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Flight Adventure 2 - ReviewPosted:

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Flight Adventure 2 Game Review

Basic Information :

Release Date - 10/7/2011
Genre - Racing and Flying
Ratings - Violence=0/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. ( As it is an Xbox Indie Game )
Publisher/Developer - CAVOK Games

Synopsis :

Take the reigns of a P-51 Mustang plane on an open world simulator. Race against yourself or others on the multiplayer menu. This game a great choice for players who like to relax and have fun flying planes.

Gameplay :

Not much to say really about the gameplay for this game. This is a simulation game where you take to the skys in a P-51 Plane. The game can go on for hours upon hours as it is a open world. Crash your plane? Great! Watch where you made your mistakes in the instant replay. You can practice your landing skills, race against others, do tricks, or anything else you can think of doing in a plane! Wanna have fun and crash it? Do it!
Just remember, this is a real simulator. Go to high, catch a wind, watch out, you might lose a part that is vital to flying. ( I would know, haha ).

Gameplay Rating - 9/10 - Great game to have fun in!

Graphics :

This game has great graphics considering it is an indie game. Looks 99% realistic, has real grass, mountains, fog, ect. Looks like your flying a real plane!

Graphics Rating - 9/10 As I said, great graphics for an indie game.

Controls :

The controls in this game are fairly easy to learn and get used to. It took me about 10-15 minutes to learn the controls, get used to them, and become a good flyer. If you do not have the patience to learn, dont bother. This game takes time to get used to. Landing the plane may take an hour to master, so don't worry. Me and my friends mastered this game's controls and now we enjoy playing it together.

Control Rating - 7/10 Takes time to get used to.

Overall Comments :

Good game if you like to have fun and not give a damn. If you like to have everything in order and you dont like to fail, do not even touch this game, as you will fail as soon as you get in the plane.

Overall Game Rating :

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