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JeffWareham wrote
UEFA wrote
JeffWareham wrotelol at people "play the game legit". You're on TTG do you think people come on this website to play legit? Derp.

Actually yes, Because this is a FORUM and is not just a website to use just to cheat.
I didn't say it was just meant for cheating, I was just saying most people don't come on TTG to play the game legit, they want some sort of cheat to advance faster. And sorry I said website, may god strike me dead I guess. Woopsies.

why you lying you defo meant what that guy just said hahahaa
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iOS7 wrote
OCZ wroteWhy in gods name would you want this?

Play the game for fun, not rank.

Ive played it enough and im selling it soon... just wanted to get a good rank before i sold it

That makes now sense. Why in gods name would you care about your rank if you are just going to sell it. Just sell it and be done with it then.
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You can do Rooftop Rumble for hours to get a high level, and races with people to unlock car parts, But if your selling the game why would you need any of this?
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I think the problem is that people cant just answer the question without giving the 3rd degree. If someone wants to know how to jtag there Xbox and then spill water into it that is there choice.

We all have are opinions and ways.
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