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"tutorial" How to mod Skyrim on xbox with usbPosted:

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How to mod Skyrim on xbox

what you need

1.USB with you save from your xbox " make a backup just incase"
2.Download skyrim for pc-- thepiratebay,se/torrent/6903800/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_-_SKYRIM_-_Razor1911
3. The update for pc skyrim-- thepiratebay,se/torrent/7837673/The_Elder_SCrolls_V_Skyrim_Update_V_1.8.151.0-_AviaRa_-

Replace the , with a . for the url it should by .se
4. Modio
5.A brain

What to do

1. download and install skyrim and the update.
2.once downloaded, go to where you installed it example , program files and the the elder scrolls v skyrim
3. click the file, now go to the file that you download and installed skyrim from,the fie is named SKRM, or it should be,find the file Razor1911 and open the up and highlight the contents of the folder, then drag and drop it in to the skyrim folder that in your program files. "move and replace the files"

Once you have done this you now have skyrim full on pc and now you can start modding it on xbox.

4. Make a copy of your save from xbox onto a usb drive and open it up in modio.
5. Go to the file contents and extract the savegame.dat to your desktop "note leave modio open with the save in it"
6. Go to your documents then go to my games then to skyrim. This is where your save for skyrim are.
7. move the savegame.dat and then rename it to savegame.ess and if it gives you a pop up say yes.
8. start skyrim, load the save "note, it might give you a error or somthing, say yes" once in game press the console key on your keyboard, it should look like this ~
9. Once you click the console key type in, coc qasmoke this will send you to the developer room. The room has all the stuff in the game.
10. your done, you can go online and look up commands for the game that can rank you up instantly.
11. copy the save from your skyrim save folder to your desktop and then rename it to savegame.dat and go to modio.
12. Your original save from your xbox should be there, if its not find it and open it up in modio, now replace the samegame.dat with the one you make on the pc save. now save and rehash and go to your xbox and load it up and it should work.
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