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Which is better?Posted:

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I am just wondering which photoshop is better out of the two?
Photoshop CS6
Photoshop CC
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I use CS6 Dont know much about the CC One though!

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Photoshop CS6 in my opinion
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CC is just more helpful if you are working with more Adobe products. Like if you are using AE for an edit and you want to make e.g. a Motion Track and you're doing the text in PS you can easily tranfere it.

If you do not need this I would recommend PS CS6

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I don't think there is much of a difference, accept you can buy adobe CC products for like 20$ for a list of them I believe.
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Photoshop CS6 is much better and more easy to use.
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I Have both and they are both different. Just more advanced in CC
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Photoshope CS6 In My Opinion
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I use CS6 , never used CC , so CS6 is better in my opinion
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you are better off getting CS6...
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