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How to ISO Mod Forza Motorsport 4!Posted:

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Hello TTG i am going to make a Tutorial on how to ISO Mod Forza Motorsport 4 so that you can make any car go super fast and have all the unicorn cars unlocked!.

Flashed Drive
Dual Layer 8.5G discs
Dvd burner
Xbox back up creator
SQlite Database Browser
Back up of FM4 on your computer
All links will be provided at the bottom apart from a back up of FM4 as that is illegal.

1.) Okay so first run your ISO through abgx 360 and make sure everything is verified as so...

2.) once its verified your all good to go, so next you wanted to do is open xbox back up creator and then go to the image tools tab and then image browser
and then open your FM4 Image and expand the Media with the little box and then you will see db just under where it says cars and you want to extract Gamedb.slt to your desktop or make a folder for your forza and put it all together.

3.) Then you want to open the SQlite Database Browser and open the Gamedb.slt with then and click the browse data tab.
Then youll want to click the little drop down bak and look for Data_Car and scroll across to the right untill you see is unicorn and then down the boxes they will all be 0 and when you come to a box that has a 1 in it change it to a 0. there will be a few that has 1 in the box because there is a few unicorns.
Once you have done that all the unicorns will be unlocked.

4.) Now to show you how to make the cars so super sleepds. This takes alot of time so i would advise you only do it to a few cars. so what you want todo next is on the Car_data tab look where it says Id and find the car you want to mod and you should be able to work out as its says the Id and the car.
As you can see i will be modding the Vw golf gti 06, so find the car you want and write down ther Id my Id will be 352 as i am doing that car.
So once you have the Id you want to go where it says Car_Data and look for List_UpgradeEngine and there will be loads of them under that with all different stuff. so once your on something like List_UpgradeExhaust your looking for your Car Id number under the Engine Id So your Car Id is 352 your looking for that number under the Engine Id once you have found it you want to go across and find the Torque Scale and look at the number, it should be like 1.02946435407316 and what you want do it change the 1 to something like 3.02946435407316 and do that for all the other parts of the engine.
If you can not find your Car Id under the Engine Id that means that parts isnt upgradable for that car so just move on to the next part of the engine.

5.) once you have finished doing all the parts for your car you want to save it and inject it back into the game the same way you extracted it.

6.) You want to run the game back through abgx 360 and then itll look like this. Dont worry about the error its just saying that the game has be changed and obviously because you modded it.

7.) Open up imgburn and click write and then select your burning drive and put a bank dual layer disc in there and you want to burn the disc image file and then your done just put it in your xbox buy the cars you modded and put the upgrades on. youll have an insane amount of hourse power and the car will be super quick.

Links for the downloads Required
Flashed Firmware-
Dual layer discs-
Dvd Burner-
Abgx 360-
Xbox back up creator-
SQlite Database Browser-

Thankyou for looking i hope this helped!

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Brandon2012 (01-30-2013)
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Nice tutorial man also nice scooter :trollin:
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Thanks man took alot of time (a)
Dead and gone that scooter is caught fire
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anyone tell me how to make all the wheels purchasable seems to be the new thing i thought i had it figured out but they still dont show up
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