 - Type: BOOL - r_texFilterDisable
Disables all texture filtering (uses nearest only.)
0x83741FB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_texFilterMipBias
Change the mipmap bias
0x83741F40 - Type: Dvar6 - r_texFilterMipMode
Forces all mipmaps to use a particular blend between levels (or disables mipping.)
0x83742020 - Type: BOOL - r_texMipFading
Fades in mipmaps instead of popping. On by default. Dvar ignored in ship (always on)
0x8377F420 - Type: External - r_textureMode= "bilinear"
0x8374B160 - Type: DWORD - r_treeScale
Envmap Scale.
0x8374B860 - Type: BOOL - r_ui3d_debug_display
Show UI3D debug overlay
0x8374BA90 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_ui3d_h
ui3d texture window height
0x8374B8D0 - Type: DWORD - r_ui3d_use_debug_values
Use UI debug values
0x8374BA20 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_ui3d_w
ui3d texture window width
0x8374B940 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_ui3d_x
ui3d texture window x
0x8374B9B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_ui3d_y
ui3d texture window y
0x8374B6A0 - Type: BOOL - r_use_separate_char_tech
enables the optimization of a separate charred material tech
0x83742D40 - Type: DWORD - r_vc_makelog
Enable logging of light grid points for the vis cache. 1 starts from scratch, 2 appends.
0x83742DB0 - Type: DWORD - r_vc_showlog
Show this many rows of light grid points for the vis cache
0x83746000 - Type: BOOL - r_videoOutputChanged
The video output config has changed
0x83743B40 - Type: BOOL - r_vsync
Enable v-sync before drawing the next frame to avoid 'tearing' artifacts.
0x83746700 - Type: BOOL - r_waterFogTest
Enable Water Fog Test.
0x83748220 - Type: BOOL - r_waterSheetingFX_allowed
Enable the water sheeting effect
0x83748300 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterSheetingFX_distortionScaleFactor
Distortion uv scales (Default to 1)
0x83748290 - Type: BOOL - r_waterSheetingFX_enable
Enable the water sheeting effect
0x83748450 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_waterSheetingFX_fadeDuration
Sets fade duration in seconds
0x83748370 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_waterSheetingFX_magnitude
Distortion magnitude
0x837483E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_waterSheetingFX_radius
Tweak dev var; Glow radius in pixels at 640x480
0x83777F50 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_curlAmount
Amount of curl applied
0x83777FC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_curlMax
Maximum curl limit
0x83778030 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_curlReduce
Amount curl gets reduced by when over limit
0x83777E00 - Type: BOOL - r_watersim_debug
Enables bullet debug markers
0x8374EDC0 - Type: BOOL - r_watersim_enabled
Enables dynamic water simulation
0x83777E70 - Type: BOOL - r_watersim_flatten
Flattens the water surface out
0x83778110 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_foamAppear
Rate foam appears at
0x83778180 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_foamDisappear
Rate foam disappears at
0x837780A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_minShoreHeight
Allows water to lap over the shoreline edge
0x83778340 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_particleGravity
Particle gravity
0x83778420 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_particleLength
Length of each particle
0x837783B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_particleLimit
Limit at which particles get spawned
0x83778490 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_particleWidth
Width of each particle
0x83778500 - Type: Dvar2 - r_watersim_scroll
XY coords to scroll water in
0x83777EE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_waveSeedDelay
Time between seeding a new wave (ms)
0x837781F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_windAmount
Amount of wind applied
0x83778260 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_windDir
Wind direction (degrees)
0x837782D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_watersim_windMax
Maximum wind limit
0x837475E0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWaveAmplitude
water wave amplitude
0x83747500 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWaveAngle
water wave angle
0x83747650 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWavePhase
water wave phase
0x83747730 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWaveSpeed
water wave speed
0x837476C0 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWaveSteepness
water wave steepness
0x83747570 - Type: Dvar4 - r_waterWaveWavelength
water wave wavelength
0x83742480 - Type: BOOL - r_worldLod
Set to zero to force world lods to highest
0x837425D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_zfar
Change the distance at which culling fog reaches 100% opacity; 0 is off
0x837424F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_znear
Things closer than this aren't drawn. Reducing this increases z-fighting in the distance.
0x83742560 - Type: FLOAT1 - r_znear_depthhack
Viewmodel near clip plane
0x83786960 - Type: BOOL - radius_damage_debug
Turn on debug lines for radius damage traces
0x837778C0 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_baselerp_time
Default time ragdoll baselerp bones take to reach the base pose
0x837777E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_bullet_force
Bullet force applied to ragdolls
0x83777850 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_bullet_upbias
Upward bias applied to ragdoll bullet effects
0x83777540 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_debug
Draw ragdoll debug info (bitflags)
0x83777AF0 - Type: BOOL - ragdoll_dump_anims
Dump animation data when ragdoll fails
0x837774D0 - Type: BOOL - ragdoll_enable
Turn on ragdoll death animations
0x83777700 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_explode_force
Explosive force applied to ragdolls
0x83777770 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_explode_upbias
Upwards bias applied to ragdoll explosion effects
0x837775B0 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_fps
Ragdoll update frames per second
0x83777A10 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_jitter_scale
Scale up or down the effect of physics jitter on ragdolls
0x83777930 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_jointlerp_time
Default time taken to lerp down ragdoll joint friction
0x83777620 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_max_life
Max lifetime of a ragdoll system in msec
0x83777690 - Type: DWORD - ragdoll_max_simulating
Max number of simultaneous active ragdolls
0x83771F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_reactivation_cutoff
Ragdoll reactivation distance cutoff
0x837779A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_rotvel_scale
Ragdoll rotational velocity estimate scale
0x83777A80 - Type: FLOAT1 - ragdoll_self_collision_scale
Scale the size of the collision capsules used to prevent ragdoll limbs from interpenetrating
0x8375F830 - Type: DWORD - rate
Player's preferred baud rate
0x83755490 - Type: BOOL - recordPointsSpent
Record spending through eventRecordBin
0x8376A1F0 - Type: DWORD - redactionDisplayTime
Time that it should be displayed for.
0x8376A260 - Type: DWORD - redactionFadeDuration
Fade duration time.
0x8376A2D0 - Type: DWORD - redactionStartStrokeTime
Time before the stroke starts.
0x8376A340 - Type: DWORD - redactionStrokeTime
Time it takes to complete the redaction stroke.
0x8375C3B0 - Type: DWORD - reliableResendTime
Amount of time (in ms) to wait before resending an unack'd reliable message
0x8375C420 - Type: DWORD - reliableTimeoutTime
Amount of time (in ms) to wait before timing out a client for not ack'ing a message
0x83776EB0 - Type: DWORD - render_actor_collision
render actor collision
0x83776F20 - Type: DWORD - render_bpi_env_collision
render bpi_env collision
0x83776E40 - Type: DWORD - render_player_collision
render player collision
0x83757720 - Type: DWORD - reportUserUploadInterval
Number of seconds before all the global counters are uploaded
0x83757790 - Type: DWORD - reportUserVoteInterval
The interval in minutes you wait before getting another vote on this console as long as the console is turned on.
0x8374E6C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - revive_time_taken
The time it takes to revive a player in last stand.
0x8375C490 - Type: FLOAT1 - safeArea_horizontal
Horizontal safe area as a fraction of the screen width
0x8375C500 - Type: FLOAT1 - safeArea_vertical
Vertical safe area as a fraction of the screen height
0x8375C570 - Type: FLOAT1 - safeAreaTweakable_horizontal
User-adjustable horizontal safe area as a fraction of the screen width
0x8375C5E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - safeAreaTweakable_vertical
User-adjustable vertical safe area as a fraction of the screen height
0x8378FAA0 - Type: External - scr_allies= "marines"
0x83791160 - Type: External - scr_allow_killstreak_building= "0"
0x8374D540 - Type: External - scr_allowannouncer= "1"
0x8374D4D0 - Type: External - scr_allowbattlechatter= "1"
0x83780300 - Type: External - scr_attack_dog_count_zm= "3"
0x83780290 - Type: External - scr_attack_dog_health_zm= "100000"
0x83780220 - Type: External - scr_attack_dog_kills_zm= "25"
0x83780370 - Type: External - scr_attack_dog_max_at_once_zm= "3"
0x837801B0 - Type: External - scr_attack_dog_time_zm= "45"
0x8378FB10 - Type: External - scr_axis= "ussr"
0x837966B0 - Type: External - scr_bomb_accel_time= ".75"
0x83796560 - Type: External - scr_bomb_explode_delay= "1.5"
0x83796640 - Type: External - scr_bomb_time= "1.5"
0x837964F0 - Type: External - scr_cam_move_time= "2.5"
0x83752010 - Type: External - scr_cp_pointsperkill= "100"
0x83751050 - Type: External - scr_ctf_enemycarriervisible= "0"
0x83750FE0 - Type: External - scr_ctf_flagrespawntime= "0"
0x837510C0 - Type: External - scr_ctf_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x83750F70 - Type: External - scr_ctf_idleflagreturntime= "30"
0x83750DB0 - Type: External - scr_ctf_numlives= "0"
0x83750E20 - Type: External - scr_ctf_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x83750CD0 - Type: External - scr_ctf_roundlimit= "3"
0x83750D40 - Type: External - scr_ctf_roundswitch= "1"
0x83750BF0 - Type: External - scr_ctf_scorelimit= "3"
0x83750C60 - Type: External - scr_ctf_timelimit= "5"
0x83750F00 - Type: External - scr_ctf_touchreturn= "1"
0x83750E90 - Type: External - scr_ctf_waverespawndelay= "15"
0x83783320 - Type: External - scr_custom_score_assist= "-1"
0x837961E0 - Type: External - scr_deleteexplosivesonspawn= "1"
0x837509C0 - Type: External - scr_dem_bombtimer= "45"
0x83750AA0 - Type: External - scr_dem_defusetime= "5"
0x83750B10 - Type: External - scr_dem_extratime= "3"
0x83750B80 - Type: External - scr_dem_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x83750950 - Type: External - scr_dem_numlives= "0"
0x83750A30 - Type: External - scr_dem_planttime= "5"
0x83750870 - Type: External - scr_dem_roundlimit= "0"
0x837508E0 - Type: External - scr_dem_roundswitch= "1"
0x83750790 - Type: External - scr_dem_scorelimit= "2"
0x83750800 - Type: External - scr_dem_timelimit= "2.5"
0x83795DF0 - Type: External - scr_dial_rotate_time= "0.5"
0x8374D9A0 - Type: External - scr_disable_air_death_ragdoll= "0"
0x8374D8C0 - Type: External - scr_disable_attachments= "0"
0x8374D690 - Type: External - scr_disable_cac= "0"
0x8374D930 - Type: External - scr_disable_contracts= "0"
0x8374D850 - Type: External - scr_disable_equipment= "0"
0x8374D7E0 - Type: External - scr_disable_tacinsert= "0"
0x8374D700 - Type: External - scr_disable_weapondrop= "0"
0x8374F300 - Type: External - scr_dm_bonus_leader= "0"
0x8374F0D0 - Type: External - scr_dm_globalbattlechatterprobability= "10000"
0x8374EF80 - Type: External - scr_dm_numlives= "0"
0x8374EFF0 - Type: External - scr_dm_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x8374EF10 - Type: External - scr_dm_roundlimit= "1"
0x8374F1B0 - Type: External - scr_dm_score_assist= "0"
0x8374F220 - Type: External - scr_dm_score_death= "0"
0x8374F370 - Type: External - scr_dm_score_headshot= "0"
0x8374F140 - Type: External - scr_dm_score_kill= "50"
0x8374F290 - Type: External - scr_dm_score_suicide= "0"
0x8374EE30 - Type: External - scr_dm_scorelimit= "1500"
0x8374EEA0 - Type: External - scr_dm_timelimit= "100"
0x8374F060 - Type: External - scr_dm_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x8374E1F0 - Type: External - scr_dog_count= "1000"
0x8374E180 - Type: External - scr_dog_health= "10000"
0x8374E260 - Type: External - scr_dog_max_at_once= "1000"
0x8374E110 - Type: External - scr_dog_time= "1000"
0x8374F6F0 - Type: External - scr_dom_flagcapturetime= "100"
0x8374F680 - Type: External - scr_dom_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x8374F530 - Type: External - scr_dom_numlives= "0"
0x8374F5A0 - Type: External - scr_dom_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x8374F4C0 - Type: External - scr_dom_roundlimit= "1"
0x8374F3E0 - Type: External - scr_dom_scorelimit= "200"
0x8374F450 - Type: External - scr_dom_timelimit= "0"
0x8374F610 - Type: External - scr_dom_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x83792430 - Type: External - scr_drawfriend= "0"
0x8378C850 - Type: External - scr_fog_baseheight= "-475.268"
0x8378C7E0 - Type: External - scr_fog_blue= "0.9624"
0x8378C620 - Type: External - scr_fog_exp_halfheight= "243.735"
0x8378C5B0 - Type: External - scr_fog_exp_halfplane= "3759.28"
0x8378C770 - Type: External - scr_fog_green= "0.962521"
0x8378C690 - Type: External - scr_fog_nearplane= "601.593"
0x8378C700 - Type: External - scr_fog_red= "0.806694"
0x83790670 - Type: External - scr_fx_tabun_radius0= "55"
0x837906E0 - Type: External - scr_fx_tabun_radius1= "55"
0x83790750 - Type: External - scr_fx_tabun_radius2= "50"
0x837907C0 - Type: External - scr_fx_tabun_radius3= "25"
0x8378B0B0 - Type: External - scr_game_allowfinalkillcam= "1"
0x8374D000 - Type: External - scr_game_allowkillcam= "1"
0x8378B120 - Type: External - scr_game_arcadescoring= "0"
0x8374D460 - Type: External - scr_game_bulletdamage= "1.0"
0x8374D0E0 - Type: External - scr_game_deathpointloss= "0"
0x8378B190 - Type: External - scr_game_difficulty= "1"
0x8374D380 - Type: External - scr_game_forceradar= "0"
0x8374CF90 - Type: External - scr_game_graceperiod= "15"
0x8374D3F0 - Type: External - scr_game_hardpoints= "1"
0x837924A0 - Type: External - scr_game_killstreaks= "1"
0x83792580 - Type: External - scr_game_medalsenabled= "1"
0x8374D070 - Type: External - scr_game_onlyheadshots= "0"
0x8374D310 - Type: External - scr_game_perks= "1"
0x8378B200 - Type: External - scr_game_pinups= "0"
0x8378B040 - Type: External - scr_game_prematchperiod= "15"
0x83792510 - Type: External - scr_game_rankenabled= "1"
0x8374D230 - Type: External - scr_game_spectatetype= "1"
0x8374D150 - Type: External - scr_game_suicidepointloss= "0"
0x837965D0 - Type: External - scr_glass_break_delay= "0.5"
0x83790830 - Type: External - scr_guidedMissileMaxHeight= "4000"
0x8374E2D0 - Type: External - scr_hardcore= "0"
0x8378B820 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_airstrikecount= "3"
0x8378BC80 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowairstrike= "1"
0x8374DA10 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowartillery= "1"
0x8378BF90 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowauto_turret= "1"
0x8378BCF0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowbomber= "1"
0x8378BBA0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowcounteruav= "1"
0x8374DAF0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowdogs= "1"
0x8378BDD0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter= "1"
0x8378BEB0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_comlink= "1"
0x8378C0E0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_gunner= "1"
0x8378C000 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_player= "1"
0x8378C070 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_player_firstperson= "1"
0x8378BE40 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowhelicopter_x2= "1"
0x8378BC10 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowmortar= "1"
0x8378BD60 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allownapalm= "1"
0x83780140 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowradar= "1"
0x8378BB30 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowradardirection= "1"
0x8378BA50 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowradartime= "1"
0x8378BAC0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowradarupdate= "1"
0x8378BF20 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowrcbomb= "1"
0x8378B7B0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowsupply= "1"
0x8374DA80 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_allowuav= "1"
0x8378B890 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_artilleryCanonCount= "3"
0x8378B900 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_artilleryCanonShellCount= "5"
0x8378B970 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_mortarCanonCount= "3"
0x8378B9E0 - Type: External - scr_hardpoint_mortarCanonShellCount= "2"
0x837912B0 - Type: External - scr_heli_armor= "500"
0x83791C50 - Type: External - scr_heli_armor_bulletdamage= "0.3"
0x83791390 - Type: External - scr_heli_armored_maxhealth= "1500"
0x83791D30 - Type: External - scr_heli_attract_range= "20000"
0x83791CC0 - Type: External - scr_heli_attract_strength= "1000"
0x837914E0 - Type: External - scr_heli_debug= "0"
0x83791550 - Type: External - scr_heli_debug_crash= "0"
0x83791470 - Type: External - scr_heli_dest_wait= "8"
0x837917F0 - Type: External - scr_heli_health_degrade= "0"
0x837911D0 - Type: External - scr_heli_loopmax= "2"
0x83791320 - Type: External - scr_heli_maxhealth= "1500"
0x83791B00 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_friendlycare= "512"
0x83791400 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_max= "20"
0x83791780 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_range= "100000"
0x837919B0 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_regen_time= "100"
0x83791F60 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_reload_time= "5.0"
0x83791240 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_rof= "2"
0x83791B70 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_target_cone= "0.6"
0x83791BE0 - Type: External - scr_heli_missile_valid_target_cone= "0.7"
0x83791E80 - Type: External - scr_heli_protect_pos_time= "12"
0x83791EF0 - Type: External - scr_heli_protect_radius= "2000"
0x83791E10 - Type: External - scr_heli_protect_time= "1000"
0x83791A90 - Type: External - scr_heli_target_recognition= "0.5"
0x83791940 - Type: External - scr_heli_target_spawnprotection= "5"
0x837915C0 - Type: External - scr_heli_targeting_delay= "0.5"
0x83791860 - Type: External - scr_heli_turret_angle_tan= "1"
0x83791A20 - Type: External - scr_heli_turret_spinup_delay= "0.75"
0x837918D0 - Type: External - scr_heli_turret_target_cone= "0.6"
0x837916A0 - Type: External - scr_heli_turretClipSize= "20"
0x83791630 - Type: External - scr_heli_turretReloadTime= "1.5"
0x83791710 - Type: External - scr_heli_visual_range= "3500"
0x83791FD0 - Type: External - scr_heli_warning_distance= "500"
0x83791DA0 - Type: External - scr_helicopterTurretMaxAngle= "35"
0x8374D620 - Type: External - scr_killstreak_stacking= "0"
0x83751750 - Type: External - scr_koth_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x837512F0 - Type: External - scr_koth_numlives= "0"
0x83751360 - Type: External - scr_koth_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x83751210 - Type: External - scr_koth_roundlimit= "1"
0x83751280 - Type: External - scr_koth_roundswitch= "1"
0x83751130 - Type: External - scr_koth_scorelimit= "250"
0x837511A0 - Type: External - scr_koth_timelimit= "15"
0x837513D0 - Type: External - scr_koth_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x83796410 - Type: External - scr_laststand_keep_weapons= "0"
0x8378FF70 - Type: External - scr_mapsize= "64"
0x8378FB80 - Type: External - scr_max_rank= "0"
0x8374E730 - Type: External - scr_min_prestige= "0"
0x8378FDB0 - Type: External - scr_motd= ""
0x83795CA0 - Type: External - scr_numLives= "0"
0x83796250 - Type: External - scr_objectiveText= "OBJECTIVES_TDM_HINT"
0x8374E340 - Type: External - scr_oldschool= "0"
0x8378B3C0 - Type: External - scr_player_allowrevive= "1"
0x8374E030 - Type: External - scr_player_forcerespawn= "1"
0x8374DFC0 - Type: External - scr_player_healthregentime= "5"
0x8374DEE0 - Type: External - scr_player_maxhealth= "10000"
0x8374DE00 - Type: External - scr_player_numlives= "0"
0x8374DE70 - Type: External - scr_player_respawndelay= "0"
0x8374E0A0 - Type: External - scr_player_sprinttime= "1000"
0x8374DF50 - Type: External - scr_player_suicidespawndelay= "0"
0x83790590 - Type: External - scr_poisonDamage= "13"
0x83790600 - Type: External - scr_poisonDamageHardcore= "5"
0x83790520 - Type: External - scr_poisonDuration= "8"
0x83792040 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_car_size= "1"
0x837920B0 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeIn_delay= "0.25"
0x83792190 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeIn_timeBlack= "0.5"
0x83792120 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeIn_timeIn= "0.5"
0x83792200 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeIn_timeOut= "0.5"
0x83792270 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeOut_delay= "0.5"
0x83792350 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeOut_timeBlack= "0.25"
0x837922E0 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeOut_timeIn= "0.5"
0x837923C0 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_fadeOut_timeOut= "0.5"
0x8374E500 - Type: External - scr_rcbomb_notimeout= "0"
0x8378CCB0 - Type: External - scr_RequiredMapAspectratio= "1"
0x8374E7A0 - Type: External - scr_rocket_event= "percent"
0x8374E880 - Type: External - scr_rocket_event_off= "0"
0x8374E810 - Type: External - scr_rocket_event_trigger1= "50"
0x8378E140 - Type: External - scr_rotating_objects_secs= "12"
0x8374FF40 - Type: External - scr_sab_bombtimer= "30"
0x83750020 - Type: External - scr_sab_defusetime= "5"
0x837501E0 - Type: External - scr_sab_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x83750090 - Type: External - scr_sab_hotpotato= "0"
0x8374FED0 - Type: External - scr_sab_numlives= "0"
0x8374FFB0 - Type: External - scr_sab_planttime= "2.5"
0x83750100 - Type: External - scr_sab_playerrespawndelay= "7.5"
0x8374FDF0 - Type: External - scr_sab_roundlimit= "1"
0x8374FE60 - Type: External - scr_sab_roundswitch= "1"
0x8374FD10 - Type: External - scr_sab_scorelimit= "1"
0x8374FD80 - Type: External - scr_sab_timelimit= "100"
0x83750170 - Type: External - scr_sab_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x8378CD20 - Type: External - scr_script_based_influencer_system= "0"
0x83750480 - Type: External - scr_sd_bombtimer= "45"
0x83750560 - Type: External - scr_sd_defusetime= "5"
0x8374D2A0 - Type: External - scr_sd_game_spectatetype= "3"
0x83750720 - Type: External - scr_sd_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x837505D0 - Type: External - scr_sd_multibomb= "0"
0x83750410 - Type: External - scr_sd_numlives= "1"
0x837504F0 - Type: External - scr_sd_planttime= "5"
0x83750640 - Type: External - scr_sd_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x83750330 - Type: External - scr_sd_roundlimit= "0"
0x837503A0 - Type: External - scr_sd_roundswitch= "3"
0x83750250 - Type: External - scr_sd_scorelimit= "1000"
0x837502C0 - Type: External - scr_sd_timelimit= "2.5"
0x837506B0 - Type: External - scr_sd_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x83796170 - Type: External - scr_selecting_location= ""
0x83796100 - Type: External - scr_showperksonspawn= "1"
0x8374EA40 - Type: External - scr_sideBetTimer= "0"
0x8378D6C0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_artillery_influencer_radius= "1200"
0x8378D5E0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_artillery_influencer_score= "-600"
0x8378D650 - Type: External - scr_spawn_artillery_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378DC00 - Type: External - scr_spawn_auto_turret_influencer_radius= "1200"
0x8378DB20 - Type: External - scr_spawn_auto_turret_influencer_score= "-650"
0x8378DB90 - Type: External - scr_spawn_auto_turret_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378D180 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dead_friend_influencer_count= "7"
0x8378D2D0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dead_friend_influencer_radius= "1300"
0x8378D1F0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dead_friend_influencer_score= "-100"
0x8378D260 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dead_friend_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x8378D110 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dead_friend_influencer_timeout_seconds= "8"
0x8378D570 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dog_influencer_radius= "1050"
0x8378D490 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dog_influencer_score= "-150"
0x8378D500 - Type: External - scr_spawn_dog_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x8378D0A0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_enemy_influencer_radius= "1600"
0x8378CFC0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_enemy_influencer_score= "-150"
0x8378D030 - Type: External - scr_spawn_enemy_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x837908A0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_enemyavoiddist= "800"
0x83790910 - Type: External - scr_spawn_enemyavoidweight= "0"
0x83796090 - Type: External - scr_spawn_force_unified= "0"
0x8378CF50 - Type: External - scr_spawn_friend_weak_influencer_radius= "700"
0x8378CE70 - Type: External - scr_spawn_friend_weak_influencer_score= "25"
0x8378CEE0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_friend_weak_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x8378D960 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_endpoint_influencer_radius= "560"
0x8378D880 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_endpoint_influencer_score= "-300"
0x8378D8F0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_endpoint_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378D810 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_influencer_radius= "560"
0x8378D730 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_influencer_score= "-300"
0x8378D7A0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_grenade_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378DF10 - Type: External - scr_spawn_helicopter_influencer_length= "3500"
0x8378DEA0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_helicopter_influencer_radius= "2000"
0x8378DDC0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_helicopter_influencer_score= "-500"
0x8378DE30 - Type: External - scr_spawn_helicopter_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378DAB0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_napalm_influencer_radius= "3500"
0x8378D9D0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_napalm_influencer_score= "-500"
0x8378DA40 - Type: External - scr_spawn_napalm_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x8378CE00 - Type: External - scr_spawn_objective_facing_bonus= "50"
0x8378CD90 - Type: External - scr_spawn_randomness_range= "100"
0x8378DD50 - Type: External - scr_spawn_rcbomb_influencer_radius= "1750"
0x8378DC70 - Type: External - scr_spawn_rcbomb_influencer_score= "-200"
0x8378DCE0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_rcbomb_influencer_score_curve= "steep"
0x8378E0D0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_tvmissile_influencer_length= "3000"
0x8378E060 - Type: External - scr_spawn_tvmissile_influencer_radius= "2000"
0x8378DF80 - Type: External - scr_spawn_tvmissile_influencer_score= "-400"
0x8378DFF0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_tvmissile_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x8378D420 - Type: External - scr_spawn_vehicle_influencer_lead_seconds= "3"
0x8378D340 - Type: External - scr_spawn_vehicle_influencer_score= "-50"
0x8378D3B0 - Type: External - scr_spawn_vehicle_influencer_score_curve= "linear"
0x83790440 - Type: External - scr_tabun_effect_radius= "185"
0x837903D0 - Type: External - scr_tabun_shock_height= "20"
0x83790360 - Type: External - scr_tabun_shock_radius= "185"
0x837904B0 - Type: External - scr_tabunGasDuration= "8"
0x83790280 - Type: External - scr_tabunInitialGasShockDuration= "7"
0x837902F0 - Type: External - scr_tabunWalkInGasShockDuration= "4"
0x8374FC30 - Type: External - scr_tdm_bonus_leader= "0"
0x8374FA00 - Type: External - scr_tdm_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x8378C460 - Type: External - scr_tdm_grenadeLauncherDudTime= "100"
0x8378C540 - Type: External - scr_tdm_killstreakDelayTime= "0"
0x8374F8B0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_numlives= "0"
0x8374F920 - Type: External - scr_tdm_playerrespawndelay= "0"
0x8374F840 - Type: External - scr_tdm_roundlimit= "1"
0x8378C3F0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_roundwinlimit= "0"
0x8374FAE0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_score_assist= "50"
0x8374FB50 - Type: External - scr_tdm_score_death= "0"
0x8374FCA0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_score_headshot= "0"
0x8374FA70 - Type: External - scr_tdm_score_kill= "10000"
0x8374FBC0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_score_suicide= "0"
0x8374F760 - Type: External - scr_tdm_scorelimit= "30000"
0x8378C4D0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_thrownGrenadeDudTime= "0"
0x8374F7D0 - Type: External - scr_tdm_timelimit= "0"
0x8374F990 - Type: External - scr_tdm_waverespawndelay= "0"
0x8378B270 - Type: External - scr_team_allowHardpointStreakAfterDeath= "0"
0x8378B2E0 - Type: External - scr_team_artilleryTeamKillPenalty= "0.25"
0x8374DB60 - Type: DWORD - scr_team_fftype
Friendly fire status
0x8374DCB0 - Type: External - scr_team_kickteamkillers= "0"
0x8378B350 - Type: External - scr_team_mortarTeaTeamKillPenalty= "0.25"
0x8374DBD0 - Type: External - scr_team_respawntime= "0"
0x8374DD90 - Type: External - scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanpenalty= "0"
0x8374DD20 - Type: External - scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanquantum= "0"
0x8374D1C0 - Type: External - scr_team_teamkillpointloss= "1"
0x8374DC40 - Type: External - scr_team_teamkillspawndelay= "20"
0x8378FFE0 - Type: External - scr_teambalance= "0"
0x8378FBF0 - Type: External - scr_teamKillPunishCount= "3"
0x83790050 - Type: External - scr_timeplayedcap= "1800"
0x83751FA0 - Type: External - scr_twar_globalbattlechatterprobability= "0"
0x837517C0 - Type: External - scr_twar_timelimit= "100"
0x8378E610 - Type: External - scr_veh_alive_cleanuptimemax= "120"
0x8378E5A0 - Type: External - scr_veh_alive_cleanuptimemin= "119"
0x8378E990 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanupabandoned= "1"
0x8378E450 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanupdebugprint= "0"
0x8378EA00 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanupdrifted= "1"
0x8378EA70 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanupmaxspeedmph= "1"
0x8378EAE0 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanupmindistancefeet= "75"
0x8378E840 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_deadtread= "0.25"
0x8378E7D0 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_max= "1.0"
0x8378E760 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_min= "0.33"
0x8378E8B0 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfraction_curve_begin= "0.0"
0x8378E920 - Type: External - scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfraction_curve_end= "1.0"
0x8378E6F0 - Type: External - scr_veh_dead_cleanuptimemax= "30"
0x8378E680 - Type: External - scr_veh_dead_cleanuptimemin= "20"
0x8378EED0 - Type: External - scr_veh_disableoverturndamage= "0"
0x8378EE60 - Type: External - scr_veh_disablerespawn= "0"
0x8378F4F0 - Type: External - scr_veh_disappear_maxpreventdistancefeet= "30"
0x8378F560 - Type: External - scr_veh_disappear_maxpreventvisibilityfeet= "150"
0x8378F480 - Type: External - scr_veh_disappear_maxwaittime= "60"
0x8378E4C0 - Type: External - scr_veh_driversarehidden= "1"
0x8378E530 - Type: External - scr_veh_driversareinvulnerable= "1"
0x8378F410 - Type: External - scr_veh_explode_on_cleanup= "1"
0x8378EFB0 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_doradiusdamage= "1"
0x8378F250 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_husk_forcepointvariance= "30"
0x8378F2C0 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_husk_horzvelocityvariance= "25"
0x8378F3A0 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_husk_vertvelocitymax= "200"
0x8378F330 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_husk_vertvelocitymin= "100"
0x8378F100 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_maxdamage= "200"
0x8378F090 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_mindamage= "20"
0x8378F020 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_radius= "256"
0x8378EF40 - Type: External - scr_veh_explosion_spawnfx= "1"
0x8378F640 - Type: External - scr_veh_health_jeep= "700"
0x8378F5D0 - Type: External - scr_veh_health_tank= "1350"
0x8378F170 - Type: External - scr_veh_ondeath_createhusk= "1"
0x8378F1E0 - Type: External - scr_veh_ondeath_usevehicleashusk= "1"
0x8378EC30 - Type: External - scr_veh_respawnafterhuskcleanup= "1"
0x8378ED10 - Type: External - scr_veh_respawntimemax= "90"
0x8378ECA0 - Type: External - scr_veh_respawntimemin= "50"
0x8378EDF0 - Type: External - scr_veh_respawnwait_iterationwaitseconds= "1"
0x8378ED80 - Type: External - scr_veh_respawnwait_maxiterations= "30"
0x8378EB50 - Type: External - scr_veh_waittillstoppedandmindist_maxtime= "10"
0x8378EBC0 - Type: External - scr_veh_waittillstoppedandmindist_maxtimeenabledistfeet= "5"
0x8378C150 - Type: External - scr_vehicle_damage_scalar= "1"
0x8374D5B0 - Type: External - scr_vehicles_enabled= "1"
0x83752080 - Type: External - scr_wager_defaultScore= "0"
0x8374EB20 - Type: External - scr_wager_firstPayout= "0"
0x8374EC70 - Type: External - scr_wager_firstPlayer= "0"
0x8374EB90 - Type: External - scr_wager_secondPayout= "0"
0x8374ECE0 - Type: External - scr_wager_secondPlayer= "0"
0x8374EC00 - Type: External - scr_wager_thirdPayout= "0"
0x8374ED50 - Type: External - scr_wager_thirdPlayer= "0"
0x8374E960 - Type: External - scr_wagerBet= "10000"
0x8374EAB0 - Type: External - scr_wagerPool= "0"
0x8374E9D0 - Type: External - scr_wagerSideBet= "0"
0x8378B660 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowbetty= "1"
0x8378B580 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowc4= "1"
0x8378B510 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowflash= "1"
0x8378B430 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowfrags= "1"
0x8378B740 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowmines= "1"
0x8378B6D0 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowrpgs= "1"
0x8378B5F0 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowsatchel= "1"
0x8378B4A0 - Type: External - scr_weapon_allowsmoke= "1"
0x837900C0 - Type: External - scr_weaponobject_coneangle= "70"
0x837901A0 - Type: External - scr_weaponobject_graceperiod= "0.6"
0x83790130 - Type: External - scr_weaponobject_mindist= "20"
0x83790210 - Type: External - scr_weaponobject_radius= "192"
0x8374E5E0 - Type: External - scr_xpscale= "1"
0x8374E650 - Type: External - scr_xpzmscale= "1"
0x8373F690 - Type: BOOL - script_debugger_smoke_test
perform script debugger smoke test and exit
0x83780610 - Type: External - selected_group= "killstreak"
0x8377D510 - Type: External - selectedFriendClanTag= ""
0x8377D5F0 - Type: DWORD - selectedFriendIndex
Currently selected friend index.
0x8377D4A0 - Type: External - selectedFriendName= ""
0x8377D6D0 - Type: DWORD - selectedGroupIndex
Currently selected group index
0x8377D7B0 - Type: DWORD - selectedMenuItemIndex
Current selected event index.
0x8377D580 - Type: External - selectedPlayerClanName= ""
0x8377D740 - Type: External - selectedPlayerXuid= ""
0x8377D660 - Type: DWORD - selectedStoreItemIndex
Currently selected in-game store item index
0x8375EDB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sensitivity
Mouse sensitivity
0x8377C860 - Type: External - server1= ""
0x8377CC50 - Type: External - server10= ""
0x8377CCC0 - Type: External - server11= ""
0x8377CD30 - Type: External - server12= ""
0x8377CDA0 - Type: External - server13= ""
0x8377CE10 - Type: External - server14= ""
0x8377CE80 - Type: External - server15= ""
0x8377CEF0 - Type: External - server16= ""
0x8377C8D0 - Type: External - server2= ""
0x8377C940 - Type: External - server3= ""
0x8377C9B0 - Type: External - server4= ""
0x8377CA20 - Type: External - server5= ""
0x8377CA90 - Type: External - server6= ""
0x8377CB00 - Type: External - server7= ""
0x8377CB70 - Type: External - server8= ""
0x8377CBE0 - Type: External - server9= ""
0x83757F00 - Type: BOOL - session_nonblocking
Experimental non-blocking Session code
0x837544D0 - Type: DWORD - sessionSearchMaxAttempts
Number of search retries before giving up.
0x837804C0 - Type: External - settings_map_selected= "1"
0x83795610 - Type: Dvar2 - shardEdgeSize
Range of the new shard edge length as a fraction of the total shard edges lengths
0x83795300 - Type: FLOAT1 - shardShatterSizeLimitScale
Scale of maxShardSize & minShardSize when shattering a shard.
0x83795530 - Type: Dvar2 - shardSplitDir
Angle range of the first edge of the shard
0x837955A0 - Type: Dvar2 - shardSplitDir2
Angle range of the next edges of the shard
0x83795A70 - Type: FLOAT1 - shatterFxMaxDist
Distance between FX spawning points along the window edges
0x83795AE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - shatterFxMinEdgeLength
Minimum length that the window edge has to be to have a shatter fx spawned on it.
0x83758EC0 - Type: External - shortversion= "7"
0x83771EA0 - Type: BOOL - show_reticle_during_swimming
Controls if the reticle is visible during swimming.
0x8373FD20 - Type: BOOL - show_tty_timestamps
Show timestamps in tty output
0x83759400 - Type: BOOL - showdrop
Show dropped packets
0x83757DB0 - Type: BOOL - showHiddenOffers
True when hidden offers need to be displayed for a user
0x83759390 - Type: DWORD - showpackets
Show packets
0x8376AF10 - Type: DWORD - showVisionSetDebugInfo
Enables visionset debug info
0x83780060 - Type: External - sidebet_made= ""
0x83773100 - Type: DWORD - skills
SP character skill levels
0x837450B0 - Type: BOOL - sm_enable
Enable shadow mapping
0x83745890 - Type: BOOL - sm_fastSunShadow
Fast sun shadow
0x83745970 - Type: BOOL - sm_fullResSpotShadowEnable
Provides high-res spot shadows for the only one spotlight in the scene.
0x837452E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_lightScore_eyeProjectDist
When picking shadows for primary lights, measure distance from a point this far in front of the camera.
0x83745350 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_lightScore_spotProjectFrac
When picking shadows for primary lights, measure distance to a point this fraction of the light's radius along it's shadow direction.
0x83745200 - Type: DWORD - sm_maxLights
Limits how many primary lights can have shadow maps
0x837454A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_polygonOffsetBias
Shadow map offset bias
0x83745430 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_polygonOffsetScale
Shadow map offset scale
0x83745900 - Type: BOOL - sm_qualitySpotShadow
Fast spot shadow
0x83745190 - Type: BOOL - sm_spotEnable
Enable spot shadow mapping from script
0x83745270 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_spotShadowFadeTime
How many seconds it takes for a primary light shadow map to fade in or out
0x837457B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_spotShadowLargeRadiusScale
Radius scaler for large spot shadow switch over
0x83745820 - Type: BOOL - sm_strictCull
Strict shadow map cull
0x837453C0 - Type: BOOL - sm_sunAlwaysCastsShadow
forces sun to always do shadow mapping, from script
0x83745120 - Type: BOOL - sm_sunEnable
Enable sun shadow mapping from script
0x83745510 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_sunSampleSizeNear
Shadow sample size
0x83745580 - Type: FLOAT3 - sm_sunShadowCenter
Sun shadow center, 0 0 0 means don't override
0x837455F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sm_sunShadowScale
Sun shadow scale optimization
0x83745660 - Type: BOOL - sm_sunShadowSmallEnable
use quarter resolution sun shadow map
0x83760320 - Type: BOOL - smpDraw2D
draw 2D in a worker thread
0x83795450 - Type: BOOL - smpGlass
Update & generate glass verts in a worker thread
0x83760390 - Type: BOOL - smpUpdatePlayerNames
update player names in a worker thread (part of Draw2D)
0x8375F8A0 - Type: DWORD - snaps
Snapshot rate
0x83779E60 - Type: BOOL - snd_always_log
enable missing sound spam
0x8377A330 - Type: External - snd_assert_on_enqueue= ""
0x8377A250 - Type: External - snd_assert_on_play= ""
0x8377A2C0 - Type: External - snd_assert_on_stop= ""
0x8377B910 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_auto_random
amt to randomize 3p apparent fire rates
0x8377C320 - Type: BOOL - snd_autoSim
turn on client side simulation of automatic gun sounds
0x837798B0 - Type: BOOL - snd_autosim_window
autosim window masking
0x8377A5D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_current_rpm
scalar value for boat engine
0x8377A790 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_engine_off
value for boat engine low/idle
0x8377A720 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_lerp_rpm
scalar value for boat rpm
0x8377B130 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_high_max
boat pitch high max
0x8377B0C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_high_min
boat pitch high min
0x8377AE90 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_idle_max
boat pitch low min
0x8377AE20 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_idle_min
boat pitch low min
0x8377AF70 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_low_max
boat pitch low min
0x8377AF00 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_low_min
boat pitch low min
0x8377B050 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_med_max
boat pitch med max
0x8377AFE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_pitch_med_min
boat pitch med min
0x8377ADB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_high_fin_end
rpm point where engine_high fade in begins
0x8377AD40 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_high_start
rpm point where engine_high start
0x8377A950 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_idle_end
rpm point where engine_idle ends
0x8377A8E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_idle_fout_start
rpm point where engine_idle begins to fade out
0x8377AB10 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_low_end
rpm point where engine_low ends
0x8377AA30 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_low_fin_end
rpm point where engine_low fade in ends
0x8377AAA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_low_fout_start
rpm point where engine_low fade out begins
0x8377A9C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_low_start
rpm point where engine_low start
0x8377ACD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_med_end
rpm point where engine_medium ends
0x8377ABF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_med_fin_end
rpm point where engine_med fade in ends
0x8377AC60 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_med_fout_start
rpm point where engine_med fade out begins
0x8377AB80 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_med_start
rpm point where engine_medium start
0x8377A640 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_rpm_scalar
scalar value for boat rpm
0x8377A6B0 - Type: BOOL - snd_boat_using_lerp_rpm
scalar value for boat rpm
0x8377B280 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_water_fast_min
boat pitch high max
0x8377B210 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_water_idle_max
boat pitch high max
0x8377B360 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_water_pitch_max
boat pitch high max
0x8377B2F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_water_slow_max
boat pitch high max
0x8377B1A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_boat_water_slow_min
boat pitch high max
0x8377A560 - Type: External - snd_debug_snapshot= ""
0x8377A410 - Type: External - snd_debugAlias= ""
0x8377A3A0 - Type: BOOL - snd_debugReplace
Print out information about when we stop a playing sound to play another
0x83778AB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dlpf_attenuation
attenuation for distance lpf
0x837789D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dlpf_max_distance
max distance for distance lpf
0x83778A40 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dlpf_min_distance
min distance for distance lpf
0x83778880 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dopplerRate
global doppler lerp rate
0x83778810 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dopplerScale
global doppler ratio
0x83778570 - Type: Dvar6 - snd_draw3D
Draw the position and info of world sounds
0x83760B00 - Type: Dvar6 - snd_drawInfo
Draw debugging information for sounds
0x83760B70 - Type: Dvar6 - snd_drawSort
Sort debugging information for sounds
0x83779F40 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dry_scale
scalar value for dry signal path
0x83779D10 - Type: BOOL - snd_dsp_drc
enable DRC
0x83779DF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dsp_drc_ratio
ratio for master limiter
0x83779D80 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_dsp_drc_threshold
threshold for master limiter
0x8377C0F0 - Type: BOOL - snd_dsp_futz
enable dsp futz
0x837796F0 - Type: BOOL - snd_enable_pitch
use pitch variation
0x8377A480 - Type: BOOL - snd_entityRandomize
entity randomization
0x837788F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_flux_separation
separation of L/R flux elements, 0 none, 1 180 deg, not linear in angle
0x83779760 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz
0x8377BAD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_blend

0x8377BB40 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_bpf_f

0x8377BBB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_bpf_q

0x8377C010 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_clip_post

0x8377BFA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_clip_pre

0x8377BD70 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_distortion

0x8377C080 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_force

0x8377BC90 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_ls_f

0x8377BC20 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_ls_g

0x8377BD00 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_ls_q

0x837797D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_min
futz min
0x8377BE50 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_postg

0x8377BDE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_preg

0x8377BF30 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_tg

0x8377BEC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_futz_th

0x83779680 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_global_pitch
global pitch
0x83779990 - Type: BOOL - snd_hdr
HDR audio
0x83779AE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_hdr_channel_threshold
percent of channels active when hdr kicks in
0x83779BC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_hdr_maximum_priority
sounds more than this are at normal volume
0x83779A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_hdr_minimum_level
hdr minimum attenuation
0x83779B50 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_hdr_minimum_priority
sounds less than this are silent
0x83779A70 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_hdr_rate
hdr lerp rate
0x83779920 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_isbig_distance
distance where isbig doesn't make a difference in occlusion
0x837786C0 - Type: DWORD - snd_levelFadeTime
The amount of time in milliseconds for all audio to fade in at the start of a level
0x83778B20 - Type: BOOL - snd_losOcclusion
occlusion based off of LOS
0x8377A1E0 - Type: External - snd_master_override= ""
0x837794C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_center_channel
options menu center channel
0x83779290 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_cinematic
Scales the volume of Bink videos.
0x837793E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_left_channel
options menu left channel
0x83779530 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_left_surround
options menu left surround
0x83779610 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_lfe
options menu lfe
0x83779370 - Type: DWORD - snd_menu_listen_level
options menu listening level
0x83779220 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_master
options menu master
0x83779140 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_music
options menu music
0x83779450 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_right_channel
options menu right channel
0x837795A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_right_surround
options menu right surround
0x837791B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_sfx
options menu sfx
0x83779300 - Type: DWORD - snd_menu_speaker_setup
options menu speaker setup
0x837790D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_menu_voice
options menu voice
0x8377B4B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_minigun_loop_start
spin time elapse until loop sound starts playing
0x8377B590 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_minigun_pitch_end
pitch where the loop ends
0x8377B520 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_minigun_pitch_start
pitch where the loop starts
0x8377B440 - Type: External - snd_mute_alias_substring= ""
0x83778B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_occlusion_attenuation
maximum occlusion attenuation
0x83778C70 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_occlusion_cull_distance
distance at which we don't do occlusion at start
0x83778C00 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_occlusion_rate
snd occlusion rate
0x837787A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_omnidirectionalPercentage
Percentage of sound volume that is 'directionless'
0x8377C160 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_pan_filter

0x83779060 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_pitch_timescale
pitch scalar by timescale
0x83778960 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_playing_priority_boost
priority penalty for new sounds
0x83779CA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_priority_rate
interpolation rate for minimum priority
0x83779C30 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_priority_window
width of priority window for sounds to play
0x8377B6E0 - Type: BOOL - snd_proximity_enable
enable reverb prox
0x8377B8A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_proximity_filter

0x8377B7C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_proximity_max_dist

0x8377B830 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_proximity_max_late_cut

0x8377B750 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_proximity_min_dist

0x8377C1D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_ps3_vol_occlusion_attenuation_dry
maximum dry volume occlusion attenuation for PS3
0x8377C240 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_ps3_vol_occlusion_attenuation_wet
maximum wet volume occlusion attenuation for PS3
0x8377A100 - Type: DWORD - snd_radverb_matrix
radverb delay matrix selection
0x83778730 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_realDelay
turn on 'realistic' sound delay
0x8377A170 - Type: External - snd_reverb_override= ""
0x8377A090 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_reverb_proximity_distance
max dist for reverb proximity effect
0x83778FF0 - Type: BOOL - snd_skip_muted_sounds
skip muted sounds
0x837785E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_slaveFadeInTime
the time in seconds for slave fade in
0x83778650 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_slaveFadeOutTime
the time in seconds for slave fade out
0x8377B3D0 - Type: External - snd_solo_alias_substring= ""
0x8377C2B0 - Type: Dvar6 - snd_speakerConfiguration
Speaker configuration
0x8377B600 - Type: External - snd_start_alias= ""
0x83779840 - Type: BOOL - snd_stereo_3d
pan 3d stereo assets to alternate speakers
0x8377B670 - Type: External - snd_stop_alias= ""
0x8377A020 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_test_verb
test verb wetdry
0x8377A870 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_throttle_reduce_vol
ammount to reduce engine vol
0x8377A800 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_throttle_time_held_down
how long (ms) throttle is held before engine vol begins to decrease
0x83779ED0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_timescale_filter
filter coef for timescale fade
0x8377A4F0 - Type: BOOL - snd_touchStreamFilesOnLoad
Check whether stream sound files exist while loading
0x8377B980 - Type: BOOL - snd_trace_master
trace master dsp
0x8377B9F0 - Type: BOOL - snd_trace_reverb
trace reverb dsp
0x8377BA60 - Type: BOOL - snd_trace_voice
trace voice dsp
0x83778CE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_occlusion_attenuation
in water attenuation
0x83778D50 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_occlusion_distance
max distance from surface for water occlusion
0x83778DC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_occlusion_minimum
min distance from surface for water occlusion
0x83778F80 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_omni_amount
omni amount at max distance underwater
0x83778F10 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_omni_distance
max distance for undewater omni
0x83778EA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_pitch_amount
pitch amount at max distance underwater
0x83778E30 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_water_pitch_distance
max distance for underwater pitch changes
0x83779FB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - snd_wet_scale
scalar value for wet signal path
0x8378AE80 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_badspawn_aggression_delay
Report aggression to others that a player deals within this MS of spawning in
0x8378AE10 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_badspawn_damage_delay
Report damage that occurs to a player within this MS of spawning in
0x8378AEF0 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_badspawn_force_record
Immediately after each client spawn, submit a corresponding badspawn report
0x8378A550 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug
Debug and rendering for the spawn system
0x8378AA20 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_debug_archive
Sets the spawn system archive mode
0x8378A5C0 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_best_points
Render best spawn point information
0x8378A780 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_influencer_types
Render spawn influencer information
0x8378A710 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_debug_influencers
Use colors to differentiate influencer types
0x8378AB00 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_liveedit
Do it, live edit now!
0x8378A7F0 - Type: External - spawnsystem_debug_player= ""
0x8378A6A0 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_point_weights
Render spawn point information
0x8378A630 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_debug_points
Render spawn point boxes. 2 = no depth test
0x8378AA90 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_showclients
Render archived clients
0x8378A8D0 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_sideswitched
Switch to "sideswitched" mode
0x8378A860 - Type: External - spawnsystem_debug_team= ""
0x8378A940 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_debug_visibility
Render spawn point visibility checking
0x8378A9B0 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_debug_visibility_time
Length of time to render the visibility check
0x8378AD30 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_friend_influencer_stacking
Combine all friendly player influencers
0x8378ADA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - spawnsystem_sight_check_max_distance
Max distance for the line of sight check
0x8378AC50 - Type: FLOAT1 - spawnsystem_weapon_influencer_min_length
Minimum lenght the line of sight check will drop the distance to
0x8378ABE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - spawnsystem_weapon_influencer_push_through
Extend the line of sight distance this much after check
0x8378AB70 - Type: BOOL - spawnsystem_weapon_influencer_sight_check
Do a line of sight check on the weapon influencer
0x8378ACC0 - Type: DWORD - spawnsystem_weapon_influencer_update_interval
How often to update the sight check in milliseconds
0x8375E480 - Type: BOOL - splitscreen
Current game is a splitscreen game
0x8375E560 - Type: DWORD - splitscreen_botCount
The number of bots allowed in a splitscreen game
0x8377D970 - Type: External - splitscreen_lobbyPlayerCount= "2/2 PLAYERS"
0x8377D9E0 - Type: External - splitscreen_partyPlayerCount= "2 player(s) in party."
0x8375E4F0 - Type: DWORD - splitscreen_playerCount
The number of players in a splitscreen game
0x83795B50 - Type: External - splitscreen_playerNum= "4"
0x8373F2A0 - Type: BOOL - spmode
Current game is a sp game
0x8375F590 - Type: BOOL - start_in_mp
Start in Mp on launch
0x83752550 - Type: DWORD - stat_version
Stats version number
0x83755A40 - Type: BOOL - stats_version_check
Reset stats if version numbers do not match
0x8376D280 - Type: FLOAT1 - stopspeed
The player deceleration
0x83756290 - Type: BOOL - storeMapPackMaskToStats
Store the installed Map-Pack Masks in the persistent stats
0x8375BC40 - Type: External - sv_allowedClan1= ""
0x8375BCB0 - Type: External - sv_allowedClan2= ""
0x8375C1F0 - Type: BOOL - sv_assistWorkers
Enable server worker thread assist when idle
0x8375A510 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botCloseDistance
Bot enemy close distance. Used for threat selection
0x8375A5F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botCrouchDistance
If the path lookahead distance is less than this number, the bot will crouch
0x8375A430 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botFov
Bot field of view angle in degrees
0x8375A4A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botGoalRadius
Bot goal radius
0x8375A7B0 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxAdsTime
The maximum amount of time in ms the bot will remain in ADS. Used to prevent repeatedly popping in and out of ads.
0x8375A970 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxCrouchTime
The maximum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his crouch stance
0x8375AA50 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxDeathTime
The maximum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his position while his target is dead
0x8375AB30 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxFireTime
When firing a non-automatic weapon, the maximum amount of time the bot will delay before firing again. Used to simulate the time to depress and press the controller attack trigger.
0x8375A890 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxPitchTime
The maximum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his current pitch on the target when engaged
0x8375AC10 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxReactionTime
Bot maximum time to react when first seeing a target
0x8375B000 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMaxStrafeTime
Bot maximum time to strafe when engaged
0x8375A740 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinAdsTime
The minimum amount of time in ms the bot will remain in ADS. Used to prevent repeatedly popping in and out of ads.
0x8375A900 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinCrouchTime
The minimum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his crouch stance
0x8375A9E0 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinDeathTime
The minimum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his position while his target is dead
0x8375AAC0 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinFireTime
When firing a non-automatic weapon, the minimum amount of time the bot will delay before firing again. Used to simulate the time to depress and press the controller attack trigger.
0x8375A820 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinPitchTime
The minimum amount of time in ms the bot will hold his current pitch on the target when engaged
0x8375ABA0 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinReactionTime
Bot minimum time to react when first seeing a target
0x8375AF90 - Type: DWORD - sv_botMinStrafeTime
Bot minimum time to strafe when engaged
0x8375ADD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botPitchDown
Bot pitch minimum (looking downward)
0x8375AE40 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botPitchSpeed
Bot pitch lerp speed
0x8375AEB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botPitchSpeedAds
Bot pitch lerp speed used when engaging
0x8375AD60 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botPitchUp
Bot pitch maximum (looking upward)
0x8375A580 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botSprintDistance
If the path lookahead distance is this number or greater, the bot will sprint
0x8375AF20 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botStrafeChance
The percentage chance that the bot will strafe when engaged
0x8375A660 - Type: DWORD - sv_botTargetLeadBias
The number of server frames used to predict an entity's position. Used for bot aiming when firing.
0x8375A6D0 - Type: BOOL - sv_botUseFriendNames
Testclients will use names from the players' friends list
0x8375AC80 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botYawSpeed
Bot yaw rate for normal turning
0x8375ACF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_botYawSpeedAds
Bot yaw rate for slower (fine tuning) turning
0x8373EBA0 - Type: BOOL - sv_cheats
Allow server side cheats
0x8375C260 - Type: BOOL - sv_clientArchive
Have the clients archive data to save bandwidth on the server
0x837598D0 - Type: BOOL - sv_clientside
Used to toggle systems in script on and off on the server.
0x8375B460 - Type: BOOL - sv_clientSideBullets
If true, clients will synthesize tracers and bullet impacts
0x8375B4D0 - Type: BOOL - sv_clientSideVehicles
If true, vehicles will be predicted on the client reducing response time
0x8375B930 - Type: DWORD - sv_connectTimeout
seconds without any message when a client is loading
0x8375BF50 - Type: BOOL - sv_debugRate
Enable snapshot rate debugging info
0x8375BFC0 - Type: BOOL - sv_debugReliableCmds
Enable debugging information for 'reliable' commands
0x8375B380 - Type: BOOL - sv_endGameIfISuck
End the match if most of the players are lagged out
0x8375B9A0 - Type: BOOL - sv_floodProtect
Prevent malicious lagging by flooding the server with commands
0x8375BA10 - Type: DWORD - sv_fps
Server frames per second
0x8375B3F0 - Type: External - sv_hostname= "Anth0ny"
0x8375BE00 - Type: FLOAT1 - sv_kickBanTime
Time in seconds for a player to be banned from the server after being kicked
0x83783780 - Type: External - sv_mapname= ""
0x8375BE70 - Type: External - sv_mapRotation= ""
0x8375BEE0 - Type: External - sv_mapRotationCurrent= ""
0x8374E570 - Type: External - sv_maxclients= "24"
0x8375B310 - Type: DWORD - sv_maxHappyPingTime
Max ping that a player can have that we consider acceptable when calculating if the server is swamped
0x8375B850 - Type: DWORD - sv_maxPing
Maximum ping allowed on the server
0x8375B770 - Type: DWORD - sv_maxRate
Maximum bit rate
0x8375B7E0 - Type: DWORD - sv_minPing
Minimum ping allowed on the server
0x8375C180 - Type: DWORD - sv_network_fps
Number of times per second the server checks for net messages
0x8373FA10 - Type: BOOL - sv_network_warning
Alternative enable SCR_DrawPleaseWait dialog
0x8375BD20 - Type: BOOL - sv_packet_info
Enable packet info debugging information
0x8375BBD0 - Type: DWORD - sv_padPackets
add nop bytes to messages
0x8373FAF0 - Type: DWORD - sv_paused
Pause the server
0x8375B230 - Type: DWORD - sv_privateClients
Maximum number of private clients allowed on the server
0x8375B2A0 - Type: DWORD - sv_privateClientsForClients
The # of private clients (we send this to clients)
0x8375BB60 - Type: DWORD - sv_reconnectlimit
minimum seconds between connect messages
0x8373EC10 - Type: BOOL - sv_restoreDvars
Enable to restore Dvars on entering the Xbox Live menu
0x8373FCB0 - Type: BOOL - sv_running
Server is running
0x8375BD90 - Type: BOOL - sv_showAverageBPS
Show average bytes per second for net debugging
0x8375BA80 - Type: DWORD - sv_showPingSpam
Turns on ping info spam.
0x8375C110 - Type: BOOL - sv_smp
Enable server multithreading
0x8375B8C0 - Type: DWORD - sv_timeout
seconds without any message
0x8375BAF0 - Type: DWORD - sv_zombietime
seconds to sync messages after disconnect
0x8375E3A0 - Type: BOOL - systemlink
Current game is a system link game
0x8375E410 - Type: BOOL - systemlink_warning_shown
System Link Version Warning Shown
0x8375F600 - Type: DWORD - team_indicator
The team indicator modes : 0 - Full Name ; 1 - Abbreviated ; 2 - Icon Only
0x83758750 - Type: BOOL - teamsplitter_verbose
Verbose debug output while splitting teams if true.
0x8377DA50 - Type: DWORD - tickerHeaderWidth
The width of the ticker header text used to align the the ticker message.
0x83754770 - Type: DWORD - tickerStandardWidth
Ticker message text standard width.
0x83754700 - Type: DWORD - tickerWidescreenWidth
Ticker message text widescreen width.
0x8373F850 - Type: FLOAT1 - timescale
Scale time of each frame
0x83795990 - Type: Dvar2 - timeUntilDropRange
Range of how much time a glass shard will stay on the frame before falling
0x83755FF0 - Type: DWORD - tmsFileFetchTryIntervalBase
Delay in seconds after file fetch fails to the next retry. Exponential growth each retry.
0x83756060 - Type: DWORD - tmsFileFetchTryIntervalMax
Max delay in seconds between file fetch tries.
0x837560D0 - Type: DWORD - tmsFileFetchTryMaxAttempts
Max retry attempts before stopping altogether.
0x83774830 - Type: FLOAT1 - tree_bend
bend amount of tree trunk
0x83774910 - Type: FLOAT1 - tree_frequency
frequency of tree bend oscillation
0x837748A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - tree_random
random addition to bend amount of tree trunk
0x83787F40 - Type: DWORD - turret_KillstreakTargetTime
Time in milliseconds that a TOW turret will stay locked on a target before verifying line of sight
0x8376C560 - Type: BOOL - turret_placement_debug
Enables turret placement debug lines
0x8376C5D0 - Type: FLOAT3 - turret_placement_feet_offset
Position of the feet from the center axis.
0x8376C640 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_feet_trace_dist_z
Max distance for a foot to be considered touching the ground
0x8376C800 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_dist
Distance along the trace axis where the turret will attempt to position itself
0x8376C6B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_maxs
maxs of the bound used for the placement trace
0x8376C8E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_min_normal
Minimum normal to accept a turret position
0x8376C720 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_mins
mins of the bound used for the placement trace
0x8376C870 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_pitch
Pitch used for the trace axis
0x8376C790 - Type: FLOAT1 - turret_placement_trace_radius_canon_safety
Extra radius used in the forward direction to compensate for the canon length
0x83787FB0 - Type: DWORD - turret_SentryTargetTime
Time in milliseconds that a sentry turret will stay locked on a target before verifying line of sight
0x83788020 - Type: DWORD - turret_TargetLeadBias
The number of server frames used to predict an entity's position. Used for turret aiming when firing.
0x837870D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - turretPlayerAvoidScale
Auto turrets will try to avoid the player. They will not choose a target that is within a cone around the player. The diameter of the cone is the player's height, so the cone is smaller, the farther the player is from the turret. Use this dvar to scale the cone size.
0x83751980 - Type: External - twar_captureAccelBonus= "35"
0x837519F0 - Type: External - twar_captureAccelLimit= "50"
0x837518A0 - Type: External - twar_captureTime= "40"
0x83751830 - Type: External - twar_finalFightTimeLimit= "5"
0x83751E50 - Type: External - twar_momentumArtillery= "100"
0x83751C90 - Type: External - twar_momentumBlitzkriegTime= "30"
0x83751EC0 - Type: External - twar_momentumDogs= "100"
0x83751A60 - Type: External - twar_momentumEnabled= "1"
0x83751D00 - Type: External - twar_momentumFlagCap= "25"
0x83751F30 - Type: External - twar_momentumKamikaze= "100"
0x83751D70 - Type: External - twar_momentumKillPlayer= "5"
0x83751AD0 - Type: External - twar_momentumMax= "70"
0x83751B40 - Type: External - twar_momentumMaxMultiplier= "3"
0x83751BB0 - Type: External - twar_momentumMultiplierBonus= "25"
0x83751C20 - Type: External - twar_momentumMultiplierBonusLimit= "75"
0x83751DE0 - Type: External - twar_momentumRadar= "100"
0x83751910 - Type: External - twar_neutralFlagLockTime= "0"
0x8376A110 - Type: DWORD - typeWriterCod7LetterFXTime
Time it takes for a letter to come in.
0x83795BC0 - Type: External - ui_3dwaypointtext= "1"
0x8377E3F0 - Type: BOOL - ui_allow_classchange
Whether the UI should allow changing class
0x8374C890 - Type: External - ui_allow_controlschange= "1"
0x8377E460 - Type: BOOL - ui_allow_teamchange
Whether the UI should allow changing team
0x8378FE90 - Type: External - ui_allowvote= "1"
0x8376ACE0 - Type: DWORD - ui_ammo_stock_width
Width of the ammo stock shown on the right.
0x8377C470 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_animSpeedScale
Scales the UI animation speed.
0x83780760 - Type: External - ui_attachment_highlighted= "0"
0x8377F650 - Type: External - ui_bg_image= ""
0x8377D040 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_bigFont
Big font scale
0x8377E150 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_blurAmount
Max amount to blur background menu items.
0x8377E1C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_blurDarkenAmount
Max amount to darken the background menu items.
0x8374C5F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_borderLowLightScale
Scales the border color for the lowlight color on certain UI borders
0x8377D270 - Type: Dvar2 - ui_buildLocation
Where to draw the build number
0x8377D2E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_buildSize
Font size to use for the build number
0x83755500 - Type: External - ui_challengeGameMode= ""
0x83755340 - Type: DWORD - ui_challengeSort
Sort order for challenges
0x837807D0 - Type: External - ui_choice_desc= "@CUSTOM_GAME_TIME_LIMIT_DESC"
0x8377DC10 - Type: BOOL - ui_cinematicsTimestamp
Shows cinematics timestamp on subtitle UI elements.
0x8377EA80 - Type: BOOL - ui_clancardOpen
True when in game clancard is open.
0x8377EEE0 - Type: BOOL - ui_clanCountNotZero
Whether the player has any clan members.
0x8377ECB0 - Type: External - ui_clanDescription= ""
0x8377EC40 - Type: External - ui_clanName= ""
0x8377ED90 - Type: DWORD - ui_clanRecommendationCount
Number of players recommended to clan
0x8377E700 - Type: External - ui_classesCurrentItemEquippedIn= ""
0x8377E690 - Type: BOOL - ui_closeAfterPurchase
Whether an item has just been purchased and the item list needs to be closed.
0x83755810 - Type: BOOL - ui_combatComparisonModeOn
True when comparing stats with other player in combat record
0x83755730 - Type: Dvar6 - ui_combatCurrView
Current View in the combat record weapons tab.
0x837557A0 - Type: DWORD - ui_combatCurrViewNum
Current View number in the combat record weapons tab.
0x837558F0 - Type: DWORD - ui_combatHistogramCurrGametype
Current scroll bar Position for combat record
0x83755880 - Type: BOOL - ui_combatOtherPlayerStatsAvailable
False when compared player has not played any public matches, or stats are corrupted, or could not be converted to current DDL.
0x837556C0 - Type: BOOL - ui_combatRecordOpen
True when Combat Record is Open.
0x8377DC80 - Type: Dvar4 - ui_connectScreenTextGlowColor
Glow color applied to the mode and map name strings on the connect screen.
0x8377D0B0 - Type: DWORD - ui_currentMap
Current map index
0x8377D190 - Type: DWORD - ui_currentRecentPlayer
Selected recent player
0x83754E70 - Type: DWORD - ui_currentWeaponOptionGroup
Current weapon option group for the UI
0x837832B0 - Type: External - ui_custom_haschanged= "1"
0x83795ED0 - Type: External - ui_custom_name= "customclass1"
0x8375F360 - Type: External - ui_custom_newname= ""
0x83796020 - Type: External - ui_customclass_selected= "9"
0x8377C710 - Type: External - ui_customClassName= ""
0x8377C630 - Type: External - ui_customModeDesc= "CUSTOM GAME MODE"
0x8377C6A0 - Type: External - ui_customModeEditDesc= "CUSTOM GAME MODE"
0x8377C5C0 - Type: External - ui_customModeEditName= "TEAM DEATHMATCH"
0x8377C4E0 - Type: DWORD - ui_customModeIndex
Custom game mode selected index into sharedUiInfo.customGameTypes
0x8377C550 - Type: External - ui_customModeName= ""
0x83795C30 - Type: External - ui_deathicontext= "1"
0x8377D120 - Type: External - ui_demoname= ""
0x8377DCF0 - Type: BOOL - ui_drawCrosshair
Whether to draw crosshairs.
0x8377F260 - Type: DWORD - ui_dropdownButtonOffset
Used to calculate the Y offset of the dropdown buttons.
0x8377F110 - Type: DWORD - ui_dropdownListMax
Number of elements in list that opened dropdown.
0x8377F180 - Type: DWORD - ui_dropdownMax
Number of elements in the dropdown.
0x8377F1F0 - Type: DWORD - ui_dropdownOffset
Used to calculate the Y offset of the dropdown.
0x8377DDD0 - Type: BOOL - ui_ethernetLinkActive
true if a network connection is available(and active)
0x8377F490 - Type: External - ui_extraBigFont= "1.0"
0x8377FF10 - Type: External - ui_flownOut= "0"
0x8377F570 - Type: External - ui_flyoutHasFocus= "0"
0x8377EAF0 - Type: BOOL - ui_friendCountNotZero
Whether the player has any friends.
0x8378FF00 - Type: External - ui_friendlyfire= "0"
0x83755650 - Type: BOOL - ui_friendsCombatRecordOpen
True when friend's or clan member's combat record is open.
0x8377E850 - Type: BOOL - ui_friendsListOpen
True when viewing Friends List.
0x8374C6D0 - Type: External - ui_gametype= "tdm"
0x8378FCD0 - Type: External - ui_generic_status_bar= "0"
0x8377EFC0 - Type: BOOL - ui_groupsCountNotZero
Whether whether the player is part of any group
0x837524E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_gv_reloadSpeedModifier
Adjusts the reload speed
0x83777B60 - Type: DWORD - ui_gv_rulecount
How many advanced game rules are created.
0x8377E770 - Type: Dvar8 - ui_heatMapColor
Heat Map Blob Color
0x8377E7E0 - Type: Dvar8 - ui_heatMapColorForPlayer
Heat Map Blob Color for player deaths only
0x8377FF80 - Type: External - ui_hint_text= "@NULL_EMPTY"
0x8378FD40 - Type: External - ui_hostname= "Dnicey CRAZY D"
0x8374E3B0 - Type: BOOL - ui_hud_hardcore
Whether the HUD should be suppressed for hardcore mode
0x8374E420 - Type: External - ui_hud_obituaries= "1"
0x8374E490 - Type: External - ui_hud_showobjicons= "1"
0x8377E540 - Type: BOOL - ui_hud_visible
Whether the 2D HUD should be displayed or not.
0x8377E070 - Type: BOOL - ui_ignoreMousePos
Whether there are multiple text entries in the menu.
0x8377EE70 - Type: DWORD - ui_incomingProposalCount
Number of incoming clan requests
0x8377F0A0 - Type: BOOL - ui_incomingProposalCountNotZero
Whether there are any incoming proposals
0x83780530 - Type: External - ui_inside_popup= "killstreaks"
0x83757E90 - Type: BOOL - ui_isClanMember
True when member belongs to clan
0x83757C60 - Type: DWORD - ui_isStoreOpen
Sets on/off based on whether store menu is open or closed.
0x83777BD0 - Type: DWORD - ui_items_no_cost
Set to 1 if you want items to have no cost
0x83796720 - Type: External - ui_lastServerRefresh_0= "Nov 8, 2010 22:20"
0x8377EBD0 - Type: BOOL - ui_leaderboardFeederCountNotZero
Whether the leaderboard has any entry
0x8377E930 - Type: BOOL - ui_leaderboardOpen
True when viewing leaderboards
0x8377DE40 - Type: DWORD - ui_listboxIndex
Current position in a listbox. Used to position associated drop down menu.
0x8377FEA0 - Type: External - ui_lobby_desc= "Play a custom game over the local network."
0x8377E9A0 - Type: BOOL - ui_lobbyLeaderBoard
True when we open leaderboard through lobby leaderboard.
0x83795D10 - Type: External - ui_lobbypopup= ""
0x8377E4D0 - Type: External - ui_map_killstreak= ""
0x8377E230 - Type: DWORD - ui_mapCount
Number of maps the player has
0x8374C660 - Type: External - ui_mapname= "mp_nuked"
0x8377D430 - Type: BOOL - ui_menuLvlNotify
If set, send code notification to script; default off
0x8378FE20 - Type: External - ui_motd= ""
0x8377F2D0 - Type: External - ui_mousePitch= "0"
0x8374C970 - Type: External - ui_mpTheaterEnabled= "1"
0x837800D0 - Type: External - ui_mptype= "1"
0x8374C9E0 - Type: External - ui_mpWagerMatchEnabled= "1"
0x83795FB0 - Type: External - ui_multi_dt= "1000"
0x83795F40 - Type: External - ui_multi_s= "0"
0x8377F3B0 - Type: BOOL - ui_multiplayer
True if the game is multiplayer
0x8377CF60 - Type: DWORD - ui_netSource
The network source where:
0x83755420 - Type: DWORD - ui_numPersonalBests
Number of personal bests to display in the AAR
0x8377DD60 - Type: External - ui_onCloseArgs= ""
0x8377ED20 - Type: DWORD - ui_onlineClanCount
Number of clan members online.
0x8374C580 - Type: External - ui_options_open= "0"
0x8377E620 - Type: Dvar4 - ui_party_download_bar_color
Color of the party download progress bar.
0x8377E5B0 - Type: DWORD - ui_party_download_bar_height
Height of each download progress bar.
0x8377DBA0 - Type: BOOL - ui_partyFull
True if the current party is full.
0x8377EA10 - Type: BOOL - ui_playercardOpen
True when in game gamercard is open.
0x8377E8C0 - Type: BOOL - ui_playerListOpen
True when viewing recent met player List.
0x8377E310 - Type: Dvar8 - ui_playerNemesisColor
Nemesis background colour in lobbies
0x8377DB30 - Type: Dvar8 - ui_playerPartyColor
The local player's font color when shown in lobbies and parties
0x8377E2A0 - Type: Dvar8 - ui_playerSquadColor
Squad Member background colour in lobbies
0x83780450 - Type: External - ui_preview= "mp_nuked"
0x8377E0E0 - Type: DWORD - ui_prevTextEntryBox
Index of the previous text entry box.
0x837806F0 - Type: External - ui_primary_highlighted= "0"
0x8377E380 - Type: BOOL - ui_radar_client
Whether the UI should show radar to this client
0x8377DEB0 - Type: BOOL - ui_readingSaveDevice
Whether or not the reading save device menu is open.
0x8377EF50 - Type: BOOL - ui_recentPlayerCountNotZero
Whether the player has any recent players.
0x8377F030 - Type: BOOL - ui_recommendedCountNotZero
Whether the clan has any recommended players.
0x8376AC70 - Type: DWORD - ui_right_ammo_width
Width of the ammo shown on the right.
0x8378FC60 - Type: External - ui_score_bar= "0"
0x8378C380 - Type: External - ui_scorelimit= "7500"
0x8377D200 - Type: DWORD - ui_serverStatusTimeOut
Time in milliseconds before a server status request times out
0x8377FFF0 - Type: External - ui_show_arrow= "0"
0x837805A0 - Type: External - ui_show_preview= "0"
0x8377D350 - Type: BOOL - ui_showList
Show onscreen list of currently visible menus
0x8374C900 - Type: External - ui_showmap= "1"
0x8377D3C0 - Type: External - ui_showMenuOnly= ""
0x8377DF20 - Type: BOOL - ui_signedInToProfile
Whether or not the profile has been read.
0x83780680 - Type: External - ui_slot_count= "3"
0x8377CFD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - ui_smallFont
Small font scale
0x83795E60 - Type: External - ui_stat_rankxp= "0"
0x8377EB60 - Type: BOOL - ui_storeOfferCountNotZero
Whether the store has any offers.
0x83796480 - Type: External - ui_text_endreason= "MP_SCORE_LIMIT_REACHED"
0x8378C310 - Type: External - ui_timelimit= "10"
0x8377EE00 - Type: DWORD - ui_totalClanMemberCount
Total number of players who are part of the clan.
0x837521D0 - Type: DWORD - ui_useCustomClassInfo
set to 1 to divert ui class functions to use custmo class data
0x8377F5E0 - Type: External - ui_version_show= "0"
0x837529B0 - Type: BOOL - ui_xboxLiveCountNotZero
Whether there are any players in the xbox live party
0x83752A20 - Type: BOOL - ui_xboxLivePartyListOpen
Whether the xbox live party tab is open.
0x83795D80 - Type: External - ui_xpText= "1"
0x8377F340 - Type: DWORD - uiscript_debug
spam debug info for the ui script
0x8377FB90 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_allowPitch
Allow the control of the camera pitch
0x8377FA40 - Type: DWORD - uiViewer_attachment
Current weapon attachment index to show
0x8377F960 - Type: External - uiViewer_customname= ""
0x8377F8F0 - Type: Dvar6 - uiViewer_equipWeapon
weapon to equip the player (primary/secondary)
0x8377FC70 - Type: FLOAT1 - uiViewer_fov
UI Viewer horizontal field of view (degrees)
0x8377FDC0 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_heroHighlight
use herolight to highlight the customized part
0x8377FCE0 - Type: Dvar8 - uiviewer_highlightColor1
Highlight outline color #1 (pingpongs to color2)
0x8377FD50 - Type: Dvar8 - uiviewer_highlightColor2
Highlight outline color #2 (pingpongs to color1)
0x8377F810 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_ingame
The viewer is displayed in-game (false is in the frontend)
0x8377FC00 - Type: FLOAT1 - uiViewer_lightMultiplier
UI Viewer model lighting multiplier
0x8377F6C0 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_loaded
a flag for the menu that the viewer is loaded
0x8377F880 - Type: Dvar6 - uiViewer_mode
current uiViewer mode
0x8377FB20 - Type: Dvar2 - uiViewer_pitchRange
Camera pitch range (x=minimum y=maximum)
0x8377FAB0 - Type: External - uiViewer_playerCamera= ""
0x8377FE30 - Type: FLOAT3 - uiViewer_sceneOrigin
Origin of the models in ui viewer
0x8377F7A0 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_show
Enables rendering of the ui viewer
0x8377F730 - Type: BOOL - uiViewer_streaming
The UI viewer cannot draw since the model is streaming
0x8377F9D0 - Type: DWORD - uiViewer_weapon
Current weapon index to show
0x83758830 - Type: DWORD - updateInfoLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last update related to friends,clan,recent met players being called.
0x83752940 - Type: DWORD - updateRefreshInGameStoretLastFetchTime
Time in milliseconds of the last update for in-game store
0x8373FBD0 - Type: BOOL - useMapPreloading
Whether to start loading the map before connecting to server
0x83740260 - Type: BOOL - usePackFiles
Read midmip .tex files out of .pak files (for shipping and xfetch/disks/testing)
0x8373FC40 - Type: BOOL - useSvMapPreloading
Whether to start loading the map before starting the server
0x837402D0 - Type: BOOL - useWalkPathnodesMode
Special nodes walking all pathnodes in the map
0x83773090 - Type: BOOL - vehanim_debug
Show debug information for vehicle anims
0x83773020 - Type: BOOL - vehanim_enable
Enable player vehicle anims
0x83771650 - Type: DWORD - vehControlMode
Changes the vehicle controls and camera mode
0x83787060 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehGunnerSplashDamage
Percentage of projectile and grenade splash damage that vehicle gunners take.
0x83787920 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterAlwaysFaceCamera
Setting this will have the helicopter always face the same direction as the camera.
0x83787990 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterAlwaysFaceCameraRate
How quickly the helicopter catches up to the camera.
0x83787ED0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterboundMapHeight
Helicopter Bounding height.
0x83787DF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterboundMapLowerRightX
Helicopter Bounding box.
0x83787E60 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterboundMapLowerRightY
Helicopter Bounding box.
0x83787D10 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterboundMapUpperLeftX
Helicopter Bounding box.
0x83787D80 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterboundMapUpperLeftY
Helicopter Bounding box.
0x83787CA0 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterboundsOn
Heli bounds on/off.
0x837874C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterDecelerationFwd
Set the deceleration of the player helicopter (as a fraction of acceleration) in the direction the chopper is facing. So 1.0 makes it equal to the acceleration.
0x83787530 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterDecelerationSide
Set the side-to-side deceleration of the player helicopter (as a fraction of acceleration). So 1.0 makes it equal to the acceleration.
0x83787AE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterDefaultPitch
Set the default pitch of the helicopter.
0x83787A70 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterFreeLook
Allow free look with left trigger.
0x83787840 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterHeadSwayDontSwayTheTurret
If set, the turret will not fire through the crosshairs, but straight ahead of the vehicle, when the player is not freelooking.
0x83787220 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterHoverSpeedThreshold
The speed below which the player helicopter begins to jitter the tilt, for hovering
0x837875A0 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterInvertUpDown
Invert the altitude control on the player helicopter.
0x837877D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterJitterJerkyness
Specifies how jerky the tilt jitter should be
0x837871B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterLookaheadTime
How far ahead (in seconds) the player helicopter looks ahead, to avoid hard collisions. (Like driving down the highway, you should keep 2 seconds distance between you and the vehicle in front of you)
0x83787140 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterMaxAccelVertical
Maximum vertical acceleration of the player helicopter (in MPH per second)
0x83787C30 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterMaxSpeedVertical
Maximum vertical speed of the player helicopter (in MPH)
0x83787A00 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterPathTransitionTime
How quickly the helicopter transitions from driving path to locked path.
0x83787290 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterRightStickDeadzone
Dead-zone for the axes of the right thumbstick. This helps to better control the two axes separately.
0x83787B50 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterRotDecel
Set the rotational deceleration or dampening for the helicopter.
0x83787370 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterScaleMovement
Scales down the smaller of the left stick axes.
0x83787450 - Type: BOOL - vehHelicopterSoftCollisions
Player helicopters have soft collisions (slow down before they collide).
0x83787300 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterStrafeDeadzone
Dead-zone so that you can fly straight forward easily without accidentally strafing (and thus rolling).
0x83787680 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterTiltFromControllerAxes
The amount of tilt caused by the desired velocity (i.e., the amount of controller stick deflection)
0x83787BC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterTiltFromFwdAndYaw
The amount of roll caused by yawing while moving forward.
0x837876F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterTiltFromFwdAndYaw_VelAtMaxTilt
The forward speed (as a fraction of top speed) at which the tilt due to yaw reaches is maximum value.
0x83787760 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterTiltFromViewangles
The amount of tilt caused by the current velocity
0x837878B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterTiltMomentum
The amount of rotational momentum the helicopter has with regards to tilting.
0x837873E0 - Type: Dvar6 - vehHelicopterYawAltitudeControls
Determines how to control yaw and altitude
0x83787610 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehHelicopterYawOnLeftStick
The yaw speed created by the left stick when pushing the stick diagonally (e.g., moving forward and strafing slightly).
0x83789E50 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_bouncing_betty
Bouncing betty damage for vehicles.
0x83789D00 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_bullet
Bullet damage for vehicles.
0x83789D70 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_grenade
Grenade damage for vehicles.
0x83789AD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_max_shielding
Percent of core damage that armor can shield.
0x83789DE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_projectile
Projectile damage for vehicles.
0x83789EC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_satchel_charge
Satchel charge damage for vehicles.
0x83789F30 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_sticky_grenade
Sticky grenade damage for vehicles.
0x83789B40 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_zone_front
Front zone damage for vehicles.
0x83789C20 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_zone_rear
Rear zone damage for vehicles.
0x83789BB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_zone_side
Side zone damage for vehicles.
0x83789C90 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_damage_zone_under
Bottom zone damage for vehicles.
0x8378A010 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_bouncing_betty
Bouncing betty damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A1D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_bouncing_betty_radius
Radius for bouncing betty damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x83789FA0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_grenade
Grenade damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A160 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_grenade_radius
Radius for grenade damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A320 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_projectile_radius
Radius for projectile damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A080 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_satchel_charge
Satchel charge damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A240 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_satchel_charge_radius
Radius for satchel charge damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A0F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_sticky_grenade
Sticky grenade damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x8378A2B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_destructible_damage_sticky_grenade_radius
Radius for sticky grenade damage for destructible armor on vehicles.
0x83771810 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_perk_boost_duration_seconds
Vehicle perk boost duration in seconds.
0x8378A390 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_perk_leadfoot_speed_increase
Vehicle perk leadfoot speed increase percentage.
0x837751D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_piece_damagesfx_threshold
Minimum amount of damage for which a destructible piece damageSound SFX will be played.
0x837727D0 - Type: BOOL - vehicle_push_during_mantle
Enable player mantling
0x83771880 - Type: BOOL - vehicle_riding
Turning this on enables players to walk around on top of vehicles
0x837718F0 - Type: BOOL - vehicle_selfCollision
Enabled the vehicle to shoot itself with it's own turret.
0x83771DC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_sounds_cutoff
Use to turn of the vehicle sounds if the distance between the camera and the vehicle is more than this value
0x83789A60 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_switch_seat_delay
Delay before player can switch seats again.
0x83786B90 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehicle_useRadius
The radius within which a player can enter a vehicle
0x837717A0 - Type: BOOL - vehLocationalVehicleSeatEntry
Assigns the player seat based on the entry location, NOT first in first available position
0x83771730 - Type: BOOL - vehLockTurretToPlayerView
Locks the turret angles to the player angles and sets the players rotation speed to the turrets rotRate
0x83789910 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneFakeLiftForce
Fake lift force on aircraft. Adds extra pitch when non-horizontal.
0x837899F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneGravityForce
Gravity force on aircraft.
0x837898A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneLiftForce
Lift force on aircraft.
0x83789980 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneLowSpeed
Min speed.
0x83789750 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlanePitchAccel
Adjustable rotation scaler.
0x837896E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneRollAccel
Adjustable rotation scaler.
0x83789670 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneRollDeadZone
Roll input dead zone. Percentage of stick movement to ignore for roll.
0x83789830 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneYawFromRollScale
Adjustable rotation scaler.
0x837897C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - vehPlaneYawSpeed
Adjustable rotation scaler.
0x837716C0 - Type: DWORD - vehRecenterDelay
Specifies a delay in msec, before triggering the camera auto-centering functionality in idle mode
0x83758E50 - Type: External - version= "Call of Duty Multiplayer - Ship COD_T5_S MP build 7.0.54 CL(760254) CODLOCS-V64 Mon Sep 27 20:50:05 2010 xenon"
0x8378CA10 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakBloomCutoff= "0.5"
0x8378CA80 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakBloomDesaturation= "0"
0x8378CAF0 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity0= "1"
0x8378CB60 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity1= ""
0x8378C8C0 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakEnable= "0"
0x8378C930 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakRadius0= "5"
0x8378C9A0 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakRadius1= ""
0x8378CBD0 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity0= ""
0x8378CC40 - Type: External - visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity1= ""
0x8375DD10 - Type: DWORD - wagerCategory
The wager category number
0x8375DD80 - Type: DWORD - wagerCategoryPlaylist
The wager playlist index in the category
0x83740340 - Type: DWORD - waitForStreamer
1) wait for initial lowmips, 2) wait for full initial texture load.
0x83755DC0 - Type: DWORD - waitOnStatsTimeout
Time in seconds to wait for stats to be fetched while dev mapping.
0x83771F80 - Type: DWORD - waterbrush_entity
CM_GetWaterHeight function will test against this enitty. Can be used on brushmodels to move the water level
0x8376B920 - Type: BOOL - waypointDebugDraw

0x8376BFB0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointDistFade
Distance to start fading waypoints when the player is ADS
0x8376BED0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointDistScaleRangeMax
Distance from player that icon distance scaling ends.
0x8376BE60 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointDistScaleRangeMin
Distance from player that icon distance scaling starts.
0x8376BF40 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointDistScaleSmallest
Smallest scale that the distance effect uses.
0x8374CCF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointIconHeight
Height of the offscreen pointer.
0x8374CD60 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointIconWidth
Width of the offscreen pointer.
0x8376BD10 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenCornerRadius
Size of the rounded corners.
0x8376BA70 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenDistanceThresholdAlpha
Distance from the threshold over which offscreen objective icons lerp their alpha.
0x8376BC30 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPadBottom
Offset from the edge.
0x8376BAE0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPadLeft
Offset from the edge.
0x8376BB50 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPadRight
Offset from the edge.
0x8376BBC0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPadTop
Offset from the edge.
0x8374CDD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPointerDistance
Distance from the center of the offscreen objective icon to the center its arrow.
0x8376BA00 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPointerHeight
Height of the offscreen pointer.
0x8376B990 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenPointerWidth
Width of the offscreen pointer.
0x8376BCA0 - Type: BOOL - waypointOffscreenRoundedCorners
Off-screen icons take rounded corners when true. 90-degree corners when false.
0x8376BD80 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenScaleLength
How far the offscreen icon scale travels from full to smallest scale.
0x8376BDF0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointOffscreenScaleSmallest
Smallest scale that the offscreen effect uses.
0x8376C250 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointPlayerOffsetCrouch
For waypoints pointing to players, how high to offset off of their origin when they are crouching.
0x8376C1E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointPlayerOffsetProne
For waypoints pointing to players, how high to offset off of their origin when they are prone.
0x8376C330 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointPlayerOffsetRevive
For waypoints pointing to players, how high to offset off of their origin when they are in last stand.
0x8376C2C0 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointPlayerOffsetStand
For waypoints pointing to players, how high to offset off of their origin when they are standing.
0x8376C090 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointSplitscreenScale
Scale applied to waypoint icons in splitscreen views.
0x8376C020 - Type: DWORD - waypointTimeFade
Time in ms to fade waypoints the player is ADS
0x8376C100 - Type: FLOAT1 - waypointTweakY

0x8376C3A0 - Type: FLOAT1 - weaponCamoLodDist
Distance to stop drawing the weapon camo.
0x8376C480 - Type: FLOAT1 - weaponClanTagLodDist
Distance to stop drawing the weapon clan tag.
0x8376C410 - Type: FLOAT1 - weaponEmblemLodDist
Distance to stop drawing the weapon emblem.
0x8377F500 - Type: External - welcome_shown= "0"
0x83740180 - Type: BOOL - wideScreen
True if the game video is running in 16x9 aspect, false if 4x3.
0x837747C0 - Type: BOOL - wind_debug_display
shows wind debug display
0x83774360 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_global_hi_altitude
altitude of global hi-level wind
0x837742F0 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_global_low_altitude
altitude of global low-level wind
0x837743D0 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_global_low_strength_percent
strength of global low-level wind, expressed as a percentage of wind_global_vector
0x83774280 - Type: FLOAT3 - wind_global_vector
global wind force in units/sec. This is also the hi-level wind
0x83774750 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_gust_distance
max distance at which to place gusts
0x83774670 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_gust_radius
size of global wind gust effector
0x83774600 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_gust_speed
speed multiplier for gusts
0x837746E0 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_gust_strength
percentage to bump the wind in a gust
0x837744B0 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_gustinterval
global wind force gust interval
0x83774520 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_scale
global wind force scaler
0x83774590 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_grass_tension
global wind grass tension (stiffness)
0x83774440 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_leaf_scale
global wind grass tension (stiffness)
0x837749F0 - Type: Dvar4 - wind_local_amplitude
localized wind amplitude
0x83774A60 - Type: FLOAT3 - wind_local_frequency
frequency of tree bend oscillation
0x83774AD0 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_local_gust_radius
size of local wind gust effector
0x83774B40 - Type: FLOAT1 - wind_local_gust_strength
percentage to bump the wind in a local gust
0x83774980 - Type: Dvar4 - wind_local_vector
localized wind force in units/sec
0x83758C90 - Type: BOOL - xblive_allmappacks
Set to true if the player has all the content packs available
0x83758C20 - Type: BOOL - xblive_anymappacks
Set to true if the player has any content packs
0x83758360 - Type: BOOL - xblive_basictraining
Current game is basic training
0x837583D0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_basictraining_popup
The user has seen the basic training popup description
0x837586E0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_clanListChanged
Clan list gets updated
0x83758050 - Type: BOOL - xblive_clanmatch
Current game is a clan match
0x83758D00 - Type: External - xblive_contentpath= "D:"
0x837582F0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_enablePadsForMarketplace
Allow the blade to work for controllers 2 - 4
0x83758600 - Type: BOOL - xblive_friendsPresenceChanged
Friend presence info needs to be updated
0x83758130 - Type: BOOL - xblive_hostingprivateparty
true only if we're hosting a party
0x83758670 - Type: BOOL - xblive_livePresenceChanged
Clan and recent met player list presence info needs to be updated
0x83757A30 - Type: BOOL - xblive_loggedin
User is logged into xbox live
0x83758210 - Type: DWORD - xblive_mappacks
0 = original maps only, 1 = new maps only, 2 = both original and new
0x837587C0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_matchEndingSoon
True if the match is ending soon
0x8373F3F0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_privatematch
Current game is a private match
0x837581A0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_privatepartyclient
true only if we're in a party and not the host
0x8373F380 - Type: BOOL - xblive_rankedmatch
Current game is a ranked match
0x83757FE0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_showmarketplace
true if the player doesn't have all the map packs
0x837580C0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_theater
Current game is a theater mode
0x8374E8F0 - Type: BOOL - xblive_wagermatch
Current game is a wager match
0x83757950 - Type: DWORD - xenon_getTitleXnAddrTimeSecs
Amount of time it tries (seconds) to retrieve the title's Xbox 360 network address before giving up. -1 means it will try till it fails or succeeds
0x83757B80 - Type: DWORD - xenon_maxVoicePacketsPerSec
Max voice packets per second a client will send
0x83757BF0 - Type: DWORD - xenon_maxVoicePacketsPerSecForServer
Max voice packets per second the server will send
0x83757F70 - Type: BOOL - xenon_sysUIActive
Gets set when we open the Xbox System UI
0x83757AA0 - Type: BOOL - xenon_voiceDebug
Debug voice communication
0x83757B10 - Type: BOOL - xenon_voiceDegrade
Degrade voice quality
0x8373F540 - Type: External - xenonGame= "true"
0x8377DAC0 - Type: DWORD - xfriendsListFilter
Used for displaying appropriate list of friends
0x8373F150 - Type: BOOL - zombiefive_discovered
Zombie Five map discovered
0x8373F1C0 - Type: BOOL - zombiefive_norandomchar
Forces no random character when following the end game credits
0x8373EF20 - Type: BOOL - zombiemode
Current game is an zombie game
0x8373F000 - Type: BOOL - zombieStopSplitScreen
Force Split Screen to Fullscreen (for HUD)
0x8373F070 - Type: BOOL - zombietron
Current game is an zombietron top down game
0x8373F0E0 - Type: BOOL - zombietron_discovered
Zombietron mode discovered

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