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People who buy apple products to show off their money.Posted:

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Woo! Another apple topic! Kind of short rant but I get so pissed off at people who buy the Iphone and just show it off all the time like "look at meeee I have moneeeyzzz" No. You have no brain. I could be there with my android like hey! I saved money and I can get more out of my phone than you! Look who's stupid now! Or people who have macs and are just like "Oh yes, on my mac I did this, this oh, and this." Yes, I did all those on my windows pc which coincidentally has better specs and was cheaper. Seriously, pipe down if you have an Iphone, nobody wants to hear how "rich" you are.

And no this is not because I can't afford an Iphone because I can. I just choose an android because they are far better.

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I fully agree with you, the only reason anyone buys apple products still is to show them off
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I agree with this.People really like to brag over a fruit.
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I kind of agree with you. BUT apple products are way too overpriced and since Steve Jobs has died they have gone downhill, on android you can get virus' ect. I went to an iPhone after my android phone had a virus on it and it stole all my passwords. My PayPal was completely ruined
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I don't think its to show off if you can afford it why not.
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I got a Samsung S4 than a iPhone 5. Mac's are amazing computers to edit photo's and videos. There are some great quality's that Mac's have that windows doesn't have.

I buy apple products because they are the elitist products not to show off.
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I agree, i only have 2 apple products. An iPod touch and iMac that i got for my Christmas and birthday.
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I get an iPhone because I just like them more than androids. It's not about showing off if I have money because I could really care less about trying to show off or act better than a person.
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So you're hating on people who have money to spend? Ok then...

I have the iPod 5th gen and the iPad 4, hate all you want because I dont care.

People can buy want they want, no point in complaining about what product they have.
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Some people just buy apple products because it has a very good name behind it. not all people buy it to show off. And Macs are more business oriented not really for specs.

(my opinion)
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