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MW3 Modded game modes!Posted:

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Selling modded game modes for 400 ms points each,

Game mode 1:
Quick scoping lobby,
Modded class names
Modded camo, winter and the Marine camo (exclusive to the wii) for the Xbox
Custom classes with every sniper
Kill streaks : pave low , assault juggernaught, osprey gunner
Constant thermal vision, see through smoke grenades ( epic)
First to 30 kills

Game mode 2 :
Modded custom classes
Class one:
Gunzz x 6: you get an mp7 gold red dot, desert eagle akimbo and silenced, stinger,RPG and the smaw,
The kill streak for this class is a support MOAB!

Class two:
Akimbo: you get akimbo five sevens silenced And akimbo desert eagle silenced , spawn with a care package , kill streaks is a support ac130 + support MOAB

Class three:
Carepackages: you get a silenced + extended mags gold ak47 and akimbo and silenced G18, you spawn with unlimited care packages ( can sometimes glitch and only give you two depending on your kills), the killstreaks for this class is support osprey gunner then support escort airdrop , and support MOAB!

Class four
Thermal: you get msr golden extended mags heartbeat with akimbo fmg9 extended mags! When this class is selected the whole screen is in thermal vision like the first game mode, killstreaks are all support, ac130, osprey gunner, MOAB!

Class five
Knock,: you get a golden ksg with grip and damage which when you shoot somone in the head it sends them flying , used to get out of every single map! This class also has the support MOAB and tactical insertions so you and your friends can all get out side the map!

How to get in: Send a friend request to its zenn, I'll accept , there is video proof on my vault, number 23 for game mode2 and number 21 for game mode 1 then send a 400 ms points code to me in a message and which lobby you want, or send a code for 800 and say both
Please thank the topic and post legit! + rep if you wish thank you
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