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People who allign their posts, change the font, and size.Posted:

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This is how stupid you look.

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It's how they choose to make it look better. I sometimes do it too.
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The admins put the font/color/sizes on here for a reason (to be used) so if people wanna use them then so be it
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Some people like neatness, and they like to set a style on how they type.
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If someone has a shop in the marketplace, it looks better centered, with spoilers etc.
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They don't bother me, but when they're posted like how you just did I hate them.
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It's funny because I think the text you put looks better.

+ Maybe you forgot people who change the color of their text?
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I think people just try and be original through their text styling.
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Totally agree with you! :trollin:

Though, the Admins did put it there for a reason (To be used).
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Aligning things make them look better sometimes. Such as youtube videos, links, and spoilers.
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