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MineCraft PE "IOS" Texture Packs / Skins / Mods / Maps!Easy!Posted:

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Hello thanks for viewing! I would like to say that i dont own any of this content at the end of this fourm i will show who made what and all of that fun stuff!

You will need to Jailbreak your I Device There is plenty of tutorials on the IOS Fourm.

Skins / Texture Packs -Easy Way-

This repo was put together by chaosz911 over at Minecraft Fourms. This is an awesome accomplishment because now you dont need to SSH!

Here is the repo --> URL:

To install go into Cydia - Manage - Sources - Add - then enter in the repo. Then from there you should have a lot of skins / Texture Packs.

- Hard Way -

--------> I DO NOT TAKE CRDIT FOR THIS TUT! Tutorial:

Step 1: Download iExplorer.

Step 2: Plug your iPod/iPhone/iPad into your computer.

Step 3: Download your favorite x16/x32/x64/x128 texture pack, and extract the "terrain.png".

Step 4: Open up iExplorer and go here:

Step 5: Drag the "terrain.png" file into the iExplorer window.

Step 6: Press "Yes" or "OK" to any windows that come up about deleting/replacing.

Step 7: ???


A ton of texture packs! ----->

Thanks to TOTtomdora for talking about iExplorer.

You can also share worlds with this method!

You have successfully installed a texture pack onto Minecraft PE. Enjoy!

MineCraft Pocket Edition Inventory Edittor for Pc/Mac

When DarkFurry5 releases the mods i will add them here

Fish eye: Everything looks stretched - Coming Soon

See Thru Walls: Look through blocks - Coming Soon

Anti-fog: - Coming Soon


Will add a bunch of seeds / maps soon!

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Brandon115 (06-03-2012)
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This is great, never knew about the texture packs.
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