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Are you excited for Fallout 4?Posted:

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In my opinion, I am extremely excited for this new game! I can't wait to see what amazing story line they bring into this game, and can't wait to play it.
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Oh my god, i can't wait for it! i love fallout so much
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Yes but could be waiting till 2015 to play it :/
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I'm quite looking forward for it to be released. It should be amazing!
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this game is gonna be beautiful if its on next gen just picture 1080p fallout......that sexy
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They need to come out with at least a teaser trailer , I'm dying to see it and play the game once it's released !
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Yeah I can't wait man. It will be sick.
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its gonna be awhile until they release it
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I am very excited hopefully it will be as good as I think it will be.
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