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Kinectoman and your thoughts.Posted:

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So, i was reading GameInformer (the March edition) and found a small paragraph that proves people of the world are lazy.

This is the excact text from the magazine

Do you ever want to play Kinect games withought embarrassing yourself? The Kinectoman is the answer. This accessory from Hori is a life-size, fully articulated robot that you can control with a regular xbox 360 gamepad. Just put the Kinectoman in front of Microsoft's motion camera, then pick up the contoller and relax as your robot does all the work. At last, you can play games by sitting back and simply pressing buttons

This robot goes for 150 dollars. I personally think it would be cool to have a robot controlled by the controller if, AND ONLY IF, it did more than play the game itself.

Why make kinect, where you get to be the controller, when you will have a robot do it for you? Where is the fun in you controlling a robot, to controll your xbox for you?

This is how lazy the world has gotten. We need robots to play our video games for us.

I may buy the robot in the future, but only because i'll get him to jump around, carry things, ect. Just for entertainment, not to controll my xbox.

Please leave your thoughts on "Kinectoman" below.

My source: March 2012 edition of GameInformer(Assasins Creed III cver issue) on page 58.
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Pages 57-61 are a parody of game informer magazine. The bottom of each page says "parody". There is no such thing as a Kinectoman and if you think about it, it would cost way more than $150 for a life size robot that can move with a controller anyway... Sry to disappoint.
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