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The Game *Rapper* Might Be In GTA VPosted:

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The GTA 5 release date for Xbox 360 and PS3 is fast approaching. Rockstar has confirmed the game's launch for spring 2013, and the latest rumor is that rapper "The Game" may show up to the next "Grand Theft Auto" party. Will "The Game" play a feature role when the GTA 5 release date arrives. We can't say anything for sure, but some new fan art released by the Money Gang Facebook page. What role will "The Game" play in GTA 5 when the release date arrives? Well we already know that "The Alchemist" has been brought on to compose a soundtrack that will play during missions. However, it's possible that "The Game" could be featured in the GTA 5 soundtrack. It's also possible that either the rapper of all of "Money Gang" may get their own "Grand Theft Auto" radio station

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I thought Rockstar stated that no celebrities were going to be in the game?
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If The Game is going to be in GTA V hopefully they'll be putting a few of his songs in it, he's such a good rapper
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who cares obout music its the game itselve and whos this rapper anyway
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That would be pretty cool since he is not that bad of a rapper. -Beneath
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I saw that, i thought that would be pretty cool & all, depending on his plot though
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I can't wait to her the music, Only song I know that is going to be in the game is Chief Keef - Love Sosa.
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they should put him in it it would be hella dope.
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