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Power Supply Guide: The Good and The BadPosted:

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This is an update of the tiered power supply list originally posted on a few years ago, and I personally (tbyeah) have copy and pasted it to inform the people on TTG. We are continually adding to this list and correcting it when new information is found or comes available. If you think that something about this list is incorrect, or something is missing that should be there, feel free to post that information in this thread. When posting suggestions for changes, it would be very helpful if you could link information supporting what you say, or at least cite the site where you think the information can be found. Of course, personal experience with a power supply can be helpful as well, to some extent, so don't hesitate to post if you have something to add.

Original Phase III tiered PSU list from: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

As with any guide there may be psu's that aren't listed, or you may have your own opinions on various units. However you can visit SilentPCReview, PCPer, AnandTech, HardwareSecrets, HardOCP, and jonnyGURU for in-depth psu reviews. Here is a handy chart of power supply reviews available: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

If you'd like to know who manufactures a certain power supply, here are some charts and instructions that you can use to look it up:
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Also another note, anything listed by ECOS on the 80Plus charts is likely to be tier 4 or better.

Tier Breakdown:

Tier 1 provides the best quality power, great for overclocking, super high-end systems, and bragging rights. The best of the best. Very good longevity.
Tier 2 offers very good quality power output, and great reliability. Highly recommended for use in new systems.
Tier 2b contains units that almost made Tier 2, but may not have quite as good quality output(still very good), or may not last as long. Recommended for systems not expected to run 24/7 for several years.
Tier 3 power supplies fully meet all ATX requirements for power output quality, but don't have as good of power output quality as above tiers. No reason to replace one if you have one, and they're still good choices for most systems.
Tier 4 units may have some problems, such as being unable to deliver rated power at higher temperatures, or being slightly out of ATX spec on power output quality. Not recommended to buy except in situations where you will not be stressing it, or expecting it to last for more than a few years. If you have one, you can probably keep using it unless you're experiencing problems.
Tier 5 power supplies are NOT RECOMMENDED. If you have one, you should strongly consider replacing it ASAP. These can damage your computer, and often cannot put out the power that they're rated for. If a brand name is listed here, then all models from that brand name are considered to be Tier 5, except for those specific models listed above.


Tier 1 Brands - The Most Powerful And Stable Components On The Market.

Antec Signature
Antec High Current Pro -1200w
Antec HCP Platinum 1kW
Corsair AX
Enermax Galaxy
Enermax Revolution
Kingwin Lazer Platinum
PCP&C TurboCool
PCP&C Silencer Greater than 610 watt
Sapphire Pure
Seasonic X-Series
Seasonic S12D/M12D
Silverstone ZF (Etasis 85/75/56)
Seventeam ST Greater than 600w (SSI, V2.91)
Silverstone OP/DA Greater than 700 watt
Silverstone ZM
Ultra X3 Greater than 1000 watt
XFX Black Edition
XFX XXX Edition
Zippy/Emacs SSL
Zippy/Emacs GSM
Zippy/Emacs PSL
Zippy/Emacs HG2
Zippy/Emacs HP2

Tier 2 Brands - Top Quality components With Top Notch Stability - For Those With Price/Availability Issues With Tier 1

Antec Neo HE
Antec High Current Gamer Series
Antec EarthWatts greater than 700 watt
Antec TruePower Trio
Antec TruePower Quattro
Antec TruePower New -- 750w
Akasa PowerGreen 80+
CoolMax CTG-750 watt/850 watt/1000 watt
Cooler Master Ultimate/UCP
Cooltek CT
Corsair GS600 / GS800
Corsair HX
Corsair TX
Corsair VX
Cougar SX700 and GX700
Enermax Liberty
Enermax Infiniti
Enermax MaxRevo 1350
Enermax MODU82+
Enermax Platimax (600, 750, 850, 1.2K)
Enermax PRO82+
Enermax PRO87+ (500w + 700w)
Enermax Triathlor (550, 650, 700)
Enhance ENP-GH
Fortron (FSP) GLN
Hale82-m 650-750w
iStarUSA PD2
iStarUSA PD3
OCZ EliteXStream
OCZ Fatal1ty
OCZ GameXStream less than 1000 watt (only if manufactured in December 2007 or later)
OCZ StealthXStream 400 watt
OCZ StealthXStream 2 greater than 700 watt
OCZ Modstream (only if manufactured in December 2007 or later)
OCZ EvoStream
OCZ ProXStream
OCZ Z(t)(s) Series Less than 1000W
OCZ ZX 850w
PC P&C Silencer less than 610 watt
PC P&C Silencer MkII
Rosewill Capstone (450, 750)
Rosewill Hive (550, 650)
Seasonic G series
Seasonic S12
Seasonic M12
Seasonic Energy Plus
Sentey Golden Steel Power 850w
SevenTeam ST less than 600 watt
Silverstone OP/DA 700 watt or less
Thermaltake Toughpower greater than 600 watt
Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800w
Topower Powerbird 900w
Xclio StablePower
XFX Core Edition
Xigmatek MC
Xigmatek HC
Ultra X3
Ultra X-Pro
Zalman ZM less than 1000 watt

Tier 2b - Tier 2 units which have either lower longevity or slightly lower quality output. Still well within spec, and are good units.

ABS-Tagan ITZ/BZ less than 1000 watt
Antec VP (350, 450)
BFG 800 watt
Cooler Master GX 80 Plus 450W
Cooler Master Real Power Pro >greater than 800 watt
Cougar S700
Enermax NAXN-82 550w - 750w
Hiper Type-M >greater than 650 watt
Hiper Type-R >greater than 650 watt
Huntkey Jumper
Kingwin Lazer Gold
LEPA B650, B850
Mushkin Enhanced
OCZ PowerStream
OCZ StealthXStream <less than 700 watt (only if manufactured in December 2007 or later)
Silverstone EF
Tagan U95
Tagan U25
Tagan U15
Tagan U22
Topower Powerbird 1100w
Xclio GreatPower

Tier 3 Brands - Power supplies fully able to meet ATX specs, although closer to the edges of the limits than higher tier units. Still solid units.

Acbel Polycom
Akasa PaxPower
Akasa PowerPlus (>greater than 500 watt Models)
AMS Mercury
Antec Earthwatts >greater than 700 watt
Antec Basiq
Antec Phantom
Antec TruePower III
Antec TruePower II
Antec TrueControl II
Antec NeoPower 480 watt (Old Model)
Athena Power Space Shuttle Series
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro
Channel Well
Cooler Master Real Power Pro <less than 800 watt
Cooler Master iGreen
Cooler Master Silent (and gold) Pro
Corsair CX Series
Enermax Maximum Plus
Enermax Noistaker II
Enermax Noisetaker
Enermax Whisper II
Enermax CoolerGiant
Enhance ENS-G
Epower Xscale
EVGA Supernova 750 /1500w
Fortron (FSP) GLC
Fortron (FSP) THN
Fortron AX
Fortron HLN
Fortron PFN/PN/PA
Fractal Design Integra R2 750 W
Kingwin Lazer
Kingwin Mach 1 (the negative 12v rail may go slightly outside of spec in some loading conditions)
OCZ ModXStream (rated for 40 C)
OCZ Z Series 1000W
Rosewill RP 2 (temperature sensitive)
Rosewill Xtreme/RX
Seasonic Super Versatile
Sigma SP
Silverstone F
Sparkle FSP
Spire Rocketeer V/VI
Sunbeam Nuuo
Thermaltake Litepower
Thermaltake Purepower RX
Thermaltake Toughpower <less than 600 watt
Topower 1000w Gold
XG Magnum
X-Spice Kira
Zalman ZM 1000 watt

Tier 4 - Not Recommend for stressful situations. May not be able to put out full rated power above room temperature, and may slightly fail to meet ATX specs.

Asus Atlas
BFG 1000 watt
Cooler Master eXtreme (only use 75% of labeled wattage)
Cooler Master GX (except 450w)
Hale82n 650w
Hiper Type-M
Mushkin HP
NorthQ 4775-500S/BU
OCZ Modstream (if manufactured before December 2007)
OCZ GameXStream <1000 watt (if manufactured before December 2007)
OCZ StealthXStream (if manufactured before December 2007)
OCZ GameXStream 1010 watt (essentially a 850watt power supply)
Scythe Kamariki
Sigma Shark
Ultra Xfinity
Ultra X2 <less than 700 watt
Ultra XVS
Xion Real Power PowerReal

Tier 5 - Other than the units listed above for any of these brands, NOT RECOMMENDED. Replace ASAP if you have one.

A-TOP Technology
Aspire(Turbo Case)
Athena Power
Broadway Com Corp
Dynapower USA
FSP Everest
HEC Orion
Hiper Type-R
I-Star Computer Co. Ltd
In Win
Just PC
Kingwin Inc.
Linkworld Electronics
Logisys Computer
Norwood Micro/ CompUSA
Spire Coolers
Star Micro
Thermaltake Purepower NP
Thermaltake Purepower RU
Thermaltake TR2 (and TR2-RX)
Ultra X-Connect
Ultra X2 >greater than 700 watt
Ultra LSP

Last Update of this list was on 04/18/2013


Yes, this is copy and pasted. I do not take credit. I posted this to inform PC builders of the quality of various power supply models, not to take credit for it.
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