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There were new leaks? I loved Fallout, it was one of the few games I could play by myself for hours and still love it; it was endless fun, hopefully the next one can recreate the same experience.
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dont be too exited, it might not be out for another year..
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Fallout 3 was the first game I've had on my Xbox. I picked up a 360 w/ Fallout 3 on Craigslist in 09. At first I was like boo I just want CoD because that's what my friends had. But after a few days of Fallout 3 I was hooked!!! I have almost 300 hours on my Fallout 3 xbox save O_O lol I went to the midnight release of New Vegas, hands down my favorite series of all time. I love it on PC since there are all the cool mods that add stuff to the game!
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I am very excited I have never really seen the leaks! But is FONV was like that I am pretty sure FO4 would be great!
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I'm just hoping that it will actually come out... I loved the feeling of coming out of vault 101 for the first time
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I think it will most likely be released end of this your or mid 2015. When fallout 3 came out i always went to my friends house and we would take turns after one death we chipped in and bought a few dlc's. Then i grabbed my own xbox and bought f3 and then new vegas, it is my favorite game of all time! On NV i bought the first dlc, then moved to PC got all he dlc and all the mods. Still play both of them today, along with Star Wars Battlefront II.
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yo can someone plz link me alegit leak video reallyu intersted!
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